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June 23, 2012


Good Friday to You!

Well, I’m feeling better each day I rest. This is my second day off and I’ve managed to get a good six hours sleep last night and a lovely nap this afternoon.

I had a nice breakfast of tuna steak with salad and a lunch of sole and salad made by Gabi, our UK distributor (with her partner Gavin Jennings).

After breakfast, we went to the Virgin Active club where my workshops are this weekend for a workout and steam. It was great to get some load on the bar again.

I enjoyed a deadlift off box session and pulled four sets with 315 for 4-6 reps followed immediately by single arm high cable rows for 10 a side and then into woodchops for 10 a side.

That was enough as I can still feel I don’t have much reserve from all the travel and sleep deprivation. I enjoyed a long steam, but had to get out because the chlorine gas was too toxic for me in the steam room there.

I began drawing last night, and finished the piece this morning. I was sharing it with Gabbi and she said, “that would look cool with stars in the background” and that inspired me to keep creating.

I found a background of stars circling with time lapse photography and then imported a beautiful photo taken by my friend Shane McDermott , which is the beautiful waterfall of sand.

Then I imported my drawing to create an impression of the vision that both inspired the drawing, but is missing in my artwork. I had a lot of fun.

The drawing signifies that our Spirit is a gift from the stars (our sun largely and most immediately), and that our bodies and biological self-expression is the gift of Mother Earth.

Our minds are the product of the consciousness (vibration) of the whole Kosmos (physiosphere (material), biosphere, and nooesphere (mind).

Human beings are in a very unique situation in the grand scheme of the universe as we know and understand it. We have animal bodies with animal genes.

We have the capacity to love and connect deeply mixed in with our ability to kill brutally.

We have minds with a very unique capacity to evolve to the point of self-witnessing; we can watch and feel ourselves from a second person perspective, being both in, and outside the experience.

We have the capacity to achieve states of total Union with things, beings, each other, and the totality of all that is.

It is as though we are an animal current running from the earth below up to our heart creating gravity, while at the same time we have Angels reaching downward through our crowns, lifting us ever upward toward Self-Realization.

This is, in my view, the story of life and man. We seem to be evolving very slowly in our ability to rise above our base emotions, drives and urges.

In a modern world, that comes with the perils of being influenced by deficient foods, chemicals, electronics, and progressive degradation of our moral instincts, largely in the name of capitalism and materialism.


My friend Corey Jung sends me video links now and then when he feels they may be worth my attention.

Today, I watched a video he sent from called Making The Buss Monitor Cry.

I’m warning you up-front, watching this can bring a lot of painful emotions out of you. It may make you angry.

It may make you sad, but how it makes you feel will inform you of your own understanding of both love and the life process. I’ve left you a link to here:


We must all realize and/or remember that a child is born without any ideas of its own identity, nor of right and wrong in its head.

All children are souls born to parents to be nurtured and guided into the earth plane.

Here, Consciousness can experience–as the Universe–in and as somebody, having an individual experience of seeing out of itself, and feeling into itself.

Children born to fearful parents largely grow up to be fearful people that teach their offspring to be fearful.

Children born to loving, conscious parents largely turn out to be loving, conscious children, teenagers and adults.

Children born to thieves, vandals, and abusive parents largely become thieves, vandals and abusive people, that sometimes grow into loving parents, having benefited from the realization afforded them by their painful experiences.

Children that are raised by parents that are programmed by their family and culture to value earning money and achieving material wealth are often raised by babysitters, school teachers, and the television; which includes the computer screens of their lives!

So often, they have cried for nurture and connection in their desire to feel safe, to feel loved, yet got pushed away in the name of “I’m busy, can’t you see that!”, or, “not now, I’m busy”, or, “Don’t you have homework to do!”, etc.

Psychologically speaking, these are parental acts of disconnection. And they often came at the moment when the child was seeking connection.

Soon enough, such children learn to seek love and attention by disconnecting from those that they both want, and need nurture and connection from.

What you see (In my professional opinion) in this video are not children to be scorned or criticized. You are seeing children asking for love the only way they learned how to from their parental and social environment. In short, they are brainwashed to act violently in attempt to seek safety and security in themselves.

In Claire Graves study of values memes, we can ascertain that the family unit is an essential value to survival, and comes with its own set of value structures. This is referred to as the purple values meme, below which is beige, and above which is the red values meme or idea structure.

Children living in their parents house should naturally be experiencing healthy family values. The values they experience in the family teach them what it means to connect, and feel safe in the world.

The family unit is as an egg that gives birth to a person that must have the skills to survive outside the family unit.

The child is like a musical instrument that is played by the family, records the music, and goes out and plays it back to the world hoping that some harmony and safety will come of it’s self-expression.

If the family unit is too stressful for the child to cope with, it looses vital energy and connection, collapsing into itself. It becomes tired, ill, and often ill-mannered if pushed to give more than it can safely give.

The child moves down to the most primal survival values structure, beige, where there is no goal but physiological safety and survival.

If a child is capable of rising upward our of anger, despair, or hope, it often reaches into the red values meme, which is about achieving individual identity and personal power.

To achieve this level of self-identity and convince itself it is safe in the world its parents introduced it to, it must gain an adequate sense of personal power.

For some, this power is gained through athletics. For some the power is gained by joining a gang or paramilitary unit.

For others it is gained by becoming so effective in school that it is sure it is smarter and better than the other children, and even adults.

For some, the red values meme is home to cults and acts of evil toward self and others. For many young men, red is achieved as a value structure in boxing and martial arts.

The key thing I’d like to point out here as that beige below and red above the purple values meme represented by the family or tribe are values structures oriented toward self-centeredness.

When we learn from experiences in our childhood that we can’t trust our family to create safety or nurture us, we eventually realize we must take what we want as an individual (red), or we realize the journey is too scary for us and we fall into illness in hope that someone will come along and see our authentic need for nurture.

When you read the comments by viewers on the site below the video, please notice how many adults have reacted to them with the very behavior they were taught to exhibit in order to get attention, to be noticed, to feel connected to someone, anyone!

In my program titled, The 1-2-3-4 For Overcoming Addiction, Obesity and Disease, I share a system of self-healing I created for people that repeatedly act in ways that haven’t gotten them the love they wanted in the past; this is an addiction.

I explain in depth how and why this occurs and give practical solutions.

IF ANY OF YOU HAVE IT IN YOUR HEARTS to log onto the site, and leave a comment expressing empathy and compassion for these children.

I would be grateful to know you understand and care that much for human beings that are in pain.

If only one of them were to read such a comment and feel loved or connected to, it could change the course of their life. Each child’s life is connected to all life on earth, and all life in earth is connected to each and all things inclusive of the Universe.

When one reaches a level of awareness that they realize there is nothing wrong in the universe, and that what we don’t understand is often an opportunity to grow and love more fully, it is easier to handle the kind of pain that can arise witnessing children acting this way.

When one realizes that the opportunity to witness others in pain is an opportunity to remember to exemplify love to all others, we can see just how willing God is to openly and honestly experience All aspects of self Unconditionally.

This is the process by which Good, Beauty and Truth are born. Because these are essential qualities of both the universe, and reality, we can trust that what we see, or experience, yet don’t understand is merely the product of our own ignorance.

When we look at the harmony and perfection it takes to create an opportunity for the self of us to learn to love as an act of free-will, we also see the perfection behind any act or situation that gives us an opportunity to choose to live and love better.

As you watch or reflect on these children (who reflect the values and behaviors of a tremendous percentage of children in their age group today), see if you can find it in yourself to become witness to any such acts of violence to self or others that may reflect your own.

These children were a great reminder for me to become more aware of the times I created separation in relationships, when what I was really needing is Love, but didn’t know how to ask for it.

If we all begin being more aware together, and trust that the children are all watching us and emulating us in attempt to fit in and feel loved, we will have motive to rise above nightmares and teach the through our actions how to live their dreams.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek