September 11, 2013

How To Survive In A Modern World – Pt. 4: Grounding Yourself

Happy Wednesday!

I hope you are all in well-being today.

I had a very busy, productive day at work yesterday. I managed to get into the gym for a nice little circuit workout of squatting, cable wood chops, and heavy kettlebell lunges. Four rounds of that and I was ready for the rest of my day.

I enjoyed some tai-chi, a nice sweat in my HealthMate IR sauna, and some nice Vidya-made food for dinner. After dinner, I started a new piece of art and enjoyed that until bedtime. A great day overall!

How To Survive In A Modern World – Pt. 4: Grounding Yourself

Paul Grounding
In today’s vlog, I share some essential information about the importance of grounding yourself regularly. Most people are unaware of how the body-mind functions as a bioelectric system within the larger bioelectric expression of life in and as nature.

ELM Polution in past 100 yrs Oschman p189
In his excellent book, The Body Electric by Robert Becker, MD, you will find a wealth of informative information about the dangers of electromagnetic pollution and what to do about it.

The diagram above is from Dr. Becker’s work shows how much exposure we had to electromagnetic pollution/influences in the year 1900 compared to the year 2000. As you can see comparing the top line of the graph (1900) with the bottom line (2000), there is a huge difference!

Most people, including scientists in general, are unfamiliar with the research, or completely unaware of the potentially health damaging effects of various forms of electromagnetic vibrations at different wave lengths.

John Ott was a pioneering researcher who not only did extensive research on the effects of different light and electromagnetic frequencies on plants and human beings, he developed safe lighting systems.

John Ott is the inventor of time-lapse photography and developed the original video sequences of flowers opening magically, and plans growing before your eyes, and many other things like this for Walt Disney’s movies.

I highly recommend his book titled, Exploring the Spectrum: The Effects of Natural and Artificial Light on Living Organisms, which is now available on DVD.

I have a copy of the original VHS version, and I can’t recommend this program enough for people wanting a better understanding of the influences of light and various frequencies of electromagnetic influences on plants, animals and human beings. The book is also very good.

In my vlog today, I cover some of the concerns of ELM pollution and teach you simple, effective methods for grounding yourself, so you can bleed the chaotic electromagnetic pollution from your body into the earth.

I hope you enjoy my little lesson on grounding today.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek