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June 16, 2014

How Much Should I Eat?

Happy Monday,

Today I mention some good friends who are doing something special at Idaho’s premier whitewater park in the country – Kelly’s White Water Park. Next weekend, June 20-22, Payette River Games will be going on with hundreds of athletes descending to play and compete in this stunning area of the Cascade. They are known for their kayaking, stand up paddling and surfing on the river, but the games has other equally fun events!

Recently my mother Meera Censor’s sculpture of Chief Joseph was commissioned because of the love of the land and the Nez Perce, the original inhabitants living in the area. Chief Joseph represents qualities in individuals that they admire most – bravery, honor and duty.

You must check it out!! I wish I could be there; this is Penny’s kind of playing! So in the Spirit of Love and Friendship, bravery, honor and duty – AH Ho Great Spirit!

You can find and follow them on FB too!

How Much Should I Eat?


Today in my video blog, I cover the following key issues and give the following tips for knowing how much to eat for your unique individual needs:

1. Eat to satiate hunger – NOT to Feel Full!

2. Pay Attention to body-mind feedback. Too Much:

a) Carbs

b) Fat

c) Flesh Food

3. Explore your thoughts and feelings around food.Are you dogmatic or open-minded?

I hope you enjoy my vlog today.

New CHEK Practitioner Level 1 Faculty Instructors Ready to Go!

CP1 Training
Last week, I had the great pleasure of training CHEK Faculty Tomi Toles and Ashley Mazurek to teach CHEK Practitioner Level 1.

They both currently present on behalf of the CHEK Institute at various conferences and teach CHEK Exercise Coach. Ashley also teaches HLC1.

Due to the increasing demand for CHEK Practitioner training worldwide, we have selected to up-skill the instructors most qualified for the task, which is Tomi and Ashley.

We spent a couple of intensive days working through the manual, answering questions, and gaining clarity on technical teaching issues. Tomi and Ashley both did extremely well, and I’m excited to announce that we now have two excellent new CP1 Instructors! (see the CHEK Website for the North American Schedule to see where they will be teaching).

If you would like to hire Tomi Toles for help with your personal health and performance issues, he lives and practices in New York City and can be reached at: [email protected]

Ashley Mazurek practices in Tampa Bay, Florida, and can be reached at: [email protected]

Ashley had just completed teaching Exercise Coach in San Francisco before she came down for the training, so she was happily on the high of teaching.


In this pic you’ll also see Faculty Jator Pierre, who assisted Ashley in preparation to teach Exercise Coach in the near future. Congratulations to new Exercise Coaches!!

While Ashley was here, we got together to talk about life and have some fun together.

In normal Paul Chek fashion, I was ready with canvas and paints. We created this piece together, which I gave the title, “The Nature Of Love”.

Ashley is excited to put it up in her daughter Jade’s room. Those of you that know Ashley personally can look at the art and see if I did a good job capturing Ashley’s big brown eyes (Ashley is the yellow-faced Heart-Spirit)?

It was lovely to paint and play together Ashley. I can’t wait to hear what Jade thinks of her new art piece?

NYC HLC2 Success!

Angie Chek Red
Angie Lustrick, CP2, HLC3, HLC Instructor is one of the CHEK Institute’s new rising stars.

Angie has a wealth of experience in clinical practice as a licensed nutritionist, personal trainer, CHEK Practitioner, and shaman. Yes, Angie is a real shaman/healer.

In fact, one of the comments provided on student feedback forms after HLC2 in NYC said, “Angie has so much power as a shaman, I thought the windows were going to blow out of the room at any minute!”

I can tell you from personal experience that if you ever get the chance to take a course with Angie, you will be moved, you will have a chance to heal, grow, and come to know the essentials of life much better than you ever have.

Angie sent me this update on her teaching experience with her students in NYC this past week:

“I just finished teaching here in NYC and I had an amazing time! I am always so impressed with the quality of students that come through the CHEK Institute. This HLC2 class was eager to learn and they were just as passionate as me to make a positive difference in this world. My students were perfect examples of what it means to be a Holistic Lifestyle Coach. They were applying what they had learned from HLC1 and their bodies showed it! Sean McCormick, congratulations on your amazing transformation since HLC1 – you look great!
My favorite memory of the week was when we went outside into the park to do our zen swing in the pouring rain! The yin energy was so powerful! We got so blissed out from the chi field that not a single person complained that we were completely soaked. (I don’t think Peak Performance was too happy about us dripping puddles into their gym though!) We spent the entire morning in wet clothes and bare feet while I taught the course curriculum.
Thank-you HLC2 NYC 2014, you made my job fun and rewarding!”

Here are some photos of Angie teaching her students in NYC:



Congratulations to our newest Holistic Lifestyle Coaches, Level 2!

The Beauty of Artistic Self-Expression

Those of you that follow my blogs will probably be familiar with who Jason is. I have been coaching Jason for well over two years consistently, and he is every coaches dream.

Love Mandala Jason 6-14-14

I love sharing Jason’s art because I got to mentor him in his artistic expression, and have thoroughly enjoyed watching him grow as an artist.

Because of my work and understanding of art as an art therapist, I’m able to see my client’s healing processes in their artistic expression.

When I look at Jason’s art, it is like watching my beautiful fig tree grow bigger, stronger, more fruitful and more beautiful each day. I ask Jason to share some feelings about his art with us for the blog today, and this is what he shared:

Jason’s Art Commentary:

“I don’t consider myself “good” at art, but I now realize that being “good” is not the point of art. I love letting go of attempting to control the outcome, and letting my soul guide what colors and shapes go on to the canvas. This is often so different then my programmed daily behavior that it offers me an opportunity to learn about the beauty already inside and around me in every moment. Learning not to control the outcome is something I have learned through art and imported into my every day life. I feel the rhythm and flow.

I love the healing messages that rise deep out of my subconscious and on to the canvas, jumping off with healing energy offering guidance and love. I have learned to feel the flow of spontaneous creation through art and it invited me to do the same in my every day life. From tai-chi to dance, working out or working in, making love to my wife or playing with my newborn daughter, art has been the best teacher in unbound play, and allows me to see my life as an artistic expression of love in and as life itself. I now learn to let this expression guide me from moment to moment, just as my soul guides me to choose a particular color, brush or shape.”

My Artistic Workout

Since coming back from vacation, I’ve been slammed to the ass with work, work, work.

In order to catch up with it all, I chose to come to work for several hours Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday, I needed to feel my feet in the dirt and get some sunshine, so I went out to my rock circle and reconstructed it. I took down several of the existing stacks, and built a new big one in the center. I then organized all the stones into a nice circle. It took me one hour.

My body felt great, and I get the joy of seeing my art-workout each day as I arrive to, and leave from work.

The neighbors have informed us that they love looking down onto the property from their homes to see what we create, so I like knowing that I’m adding some beauty to their lives too.

I hope you all get outside and stack some rocks or make some rock mandalas on the ground soon. You will love it!

I hope you all have a great day!

I’ll try to get back up to speed with my vblogs as I get caught up with everything.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek