October 22, 2012

Holes in Trees Are Homes

Happy Monday!

HLC wraps up this week and it’s been a wonderful experience. I’ll write about it here soon.

But to start off the week, I’d like to share a very simple sutra with you: “Holes in Trees Are Homes”.

Holes in Trees Are Homes

Holes in trees are homes
But have you forgotten to notice
To appreciate the beauty, the delicacy, the synergy of nature
Even in one tree
Trees are homes, resting place, and local diner
for a myriad of little beings
All whose existence beautifully supports our own
Think of the gifts of fruit, shade, and our very own homes
All given to us both by trees and the little creature for whom
Holes and trees are homes
TAO-TE-zen practice is one of loving, appreciating, and supporting the trees
And all whom share a home in them as we do
The TAO-TE-zen practitioner always remains conscious of the difference
Between effective use and abuse or waste
To live in harmony
That is zen

Even seemingly dead spaces, which often appear as things like holes in trees or holes in the ground where a snake or squirrel might live, are not dead. They are living homes, thoroughfares for insects and other little creatures. Imagine if the world was covered in beings a thousand times bigger than we were. Would it be scary when they are walking around crushing our homes, destroying our gardens, yards and our way of being? Literally every step we take in a garden or field crushes and kills billions of supportive little beings that have lives, loves and experiences of their own. These little beings are essential to our own survival in nature. They are an intimate part of the weave of the web of life.

“Holes in Trees Are Homes,” is a reminder that life is a system – it is a nested hierarchy like Russian dolls. It is homes inside of homes, and worlds inside of worlds.

Tune into nature and be respectful of the homes and the lives of all living beings that support our very life and our very existence.

That is zen.

Love and Chi,
~Paul Chek