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November 10, 2014

HLC1 Toronto A Joyful SUCCESS!

Hello from Toronto,

It is a beautiful, cool morning here in Toronto and Angie Lustrick and I are celebrating a day off with Rory after a successful HLC1 event with 71 of the most amazing HLC1 students we’ve ever taught as a group – They were fit, vital, intelligent, and eager to learn!

Their introduction to living the CHEK Holistic Lifestyle philosophy started at 7:30 AM Friday morning when the shed their shoes to stand on some very cold, wet (yin) grass for almost an hour of tai-chi instruction.

HLC I - Toronto - Nov 2014 -  (3)

We began tai chi instruction by learning proper breathing mechanics.

HLC I - Toronto - Nov 2014 -  (4)

Once everyone understood how to breathe properly, I introduced them to the Stork Walk.

HLC1 Toronto Stork Walk

They were grateful that we were walking in a circle, because the grass got warmer and warmer from each other’s feet!

HLC I - Toronto - Nov 2014 -  (1)

They were charged with yin chi and were ready for Angie.


Angie was fired up and ready for this large group. She shared lots of stories from her clinical experience, answered all their questions, and showed them what it looks like to live the Chek HLC principles.

HLC I - Toronto - Nov 2014 -  (2)

The students were very inspired by her and a number of them asked her to mentor/coach them.


It was exciting to have everyone at Carl Weston’s studio. Carl’s studio was buzzing like a beehive for three days. Though the class was at full capacity, it gave everyone a chance to be close and do some networking.

HLC I - Toronto - Nov 2014 -  (5)

We had two people in class from Siberia. Boris Simurina, trainer of professional volleyball player Natalia Mammadova (featured on previous blogs) made the journey from Siberia and it was great to have him in class. We also had people from Trinidad, Columbia, Boston, and from all over North America.

Before we went to Toronto, Angie and I connected to the spirits of our students and created this mandala as a gift to them, as a sign of our commitment to them.


Here you can see us giving the mandala to Carl Weston to put on the studio wall as a memorandum of the class and all the great learning experiences CHEK students have had in his studio.

Paul HLC1 Toronto teaching
I enjoyed starting the day each day for tai chi training and I shared the third day of teaching with Angie.

I taught them a lot about how digestion, elimination, and detoxification work and what must be done to keep these systems fully functional. We discussed the many challenges faced today with commercial farming and commercial food and how to find safe alternatives.

The students were very enthusiastic about all the topics we covered and asked a lot of questions.

Here is our amazing, big, beautiful HLC1 class. Angie and I send our love and gratitude to all of our students for being willing to be a living example of health and well-being for all others.

Our students gave us a number of lovely gifts. One of the girls in class, Emily Briffa, is a local bee farmer and gave us two jars of her beautiful, raw honey which we have been enjoying with our tea.

Hlc1 Toronto gifts

Her company is called Peachey Honey Farm Ltd. If you would like to know more about her honey you can email her at: [email protected]

Andy Scopick gave us each a beautiful class water bottle with a Masaru Emoto energy symbol to structure the water. If you want to get one of these cool water bottles, go to

We were also give some beautiful rose plants and some tea. Thank you for all your love and your gifts.

Special thanks to Phil Delaire and Jonny Giroix for driving Angie and I back and forth to class.

Phil Delaire is one of our most skilled and experienced CHEK Level 4 practitioners in the Toronto area. It was great to have him there so the students could meet him and be aware that he is there to help when they have challenging cases.

We would also live to give a special thanks to “Deb the Food Angel” at and to Rory Mullin’s mother for her amazing food.

There is nothing like great food when you are on the road teaching and these special food angels keep us running young. THANK YOU!

If you have not seen Rory and Phil’s new website , have a look. They’ve got some really great interviews in the blog section and they are always interviewing new and interesting people. If you are looking for ELM protection or other health support aids, check out their store.

CHEK Course Completions

Exercise Coach with Terrance Thomas, Nov 3-7, Oceanside CA.


A special shout out for our newest CHEK Exercise Coaches and thank you to Billy Perkins at Align Fitness for hosting the course.

In the meantime, I’ll be returning from Toronto to have a few days off but I’ll share a new video blog as soon as I can. Until then, let’s all eat, move, and be healthy together!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek