September 16, 2013

HLC Level 3

Happy Monday to you!!

As you well know if you’ve been following my blogs, I’m very busy teaching Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3 here in Oceanside to a great group of students. They are all well prepared for their HLC 3 Training, so class is flowing beautifully!

My students have come from all over the world for this class; Australia, Sweden, UK, France, Canada and throughout the United States.

We have been reviewing my 10 Step Holistic Coaching Model and reviewing Breath assessment and movement. Below are my very healthy students:

IMG_8461IMG_8520 IMG_8510JonasRosie


We have spend some time with learning Infant Development and understanding the organ reflex pathways.



Everyone seems to be really enjoying themselves and spending time with each other supporting learning and integration.

Once I finish teaching and have a little rest, I’ll continue my series on How To Survive In A Modern World Pt. 5 & 6.

Love and chi,

Paul Chek