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September 22, 2014

Highlights From the End of My Vacation

Happy Monday to You!

Well, I’m back at work after a lovely two-week vacation. It was AWESOME.

In this blog, I’ll share some highlights from my last few days of my vacation, and celebrate recently completed CHEK Institute Advanced Training Programs, and a great success story by CHEK Faculty Donal Carr.

Highlights From The End of My Vacation

This weekend, Angie Lustrick and I got together to explore our past and current archetypes, and create a new myth for ourselves that represents our current life experience.

Archetypes are symbolic representations of how we invest our power in life. Each archetype symbolizes the nature of the experiences we are having under that archetype.

For example, we are all born to a mother and a father as a child. To be a mother, a father, or a child are expressions of archetypes. A mother invests a significant amount of “her power” into the acts of mothering, as a father does fathering; all children are “investing power in being a child”.

Each archetype naturally comes with “implied values”. The mother must value the importance of food, water, play, rest, and exposure to things that may not be ideal for a child’s mind. Within each archetype, there is a negative (shadow), and a positive potential; a mother may feed her kids junk food and not limit TV or sugar consumption, or she may carefully monitor both for ideal consumption.

Your myth is the story you tell yourself about who you are as an individual, what your part/function in society is, and what your relationship to the cosmos or your “highest power” is.

Myths change to match the changes in our environment, such as advances in science and technology; many orthodox Christians still believe the earth is only 4,000 years old, ignoring the advances in science (and technology) that tell us otherwise. (I explain archetypes and myths in more detail in my “Mind-Body Connection” series.

Angie and I spent two days carefully reviewing our life from birth to present. We looked at each of the active archetypes in each phase of our lives and recorded the positive and negative attributes of each archetype as we feel we experienced them.

We then wrote our own life story as an autobiography; when we read our own life story, it expresses our individual myth. Then, using our awareness of what our spiritual beliefs are, and who we choose to become at this period of our lives, we wrote our personal myth. All these exercises were culminated in a painting that expresses our process.

Paul Chek's Archetypes 2014.jpg
Here you can see my painting, which expresses the vision of myself as an expression of the three archetypes currently acting most dominantly within me. They are:
1. The Teacher
2. The Mystic, and
3. The Hermit.

The teacher is shown as me pointing to the blackboard, which contains my personal myth as a formula. The mystic is shown in the center, integrating the other two aspects of my personality. The hermit is facing your right; he is “behind the curtain”, where he must go to rest from his life as a teacher, and even from using my mystic abilities to help others.

Angie's Archetypes 2014
Angie did this beautiful painting of her dominant twelve archetypes. Her top three were very similar to mine; top of the triangle is the mystic, the pair of hands represents “the healer”, and the person holding the lantern on the right represents “the hermit”.

It is my practice to always put myself through any new procedures or healing methods I develop, acquire, or adopt for use with my patients and clients, so it was really lovely for me to test this process specifically.

We both got a lot of “awareness” and joy from the exercise. I’m really looking forward to working with the process to perfect it and see how many others I can help create awareness of who they are and what their myth is.

Celebrating CHEK Advanced Training Program Completions

CHEK Institute Instructor Tomi Toles just completed teaching CHEK Practitioner Level 1 in San Francisco this past weekend.


Tomi is a master of his craft, and loves to teach his students how to get great results efficiently with themselves and their clients.


Tomi shared that he really enjoyed his class and that the students has a lot of fun learning and growing. Congratulations on a great job Tomi and students!


CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 Instructor Jator Pierre just completed teaching HLC 1 in Avila Beach, CA this weekend; there was a lot of CHEK Institute activity in SF this weekend!

Jator had a great time teaching his class and facilitating health and harmony in his students in a beautiful space with students who embodied open hearts. Congratulations on a great job Jator and students!

CHEK Faculty Matthew Wallden is currently teaching CHEK Practitioner Level 3 in Lancashire, England. This is one of my most technical courses in which the students learn how to assess the human body-mind by way of the CHEK Totem Pole system.


Matthew is a very skilled naturopathic and osteopathic physician, and has beautifully integrated the CHEK Institute model into his practice for over a dozen years now, so imagine how great it would be to learn from a man with such a wealth of knowledge!

Though Matthew’s CP3 doesn’t finish for two more days, I’d like say “congratulations on a job well done Matthew and CP3 students!”

Donal Carr’s Great Success With AU’s #1 Body Board Champion Jake Stone!


Donal Carr is our Chief Instructor for Australia, and owns his own training, rehabilitation and yoga studio with is beautiful wife Cathy Carr (

Donal recently posted a beautiful blog celebrating the successful rehabilitation of champion body board athlete Jake Stone (Jake is now an HLC 2 practitioner as well!).

Jake was told he would be unlikely to compete in body boarding again due to the injury to his lumbar spine, and spent quite a lot of time and money going from therapist to therapist and doctor to doctor trying anything he could to get better…with no avail. He then heard about the C.H.E.K Institute approach to healing and found Donal Carr in Sydney.

Donal successfully guided Jake back into balance and mastery of his body. In the blog link here, you can see Donal interviewing Jake Stone about his experiences with the C.H.E.K Institute approach and celebrating his recent championship.

You can also view a beautiful video Jake created that shows him dong some amazing things on his body board:

I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog today.

I will be putting up another blog tomorrow where I’ll talk about Constipation and Biological Oscillators.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek