February 18, 2013

Heaven’s View & Qualifying Change (Pt. 1)

Happy Monday to You from Heaven!

I hope you all had a restful, creative weekend.

I spent the weekend with Rory at my office location, which I call, “HEAVEN”. Rory was busy relaxing, reading, and doing tai-chi in the sun while I worked on a project.

For my exercise, I went outside and rebuilt some of my stacks that blew down in a recent windstorm. Here are some photos I took at the end of the day Saturday:

Sunday, I met with a film crew and we shot some clips of me answering questions. As soon as the clips start becoming available, I’ll direct you to the young man’s site that interviewed me. He’s a bright, budding leader in the strength and conditioning community.

Angie Lustrick came down while I was filming to assist Rory and I in a healing ceremony for my buddy, Ryan Hughes. Ryan was racing his motorcycle and got thrown, landing vertically on his head, fracturing T3 and T4. He had to have a laminectomy and six level fusion.

We went to the hospital and joined Ryan and his wife, Jennifer. We harmonized with each other through chanting “AUM”. Rory did energy work for a while, then Angie.

I used my crystal-healing wand to generate the light frequencies his body needed to balance itself and then Angie and I did a Native American rattle healing for Ryan. It was great to see him.

I know how scary such accidents can be. I had six concussions racing motto-cross myself, and was once unconscious for a couple days. I’ve awoken in my share of ambulances and had the dread of looking out the window at a twisted heap of steel that was once my faithful iron-horse.

I drew this picture as a healing gift from my heart to Ryan’s. I opened myself to express whatever came through my heart while being present with Ryan as he lay in a state of deep self-analysis.

I call this piece of art “Warrior Spirit”. It depicts the life, path and challenges of the warrior, in route to unification with his/her Spirit-Soul; the highest level of Self-Consciousness that can be reached before Mind reaches Absolute Wholeness, at which time there can be no “I and thou” relationship or perception.

The Warrior Spirit has his left foot on one bank of The River Of Life, and his right foot on the other; only when one becomes the other can experience exist in space-time. S/He has mastered the body, the elements, the land, air and seas, yet the warrior’s journey is one of Self-mastery; unification.

The warrior’s paradox is that the more effort they put into Self-mastery, the more “self” they create!

This results in a potentially reverberating dialogue within the warrior:

How fast is fast enough?

How strong is strong enough?

How good is good enough?

How tough is tough enough?

How beautiful is beautiful enough?

How incredible is incredible enough?

How loving is loving enough?…

Black signifies transition in this expression. Yellow is the capacity to act, create change.

The Spirit Warrior’s wings have plant leaves as feathers.

This signifies that all creatures, small and large, are children of Mother Earth; all her warriors grow to maturity, and burst from the cocoon of the earthly-body, to become the Butterfly of the Spirit-Soul.

This moment is the moment Mother Earth celebrates the true birth of her child as a citizen of The Universe.

Blue represents the strength of the Warrior’s mind. Their capacity to affect their environment.

Red represents the strength of their life-force; the hearts coming down the river represent what we inherit from our family tree, our genetics.

The Warrior’s right, yellow foot is on the red, clay earth, but he will have to jump up to cross the river.

The warriors have great strength in jumping up, yet they are great Warriors because they have braved their falling downs.

The gold around his chest represents being braced or supported in the period of healing that all Warriors go through from time to time.

Gold and green are very powerful healing colors, providing light frequencies that help integrate and energize the individual and the healing process.

His face paint is orange, signifying a mastery of rhythm; all warriors have a mastery of rhythm specific to their chosen environment; when they mature through life experience, they extend their mastery of rhythm to all other aspects of their inner and outer-life.

This is one of the essential differences between a warrior in basic training and one who has achieved self-mastery.

The Warrior’s long blonde pony tale signifies the body. The Warrior is reminded of the Spiritual truths of the body by the hair:

– It grows all by itself, without need of specific attention or effort.

– If you cut it off, it grows back with greater vengeance, and often gets thicker or stronger.

– It has a purpose, yet too much, or too little in any given environment becomes as much a hindrance as a help.

– You can be beautiful with none of it, but you may have to let go of the desire to be in environments that make you think or feel you need it!?

– When the Warriors body dies, their hair keeps on growing!

The Warrior has a head full of feathers. Each one represents an act of true-bravery, which only a Master Warrior can differentiate from foolishness; the feather isn’t given to him/herself. It is given by One with clear vision of Wholeness. One who is Awake.

The silver represents the Warrior’s capacity to conduct life-force. When the Warrior has united with the Spirit-Soul, all that is silver becomes gold, or translucent.


This week, I’ll share some of my thoughts about qualifying a change as worthy, valuable, effective, or potentially debilitating.

Your first tip for qualifying change is to read what I shared about my buddy, Ryan Hughes, and the life of the Warrior Spirit.

Then, ask yourself, “If something like that were to happen to me, and I may loose my arms and legs, would I be coming home to a place and a situation I’d be able to be fully present with – to accept – and be able to be present with myself in the process?

Change is effective when you are moving in a direction that produces a sense of inner-connection, and safety in some meaningful, and preferably, lasting way.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek