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August 26, 2022

Healing Prayers Needed Now!

James Wanless, the author of Voyager Tarot: Way of the Great Oracle and several other excellent books, a personal friend and previous guest on my Living 4D podcast, was mugged and is now in critical care in Los Angeles.

James was outside at night taking photos of the moon when he was mugged and almost beaten to death. James was left for dead with a broken neck and a punctured lung, and is now in critical care making a slow recovery.

Healing Prayers Needed Now

James is one of the most loving human beings I’ve ever met, and has devoted his whole life to helping others live and love more fully.

If any of you can ask your soul to connect you to the soul of James, and visualize him as happy, healthy, whole and in a state of wellbeing for just 1-3 minutes and send life force energy from your heart to his, that would be a beautiful loving gift to him.

Thank you for taking a little bit of time today to share your healing love with one of the true wise men on our planet who would certainly do the same for you, no matter how busy he was.

Love and chi,