January 2, 2013

Happy New Year to You!

Its a wonderful day to be ALIVE!!

I suspect many of you are relieved that the doomsday interpretations of the Mayan calendar were incorrect ☺. Through the past few years as I read many of the books and reports on the topic, I found a mix of opinions, which is common when investigating any topic. I chose to “ride the dragon”!

Just be present with each day and live fully.

I felt that by living fully each day, it wouldn’t matter when life as we know it ends, for in living fully, live would be complete regardless of when our collective or individual transition arrives.

And living fully is what I did this New Years holiday.


Jeff Brion and Rosanne Kline (PPS, CHEK and HLC Practitioners) were the winners of our 2012 PPS Success Mastery “Dream Big” contest. Here you can see the waiting area of the FLOAT Lounge. The space is beautiful, and very relaxing. It is located right on HWY 101 in Laguna Beach, Ca.

We’ve been trying to schedule a visit to see their new Big DREAM manifestation for a year now, and amazingly, we were able to spend the day with them New Years eve.

Once we arrived at the Float Lounge and got settled, we began drawing our mandalas to celebrate New Years, and our day together. Jeff continued an art piece he’s been working on for a while; which is amazing by the way! Rosanne, Vidya and I created something new for the day.

Here you can see the mandalas we created before entering the float tanks. From the left you see my mandala first, then moving right we see Vidya’s mandala, which is sideways, then Jeff’s art piece, and finally, Rosanne’s amazing Mandala.

Rosanne’s mandala is really powerful and radiates beautiful colors when seen in the light. We had a great time drawing together.

This local magazine article shows Jeff getting into one of their float tanks. After taking a shower and cleaning your body well, you enter into what feels like your mother’s womb and close the door. It is pitch black inside the float tanks and the water has so much salt in it that you literally float in cloud-like suspension. The water is nice and warm, so there is no discomfort to work against.

While in the float tank, I had many very interesting and enjoyable experiences. It was very easy to enter into a deep meditative state; I was able to sleep awake.

One of the first experiences that came to me as I entered into deep meditative relaxation was the experience of being in my mother’s womb. Without realizing it, I was feeling the walls of the float tank wondering, “how will I get out of here as I grow?”

Then I began having memories of my conversations with my mother. I was letting her know that it was getting tight and I was afraid. My mother’s voice came to me over and over again, letting me know that I could come see her when I was ready and that all would be fine – she was waiting happily for me to arrive.

I had a distinct sense of ease knowing that she would be there for me. I remembered feeling around the womb for a way out just as I was feeling the walls of the float tank.

After a while, I began to have visions of myself in and as space itself. I was paradoxically witnessing everything, while at once, being everything. I had a myriad of visions.

The experience was very much like a shamanic journey and Jeff and Rosanne have created a beautiful, safe environment for people to truly have a deep experience of self, and Self.

Vidya and Rosanne are really close friends, they are like school girls together!

Thanks for such a great day together Jeff and Rosanne! We are excited to see your dream manifest for all to benefit from. I can’t recommend the float lounge experience enough!

Visiting Friends On New Years Day

Yesterday morning, New Years day, Cam Nell, one of my top Australian HLC Practitioners and a friend of mine came to visit with JP Sears, CHEK Faculty and long time buddy. They were worried that since I’d stopped drinking espresso that my espresso making skills would get rusty.

I demonstrated that my skills were still intact, so they both started off the New Year with a nice espresso buzz. Thanks for your well wishes for the year guys! It was great to see you as always.

Angie Lustrick came to spend the day with Vidya, Penny and I. Vidya and I typically do our mandala for the year on New Years day, and Angie loves to express herself artistically too, so we thought we’d spend some time drawing and stacking rocks together.

Angie brought her little buddy, “Maggie” with her. Maggie had fun in the rock garden and quickly identified her “power spots” in the house to hang out in.

Angie drew this very cool mandala. Though there are many metaphysical symbols within it, I feel it is a beautiful description of the fact that we as individual human beings are actually composed of everything around us.

As you can see on the right cheek, there is the number “1” in green; we are One. Great job Angie! So lovely to share the beginning of our best year ever together! Thanks for being such a great example of my teachings for the world.

Both Vidya and I began our 2013 mandala but mine turned out to be far more complex than I could possibly finish in the few hours we had once we finished playing with stones. We’ll keep working on them and we will share when we are done.

I spent most of the day out playing in my rock garden. I had most of my rocks allotted to existing sculptures, but felt it was time for change being the New Year.

I took some old formations apart and created five or six new artistic expressions in stone. The one you see me working on here was very cool when done, but its beauty was short-lived.

About an hour after I finished it, the wind blew it over. That was my signal to do something even interesting and fun on my next try!

Here you can see me with one of my main projects for New Years day. We’ve had a lot of rain, so the stones get VERY heavy.

I got a fantastic workout building this formation and just as I was putting on the capstone, the whole thing collapsed.

Being of good spirit, I just saw that as a message that my workout was just beginning. I started over again and finished the rebuild with what you see here. No need for a gym when you’ve got rocks, I assure you!

Here I am after several hours of lifting stones. The big formation to my left is my water charger; it’s hallow and I keep a case of water in glass bottles within to be charged by the natural terrestrial and extraterrestrial energies.

I did a rebuild on the tall stack you see behind me to my right, and the one just peaking up over the water charger on my left. These stacks are about 12 feet tall so I had to use a ladder to get the last few stones on safely. The energy created by the rock formations is beautiful, enlivening, and strong.

I’ve had neighbors comment on the energy created by my stone formations so I know for sure they are feeling it. People stop to take pictures almost every day. It’s fun to inspire people to enjoy some unbound play.

Inspired Rock Art

My buddy Ryan Hughes, Professional Motto-Cross coach (and very cool dude) is a true outdoorsman that loves art and rock work too.

Ryan sent me this photo of some of his recent unbound play. As you can see, Ryan likes to play with the big rocks too! Happy New Year Ryan, and thanks for sharing your love and inspiration with the world Bud!


In closing my blog today, I’d like to extend a special thanks to my beautiful wife Penny, all the CHEK Institute staff, James Phelps at PPS Success Mastery, Vidya for supporting me, our CHEK International Affiliates, my Faculty and TEAM CHEK Presenters and of course to all my sincere students around the world. Each of you have contributed beautifully to the creation of our collective dreams and I’m glad I can share the journey with you in 2013!

If you want to start your new year with some open-minded, intelligent planning, I think you’d find PPS Success Mastery Lesson 1. How To Find and Live Your Legacy an excellent process for starting your new year.

I just revisited PPS Lesson 1 again recently and found it to be a very enlightening and healing process. I was able to both see where I’d grown, and where there is still room for expansion and growth within myself.

I’m glad I can participate in my own lessons and still find them joyful and beneficial. That’s the only way I can sense for sure whether or not the lessons actually work; though they may work for others, it is not until I experience the benefits myself that I can center myself in my observations.

If your experience of this lesson is anything like mine, I suspect you’ll feel well rewarded and much more clarity about who you are and what your core values are living and loving for.

What a great way to begin the New Year!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek