October 31, 2011


Happy Monday To You!

I hope you’ve all had a LOVELY weekend. I did! I needed it too.

Friday I had a lovely, lazy day. After a massage and steam, I enjoyed relaxing and reading at home. It felt great to do nothing. Work loses its value quick without rest, that I can assure you.

Often, when people come to visit me, they want to know what music I’m playing. Since I took a photo of the discs I was listening to Friday for a friend, I thought I’d share then with you in case you’d like some lovely resting and healing music.


The disc cover with the songs written on it was given to me by my lovely friend and massage therapist, Rhonda Fuller. It’s a compilation she made, but maybe you can find these great songs on Amazon.com or iTunes if you like. Great music!!



Saturday, my buddy Troy Casey, The Certified Health Nut came to spend a day in the garden with me.

Troy’s one of the most passionate people I know when it comes to helping people find natural ways to heal and live. He’s a big supporter of the CHEK Institute as well.



While I was waiting for Troy to arrive Saturday morning, I drew this mandala of our day.

The symbols on the grass represent Troy and I’s energy. The rock stack closest to our symbols is the one I envisioned we would build together. As is often the case, my vision of the day was the beautiful day.

Troy drew a cool mandala too, but I forgot to get a photo of it.




Here you can see the rock stack Troy and I built together. We had a lot of fun creating this beauty together. Troy really enjoyed rock stacking.

I don’t think I’ve met many people that didn’t really take to rock stacking right away. It’s such a natural, primal mode of creation. I think being barefoot, and barehanded in the dirt really helps us ground ourselves and get back to our roots.

After we listened to music, did some artwork, and built our stack, we went for a nice long, slow, meditative, silent zen hike in the hills behind my home.

We both really enjoyed just being with nature. Sometimes, silence says all that is needed.

Thanks for all your love and support Troy! I really appreciate the Amazon products. It was great to spend a day with you my Friend.

Sunday, I continued my string of restful days. I had a lovely tai-chi session outside across the road where the sun comes up first.

I was next to a lovely old pepper tree in a field where the coyotes often pass early in the morning and at night as the sun is going down.

I played in my rock garden some more, fine-tuning my water generator. After doing that for a few hours, I moved a bunch of firewood.





Later in the evening, I got the urge to draw again. I created this simple line drawing to express my  inner-vision of life emerging.

Today, I feel great. I’m rested and looking forward to doing some heavy deadlifts!

I Loooooove lifting heavy!It makes me feel young and strong.

My body forgets its age when I lift heavy so I try to find a healthy balance between working-in and working-out. That way, I don’t get addicted to any one type of exercise and stay creative.

Sunday, Penny went in to the Institute to check on the new Exercise Coach students. It was their last day of class. Chris Maund did an excellent job teaching, as always.

I was really impressed to learn from some of the students that they’d chosen this class specifically because they wanted Chris as their instructor. I really love it when the word spreads as to how good my instructors are.

Chris was the first CHEK Practitioner to complete his full requirements to be fully certified and has always been a true leader when it comes to showing the world what a CHEK Practitioner is and what they can do to help people heal and accomplish their dreams.

Chris and has wife Janet, also the first to train with me have a lovely CHEK Studio in Encinitas where they help people from around the world. Thanks for all your great work Chris and Janet!

Today, I’ve got a lot of preparation work to do for a big film project here at the institute. I’ll fill you in on that project as it moves along!.

I’m sending my love and chi with the intention of you all having a beautiful day today!

Don’t let the spooks get you! ;-D

Love and chi,

Paul Chek