January 15, 2014

Hanging with the Bobcats!

Happy Wednesday!

I hope you are all happy and well.

I’ve been very busy coaching clients, doing healing work, business meetings, and sadly, haven’t had time to do any more video blogs this week.

I’m hoping to film one or two tomorrow though and should have something up by Friday for those of you that are interested, my next vlog will be about how to choose new athletic shoes.

Hanging with the Bobcats!

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have your office in nature, this is a photo I took from my desk, where I sit as I type this now.

Bobcat resting in window

This beautiful bobcat lay but six feet away from me through my sliding glass door. I had the feeling I was being watched, and looked up to see this beauty.

Shortly after I saw her, I saw movement close by to her left, and there was another beautiful bobcat just 10 feet away standing right in my flowerbed.

Bobcats are very cool and unusual beings. I’ve now had something along the lines of six sightings here, and have been standing as close as three feet to them.

I had a very big, muscular male bobcat lying very close to where this one is laying one day.

I went outside to get its photo and it just got up slowly and walked down the stairs to my tai-chi area with me right behind it. It didn’t flinch, act nervous, or even walk fast.

Bobcat in sun

I just followed it to the edge of the brush and off he went. The two that visited today were the same, as have all of them that I’ve seen been – Very confident, self-assured beings!

Bobcat outside 1
Here she is as she walked away from me. Her partner had just walked over the bank where you see the rocks in front of her. She’s smaller than several others I’ve seen, as was her partner today. They may be young ones.

As you can see, she’s still big enough to be a real problem for a dog, so “no small kitty” at all. I feel so blessed and grateful to be able to have such a close relationship with nature, while also being at work all day!

Right where you see this bobcat, I’ve had coyote’s show up, two deer, roadrunners, and a variety of other interesting creatures. In the spring and summer, there are lots of rattlesnakes, and I shared some photos on my blog last year when we had sightings and got photos. Great fun.

I decided I needed to get some natural exercise and let my feet grab hold of the earth, so I went out to the stone circle to do some cleanup.

We just finished our zen In The Garden workshop, as some of you may have seen from a recent blog. While my students were here creating their project, I let them know that the better your stack is built, the longer it lasts.

I also shared that Mother Nature offers you free coaching by showing you what you did well – which is what is left standing. I shared that I’d be interested to see how long our seven stacks last considering the high winds, birds, and animals that often take them down.

Well, it took three days for the first one to topple. It was about half gone, but I loved what my students created so much I wanted to leave it standing as long as possible.

In fact, my neighbors drove over to admire the stone formation my students and I created because they could see it from their property and it fascinated them!

Paul heart in circle

I decided to just have fun restoring it and putting a little something extra into it. You can see what I created behind me to my right. It was a great 55-minute workout that left me feeling buzzed with joy, and well balanced.

It always amazes me how much better my feet, and body in general function after stonework with bare feet. We really are designed to be in nature, and not in stale buildings and boxy shoes that don’t let our feet function naturally, or normally for that matter…

If any of you that were at my recent zen In The Garden workshop see this, you can pat yourselves on the back. It’s been blowing very hard here (hard enough to shake the house at times), and aside from this one repair, our beautiful formation still stands! Even my pine cone is still there, which truly amazes me!

Raking Circle Heaven
My students had all placed their own special symbols in their respective pie-piece of the circle before they left, but with all the rocks that fell and moving around to fix it up, things weren’t so pretty and clear any longer. You can still see Vidya’s beautiful symbol’s shadow left even after I raked the circle again, and several of the others can still be read as shadows as well, so everyone is still present underneath my new creation.

Drawing 4D Symbols in circle
After raking the circle, I placed a symbol of each of my 4 Doctors (see: The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need – How To Get Healthy Now!) in their respective N, S, E, West quadrants.

I felt this would be a good message to have overlaying the other symbols my students shared. It is a practice of mine to constantly remind myself of my own 4 Doctor values, so whenever I can include something in my exercise, art, writing, or poetry, I love to do so.

It’s been amazingly warm here. In fact, our area is now under an “extreme fire alert” status! Imagine that.

While others are freezing their asses off all over the place, those of us in San Diego area are getting deep tans; that said, who knows how the hell we’ll be able to water our lands and meet our needs come spring time…

The C.H.E.K Institute has a NEW Blog!

Finally, thanks to James Phelps our Marketing Director, we have launched our official C.H.E.K Institute Blog! We have some wonderful writers who will be contributing each week – some are my students and faculty, including Vidya. She wrote a nice overview of Happiness, which I think you will appreciate. The tips are foundational to your happiness. You can read it here: https://chekinstitute.com/blog/

Vidya also shared with me today a wonderful video called GRATITUDE: A Love Song To The World

It brings tears to my eyes to know that this is going viral – we have so much to be grateful for!

May your days be as full of Love, Blessings and nature as mine are.

I’m here in this location because I worked very hard and got clear on my dream and my needs and you can do the same.

My PPS Success Mastery Lesson 1. How To Find and Live Your Legacy shows all the techniques I use to create my dreams, and how I got here too!

Lastly, tonight’s moonrise is a reminder that we each can be a light unto others and to give thanks for the cycles of nature that contribute to our lives.


I hope you enjoy being guided to efficiently living your dreams.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek