November 29, 2011


Happy Tuesday to You!

I had a great day working with a client, coaching, and filming yesterday.

I snuck in a nice little pushing circuit workout as well. I also enjoyed my morning and evening tai-chi sessions, which always reinvigorates and centers me.

SOMETHING UNKNOWN IS DOING WE DON’T KNOW WHAT! A fascinating spiritual journey into the science behind psychic phenomena is a film by Renee Scheltema.



This is an excellent documentary that shares a wealth of current scientific knowledge about seemingly unexplainable issues, such as telekinesis, clairvoyance, prayer, distance healing, remote viewing, precognition and more.

This is a beautifully produced documentary featuring interviews with the worlds leading scientists investigating the issues mainstream science chooses to either reject or ignore.

You will learn that many abilities thought to be super-natural, or limited to the few with perceptibly special abilities are actually available to almost anyone. One of the greatest limiting factors human beings face is their own beliefs.

I really enjoyed this film because the experts interviewed are legitimate scientists and practitioners.

The evidence for our individual and collective conscious connections and our ability to heal each other and the world is very well documented by science, even though the mainstream scientific (and religious) community continues to downplay the evidence.

There are excellent discussions on “information fields”, called “morphogenic fields” by biologist Rupert Sheldrake, remote viewing and its use by the CIA, therapeutic touch, excellent conversation with Larry Dossey, MD, on prayer, and much more.

I highly recommend this DVD documentary to anyone in the healthcare or exercise profession, and all who are interested in reaching their human potential. It is beautifully produced, engaging, and entertaining.

This documentary shows clearly that through scientific analysis, we have ample evidence to show that how we use our individual and collective conscious has everything to do with the experiences with have individually and collectively.

If we stop at the analysis stage, we are likely to merely idealize information, ideas. If we become brave enough to access our human potential and practice what we find logical, or possible from analysis, we enter into synthesis.

Because wisdom is the synthesis of knowledge, if we don’t get brave enough to be different, to heal, to grow, our life will be but a Groundhog day.

When we do practice the application of sound analytical knowledge to cultivate synthesis as wisdom, we become wise, making us valuable to the world at large.

I encourage all CHEK Practitioners (of any type) to study this documentary and begin or continue tapping into their synthetic potential.

You can watch the trailer at:

One of my favorite philosophers, Paul Brunton states in his book, Perspectives, The Timeless Way Of Wisdom (p.147), “knowledge has grown by analysis, but shall finish by synthesis.”



A great reminder to synthesize the knowledge you gain into wisdom.


Everyone that’s read my blog knows my views on the importance of organic food and farming for the health of planet and people at large.

I started my Holistic Lifestyle Coaching program about ten years ago because I was constantly fielding questions from practitioners about challenge clients.

Though the CHEK Practitioner’s program I developed in 1995 was, and still is the most comprehensive program on the scientific applications of corrective and holistic exercise in the world, I saw over and over again that even my top practitioners ran into client challenges that couldn’t be resolved without diet and lifestyle coaching.

I found myself repeatedly having to give advice such as, test their metabolic type and get them eating correctly, administer a colon cleans program, have the client sleep more, tell them they aren’t drinking enough water, have them switch to organic food!

After a couple years of this, I realized that the nutrition and lifestyle components of life were more essential than the exercise component alone.

Since beginning the Holistic Lifestyle Coaching program, the institute has trained thousands, who have in turn trained many more thousands of people around the world to have happier, healthier, more productive lives.

I’ve had the great privilege of watching my students grow and make many beautiful contributions to human health and consciousness.

Some like Sean Croxton, Harry Yuan, and Josh Ruben have started successful radio shows.

Others such as Ximena Gonzalez have had their own TV spots and shows. Some have written great, supportive books, such as Andrew Johnston’s book on Holistic Triathlon Training.



Others have produced beautiful newsletters around the world. Many have produced effective information sharing sites on sites such as

Several years ago, I was a guest on Harry Yuan’s San Francisco based radio show a couple times. Harry is a young, vital man that loves to learn and share.

Recently he has switched from radio to traveling the world and investigating the many ways different cultures harvest, prepare, and enjoy great food!

Harry sent me an email with the following comment and link to an episode of his video series:

“I’ve always told everyone about the mentoring that you’ve given me and I’ve always tried to respond to others with the same kind of guidance. I hope that this project as it goes more and more in depth can change the way society thinks about food, travel, and fitness. Thank you for always being a mentor to me.”
With Love and Happiness,

I watched Harry’s traveling video expedition of culture and food and found it very enjoyable.

I really love seeing my students get out into the world and not only live fully, but use their wisdom and insights to help others learn, grow, and be truly healthy.

If you want to learn more about Harry or his show, you can contact him with the details below:

Harry Yuan
Videographer and Travel show Host (Version 2.0 coming in Nov 2011)
US: +14156903729
HK: +85298677676


My mom often sends me THE DAILY MOTIVATOR

So I thought I would share Monday, November 28, 2011 with you because the message is a fantastic reminder:

You make a difference

What you do makes a difference. It may not seem like much, but it is.

What you do has an influence that goes far beyond you. What you do is an important part of the fabric of life.

The world around you is not only your home. It is your responsibility.

The way you see the world plays an important part in what the world becomes. Your vision for the future helps to create the future.

Live with hope, with joy, with love, and you add hope, joy, and love to the world. Live with honesty and integrity, and you give the power of truth to all of life.

Day in and day out, what you do truly matters, more than you can ever know. Live each moment as though what you do changes the world, because it surely does.
Ralph Marston

To view this message as a picture and music presentation, click on the link below

Thanks for sharing with me today!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek