October 25, 2011


Hello and Happy Tuesday To You!

The sun is shining here at the Institute, and it’s a beautiful day.

I had a great time teaching my HLC 3 students a wide variety of important methods for helping themselves and others TO heal and live fully.

Many of the students visited the gym here at the institute and kept it warm and full of life-force. I always enjoy seeing my students love and care for themselves so beautifully.

We covered a lot of ground in class. I shared how to use infant development effectively to both assess and make essential body-mind corrections, which they all enjoyed.

Infant development is very powerful as a healing and reprogramming tool for people of any age.

I taught my students how to perform a personality profile on their clients. I’ve developed a classification of personalities or “dispositions” based on essential stages of soul development.

I taught them how to recognize when a client’s needs are to restore biological intelligence (instinct), intellectual intelligence (the use of ideas), and how to cultivate intuitive intelligence (accessing the super-conscious mind).

They learned about the challenges at each stage of development and how to best coach their clients efficiently so they can help people get maximum results quickly.

My students were also taught how to use the organ mapping system I developed so they can better determine the etiology of a client’s challenges.

They learned how to use reflexology as a treatment tool to both assess how stressed organ and glad systems are in their functionality.

The maps I’ve developed give them clear guidelines as to how to know what musculoskeletal problems may either be the cause of organ/gland stress, and which may be the result of organ/gland stress.

My mapping system offers them body-mind correlations so they can also identify what stage of development a client’s mental-emotional development may have been challenged, allowing them to correlate their findings with stressful events in a client’s life.

This way, they know how to develop a targeted coaching plan to address both the body and mind contributions to any functional imbalances or pathology a client may present with.

This system also helps them choose the best stretches, joint mobilizations and exercises to help balance their client’s chi flow.


Each morning we practice a new method of chi cultivation or healing. Here you can see me teaching my students how to communicate with plants and trees.

I showed them how to access the consciousness of each plant/tree and allow each living being to share what energy types they have to offer as a healing gift.

They all did very well with the exercise, and as usual, most of them were pretty surprised as just how conscious and communicative plants and trees actually are!

I find this practice very helpful because it allows people to regain a sense of family with the beings of nature that most think are just inert.

Once people regain their natural ability to connect with nature, their sense of fear of nature is usually diminished or abolished and their sense of love and compassion for nature reaches new heights.

That’s important for me to share because Mother Nature’s children have become relatively deaf and blind as to what they are doing to Mother Nature.

If we don’t “wake up” soon, many will be caught in some very challenging experiences.

I love helping my students learn to feel safe in nature and learn how to tap into Her healing resources.

Tai-chi ruler is one of the most powerful methods I’ve ever learned for cultivating chi.

I learned the tai-chi ruler methods from Master Fong Ha in San Francisco; you can learn more about him at www.fongha.com and you can see his books, videos and products there too.

Master Fong Ha is a very loving and truly amazing man. I feel blessed to have met, and have been taught by him.

My students did very well with the exercises and enjoyed the abundance of chi (life-force) they cultivated from this practice and each of our morning practices.

Here you can see me in the park answering my student’s questions. I always do my best to answer each student’s questions.

I don’t want them leaving class feeling incomplete or confused about what they are learning.

Sometimes I spend hours just helping my students get clear and giving them demonstrations to they can feel the answers, not just have an intellectual “idea” of what the answer is. This helps their learning and retention.


This is our morning mandala we all created together on the last day of class.


Welcome New Graduates – HLC3 Practitioners!

If you look at it and relax your gaze and open your heart, you can be with all of us in the moment. What do you feel?

After class was finished last night, I went home and relaxed into a drawing. This is my mandala to express my experiences teaching the group.




There is one fish for each of my students, Vidya, and myself. This drawing represents the spirit of our Mastermind group.

There was a lot of love and joy in this class and I feel blessed to have been able to participate in their lives.

Thank you all for trusting in me as a teacher to you! I wish you all the best of successes in your life and practices and look forward to sharing with you all again soon.

Today I will go to Encinitas for a much welcomed massage and steam.

Then I will head home to relax, stack some rocks, read, and meditate on an article outline.

I hope you all have a great day wherever you are in this beautiful world of ours.

Please don’t forget, Mother Nature is conscious and alive.

Let’s all be graceful to Her and try not to be wasteful of the resources She gives us each day.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek