September 5, 2012


Happy Wednesday to You!

I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday.

I was as busy as ever, but gave myself permission to be a little lazy. As some of you may suspect, and others of you know, I have a very busy, full life.

As a young ambitious man, I saw that there was a need for a more holistic approach to both strengthening and conditioning, and orthopedic rehabilitation. This inspired me to share my knowledge with the world and keep growing my skill set so I had more to share.

Though I have been successful at developing the CHEK Institute with Penny over the many years since we started together (over 16 years now), I was also successful at creating a tremendous demand for my time.

Since I was about 45, I began feeling like I was working to live instead of a more joyous live to work approach. I could feel the demands for my time and all the meetings, jet travel, living out of hotels and suitcases was diminishing my sense of humor and dampening my natural creative flow.

I could see that my life was beginning to look very much like the many business executives I’ve rehabilitated and coached over the years. That concerned me.

My personal spiritual practices and lifestyle practices gave me the strength and durability to continue, but I found myself not enjoying my work so much.

I also found that I needed to get away from people to have a little “me time”, and when I couldn’t get it, working with people felt as though I was dying inside while attempting to help them.

A while back, Vidya kindly shared some of Arnold Patent’s teachings with me. I was overjoyed to find a western man who’s writings clearly indicated that he was truly enlightened.

I began to study everything of Arnold Patent’s teachings I could get my hands on, but the crown jewel of Arnold Patent’s teachings are his Universal Principles.

I have been reading the Universal Principles out loud to myself at the beginning of each day.

When I’m too pressed for time to read them all, I read as many as I can and do my best to embody them with my thoughts, words and deeds each day.

Where before the practice of the Universal Principles, I would work myself as hard as I had to to meet every deadline and obligation in front of me (and was often exhausted by the end of the day as a result), now I practice living in accordance with Universal Principle #3, which states:


“I effortlessly and joyfully experience the perfection inherent in Universal Design. The Eternal Now unfolds in my awareness.

Everything and everyone in the Universe are already perfect, including ourselves. We don’t need to do anything to make the Universe or anything in it more perfect.

Whenever we believe we must do anything it is a signal to remember this principle. It is wise to sit down in a quiet place and rest until the perceived need to act passes.

Anything done out of a sense of need or obligation is inappropriate. Every activity grounded in peacefulness and inspired by joyfulness is appropriate.”

It’s really quite an amazing experience to witness within myself how much I’ve convinced myself over the years that:

1. People need my help.

2. That I’m obligated to help the people in my life.

3. That my value in the world is somehow related to what I do for others as opposed to being more aligned to what I truly need for my own sense of peacefulness and joyfulness.

Now that I’ve been practicing Universal Principle #3, whenever I feel obligated, or that I “must do something” and I don’t feel I can do it at that moment out of my natural love of, and willingness to share, I do exactly what Arnold Patent suggests, except I prefer to lay on the floor over sitting.

Quite interestingly, after as little as 5-10 minutes of giving myself permission to do nothing other than what feels good to me at the time, my love and my willingness grows.

Sometimes, I’m a little late getting things to people, but so far, it hasn’t caused as much a problem as forcing myself to do things and having to deal with the inner emotional unrest that goes with giving myself away when I truly need to be present within myself.

This one Universal Principle alone can be a real test of anyone’s God model. If GOD is God, then everyone and everything in the Universe must be perfect. Therefore, I have no reason to fix anyone or anything.

If I see a way I can help someone create more peace, love, beauty or creativity in their life and there is a mutual willingness to participate, then I offer to help out of my authentic willingness and things go much smoother because I’m truly willing to be there in the relationship instead of feeling I’ve got to do it to pay the bills and all the rest of that story!

If you think there is something wrong with God and you need to fix God, brace yourself because you have a LOT of work to do; and by the way, when you finish with this world, God has billions! more of them for you to perfect too!

After laying on the floor until I felt the natural urge to complete my tasks, I went into the gym for a nice little pushing session. I did Swiss ball dumbbell bench presses with 70 pounders for 4 sets of 10 in circuit with Single Arm Cable Pushes (10 RM load), and finished it all off with Clubbell touchbacks for 10-12 reps.

I left the gym feeling young again!


I often get photos of amazing rock art, art and other creations from my friends and students from all over the world. I like to share then with you all when I can and today is a day for that.

Dan Norman is a Chek Practitioner (Level 2) and an HLC Practitioner (Level 2) from England. Here you can see one of Dan’s beautiful stacks.

Notice the rock formation behind them that looks like a petrified horse! Very cool scenery too; looks a bit like Colorado.

Here you can see a cool stack Dan built on a table. Very exciting for the neighbors I’m sure, but bless them if they bump that table!

Great rocking Dan! If any of you would like to learn more about Dan Norman and his coaching packages, feel free to visit him at:

Aaron Jamie Art:

Arron Jamie is a very cool guy that has worked diligent with me as a coaching client to create his dream against the odds of many real challenges in his life.

He has been consistent with his spiritual practices and I’ve had the joy of watching his art become more and more beautiful and refined. Today I thought I’d share some of the recent pieces he shared with Vidya and I.

Since I love dragons, I thought I’d start with that one and his poem that goes with it:

Ask the question, if you were GOD — every-thing and no-thing — what could you desire?
Is it maybe a trinity, a you and me, that isn’t HE,???

My Dragon is everything for everyone, how boring and draining would that be?
That he would lose his own life for the trinity!!!
Cradled us in his belly for eternity, only with the desire for us to be free.
Mother and father, rocking us gently, singing sweetly lullaby baby.
Dreaming existence into reality, so we may dream as he.
Peace and harmony!!

All the demons and angels you dream, he will be,
everything for everyone, do you yet see?
Can you understand the love that would kill humanity with Haarp technology,
chem-trail philosophy and fiat money?

A love that teaches us, painfully, how not to be,
them and us in constant duality, each a part in the circle of endless infinity,
mind controlled for $ & £ we must be crazy!!!

Destroying our own mother, till no fish left in the sea,
journey to the mind of God to see how lonely God must be,
saying yes to everyone’s dreamy fantasy,
UCL baby,
I hear religion say, goloka vrindavan is up there, how can it be?,
its every-where!!

The ladder of yoga goes no-where…rolling on the floor..TRICKY, TRICKY and very sticky!!!
The game of lovers begun,
remembrance is done, done and done !!!

Allowing me to share many thanks.
Love and blessings, A

Aaron’s work is very shamanic and reminds me of the Australian aboriginal dream time.

Dan Hellman Art:

Dan Hellman is one of my best buddies. He’s a Faculty instructor for the CHEK Institute and I’ve always had great joy sharing and interacting with Dan over the many years of our relationship.

Dan’s a man brave enough to look deep within himself and cultivate more love within so he can share it with the world! Here is a recent art piece Dan sent me and a he has shared to go with it:

This piece of artwork was inspired by the song entitled “Sacred Ground” by the Australian group Sacred Earth.

There are many symbols in the artwork, probably more than can be picked up via camera. The lyrics are as follows.

Can you feel her?
Feel her call your name?
Hear the rustle of her leaves
In the blowing of the breeze
she is all around!
she is sacred ground…

Feel the blessings on your feet
overtime they touch the earth
then i also feel her cry
and it saddens my heart
this worlds going much too fast
she cant keep up with us
we need to slow
back to the rhythm of the earth

please remember that she breathes…
please remember that she breathes…
Oh just like us
Oh just like us

She needs her air to be clean
and her forest to be whole
she needs her water to be clear
just like the temple that houses our soul

Please remember that she breathes
Please remember that she breathes
Oh just like us
Oh just like us

Can you feel her?
feel her call your name
hear the rustle of the leaves
in the blowing of the breeze
she is all around
she is sacred ground

listen here: 09 Sacred Ground

Whatever this art means to each of you individually, it is my dream that we all start taking better care of mother earth and all its creatures.

Love and Chi,

Dan Hellman

BTW, Sacred Earth will be joining us in Australia at our CHEK Dinner on October 30. To register you can go to

I hope that you are as inspired as I am.

Be creative, be happy and BE The living example of Universal Principles!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek