February 24, 2022

Goal Setting

Happy Thursday!

Goal settingHow hard is it to set goals? For many of you, setting a goal — even one as simple as losing a few extra pounds — then accomplishing it is nearly impossible…

This week on my blog/vlog, I want to share an important technique from my PPS Success Mastery Lesson 3 on Goal Setting I teach my students all the time.

The Grand Canyon test is a way for people to figure out if the way they’re stating the goals they want to achieve is likely to produce results.

Suppose your goal is to want to lose 30 pounds and you say it to the Grand Canyon, what does it say back to you? If you’re wanting to lose 30 pounds, that’s all you’ll get back.

Learn how the self-talk you use to describe a problem you want to solve prevents you from accomplishing it in my latest blog/vlog.

Love and chi,