October 21, 2011


Good Friday To You!

Yesterday was a great day of teaching HLC 3 students for me.

We began our day by going to a local park, hiking down a trail and finding a spot for our morning energizer practice.

Yesterday, I taught my students how to combine working-out with working-in. I shared this methodology with them because some of them have expressed how challenging it is to get people who are wound up and have busy minds to participate in the work-in exercises, such as the zone exercises in my book How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!

They, and many other students have expressed concern because they have a hard time getting the people that need the work-in exercises the most to practice them.

After experiencing how to couple the two techniques together, they found it very effective.

Some of them even began experiencing the aches and pains and trembling that comes with a concentrated dose of chi cultivation.

It is not uncommon for people to have aches and pains occur or magnify during work-in or chi cultivation practices (including meditation of any type that is done correctly).

This occurs because chi (life-force energy) both balances and invigorates the body-mind construct.

Therefore, if one has any energetic and/or physical blockages to the flow of life-force in their body, as the body-mind accumulates chi, it begins utilizing the newly cultivated energy to begin healing immediately. Many forget that the process of unwinding and injury can come with some discomfort.

Just as people often get the symptoms of illness when beginning an organic, whole-food diet due to the improved immune function and inherent cleaning process, accumulating more chi facilitates both cleaning and healing.

Some notice they have an uprising of painful thoughts, memories or self-judgments. These all represent imbalances of the ego-mind construct.

Just like imbalances of the body produce postural degradation and musculoskeletal pains, imbalances of the mind produce mental degradation and emotional pains.

As we cultivate more and more chi, we inherently become more and more conscious; conscious of our own choices and contribution to our pains and the pains of others we share relationships with.

It is common for people in the beginnings of authentic inner-work practices to want to run from the experiences they are having as opportunities for “awareness”.

Our culture is deeply conditioned to take a pill whenever we are at all uncomfortable. Such approaches only bury the imbalance symptoms deeper and deeper.

Certainly you’ve had the experience of saying, “Good morning, how are you today?” to someone and they smile and say something like, “I’m fine, how are you?”, yet, you know intuitively that that smile is painted on and that there is turmoil hiding behind it!

Very few of us will take the time to express the inner truth we are feeling because we are afraid if they tell us the truth, we may become entangled in their pain and issues.

This is a self-protection mechanism; we inherently know it is unsafe to try and help others when we are challenged to help ourselves.

What is important for all of us to remember is that as we balance ourselves inside, and truly become energized to the degree that our energy and authentic love exudes from our pours, our field, we needn’t get caught up in other’s stories.

All we have to do is open our hearts to them and let our love flow out to them “silently”.

That gift of loving chi is enough for many to experience a shift in their own energy state and consciousness.

With even a few moments of unbound love being shared with another in pain or caught in their story, they often begin to think and feel more clearly.

The result is that they usually make better decisions for themselves and in relationships. We don’t have to “fix” people when we know that our love is Divine Intelligence being transferred between souls.

Divine Intelligence is self healing and is a lovely gift to give freely.

We don’t have to be standing next to someone to give the gift of unbound love either. Consciousness is non-local.

Once we realize that consciousness without attachment is Ever-Present, Omni-Present, we can open our hearts and send our chi to anyone, any being, anywhere and it is there. Instant arrival.

Fed X can’t even come close to that kind of efficiency.

After our morning session, we began our journey into infant development – a very rich topic.

We worked through the breathing and respiratory assessment, which is largely influenced by the in utero phase of neonate development and is directly linked to mother’s own perceptions of herself and those she shares relationships with.

I showed my students how to asses the body and correlate the findings with the chakras and the psychological needs associated with each potential finding.

We finished our day by going through my chart of infant development stages and the Primal Patterns® that underlie all human movement.

I shared the psychological correlates that go with each infant development stage and how imbalances in infant development manifest in imbalances in a person’s body movements.

Today we will complete our infant development work and begin learning how to perform medical dowsing.

They all seem excited about learning everything I’m sharing, so that’s great for me because it makes teaching more fun.

I’m excited because this group of students is sufficiently evolved to become authentic HLC 3 Practitioners.

None of them have shown up just for another certificate to pin on the wall.

My training requires first and foremost, that the student apply the principles in their own lives, and second, that they develop an open mind.

I teach them how to solve problems effectively and I often do that by identifying key issues that often indicate a dogma being lived.

When I bring up issues of dogmatic religious, philosophical, political, or social beliefs, I can quickly assess who has blockages and do my best to guide them to studies and practices that help expand awareness.

I do most of the “filtering” in HLC 2 in hopes that knowing that I will put my finger right on their blind spots when they show up for HLC 3 will encourage them to be honest in their healing practices.

This group of students have been excellent and easy to teach.


If you can, please take a moment to watch this video clip of my buddy, The Certified Health Nut, Troy Casey. Troy is definitely one of my most “aware”, passionate and motivated HLC Practitioners.

I’m so impressed with his willingness to help others become aware of how we can better cultivate health.

Troy is really doing a great job to help people understand how to better live a healthy life, and, how to help the planet stay healthy too! Thanks and Great Job Troy!


Have a great weekend!

Love and chi,