November 16, 2011


Good Wednesday To You!

I had a busy day filming yesterday. Lots of technology to manage!

As fate would have it, I was in the middle of a great run when the gardener showed up with his blower right outside my window and I had to scrap a good take!

I had an opportunity to practice my rock stacking skills (metaphorically) and know that if the stack falls for any reason, its just an invitation to do better the next time round.

I had a nice little circuit workout of lunging, cable pulling and reptilian crawling as well. That felt great. Also had a good tai-chi session at home with the stones and garden last night. The sun was up and not blocked by clouds this morning so I spent time with Father Sun.

I’m always amazed at how the light of the sun melts my stresses away and how joy rises up in me when I let go of the world to be with the sun and silence.

Give it at try!its free and better than most things medicine offers!

Under The Tree!

This lovely piece of healing art was sent to me by one of my clients, Arran Jamie.



Arran has been through a lot of challenges in his life and has committed himself to the spiritual process of cultivating awareness and self-healing.

I’m really grateful for the effort he puts into cultivating his own awareness so he can be an example for others as a silent teacher and silent lover.

I love this drawing. When I look at it, I see the snake of kundalini rising; it is looking out of his crown, yet because his whole body is primarily yellow, it implies to me that the snake (ego) is trying to find it’s path in the world.

The bird in the tree represents the witness, who’s yellow eyes are reflecting the ego-mind in consciousness. The moon is also yellow, which signifies that everywhere he looks, even at the moon, he is seeing and finding himself.

The self-growth process can be overwhelming at times for anyone in this stage of soul development because one can see and feel all the pain and confusion in themselves in the world.

You see how big the eyes of the Yellow-man are; he too is seeing that as much as he desires to help the world, he also has the challenge of helping himself.

The blue outline shows that his mind is embodied as intellect, which tends to bring up an almost never-ending stream of questions.

The cross in the background has a circle around the inner 2/3rds of it. To me, this suggests that Arran realizes that people are crucifying themselves on the cross of religion without realizing that we are all One Being.

It suggests that though the four directions are departures from center, no matter where you go, if you are whole spiritually, you know that you are always in the center and that all living beings are our family.

Only those without this awareness hang people on crosses!

The fruit before him is half read and half green, suggesting that Arran is learning to be safe in the process of loving self and others.

The red fruit at the top exemplifies that one is not truly safe until they reach the top of the tree of spiritual development; there they know the truth of themselves and there is no longer fear of death.

Eating the green fruit along the journey aids in staying heart-centered.

The rising sun to me symbolizes the birth of Arran’s awareness soul. He is now learning to question his own thoughts, which is a very profound stage of spiritual development.

Great job Arran! Thanks for sharing!

RUMI – Since I Have Seen Your Table

(Ref: Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi, Divan-I Kebir, Meter 2 (p.112) Translated by Nevit O. Ergin)



Since I have seen your table, your blessing,
I have been saved from crumbs.
Since I have seen your Being,
I am running away from my existence.

Paul’s Commentary:

Once you understand that all that you see, feel, hear, know, imagine or intuit is the providence of The Divine, you also understand that to worship any other than the Intelligent Creative Force of Life is to chase crumbs.

All authentic spiritual systems or religions, and teachers avoid co-dependent relationships. The real teachers know that one can’t become enlightened through parroting or emulating another.

Enlightenment can only be reached through authentic union of the inner self with the outer-self, in which you become ONE.

That process is one in which God gives every atom as a seed-form. What you call your body is a collection of atoms and elements that have been somewhere and possibly everywhere in the universe at one time or another, yet, here you are now.

The journey of becoming conscious starts by looking out. When you see that looking out as a process is the process of acquiring knowledge about this or that, but that regardless of how much knowledge you have about this or that, it never answers the deeper question!who’s looking?

When we look in and see who we really are:

“Since I have seen your Being,
I am running away from my existence.”

We naturally realize the limitations of “my” existence!

When we truly find ourselves, we find Consciousness.

Once that occurs, there is no need for scriptures, and before that occurs, you are unlikely to understand them; they can be a real distraction from the process of authentically engaging in the process of the soul’s unfolding.

As Hazrat Inayat Khan beautifully states in his Sufi teachings, “When love is lost, law emerges;” and along with it comes righteousness, witch burning, racism, genocide and the evening news.

Need I say more!


Below is a news letter created by Gita Krishna Raj, CHEK HLC 2 student and CEO of Maverick Fitness Studios in India

Gita took HLC 2 with me earlier this year in Toronto and I really enjoyed her company. She’s very evolved in her spiritual understanding and could easily understand my teachings.

She has done a very impressive job of spreading the (CHEK) word and helping people in India find wholeness. I’ve been so impressed with the news letters she puts out that I thought I’d share the most recent one with you here today so you can experience Gita’s love and wisdom all the way from India!


Thank you Gita! Your light warms the stars Dear!

By the way, that’s my mother squatting while holding a dowel rod. I was rehabbing her back many years ago when that photo was taken.

Enjoy your day and Gita’s very cool news letter and Arran’s art!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek