June 25, 2013

Friends, Faculty and Fantastic People!

Happy Tuesday to you!

I’m really excited to welcome my International Faculty and Affiliates to Heaven this morning – we are going to have a fantastic time together!

Since I’ll be busy, I wanted to share with you today a little of my own excitement and joy for the exemplary people who have done so much to represent my teachings to the world as teachers of my holistic health living philosophy. Two have come from Down Under – Australia and New Zealand, many from UK and France, and the rest have flown across the country to join me in this important training.


Giving CHEK Faculty the Tour!
Here you can see me showing everyone my water charger as I took them on a tour of my place.

Today, I’d like to remind you that you are also a part of my circle, whether you are friends, students or are new to my work, know that when you follow your dream and passion, you too can make the world a happy healthy place to live.

AH HO Great Spirit!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek