October 23, 2013

Freedom Pt. 1

Happy Wednesday!

I hope your life is full of co-creative joy and that you are being courageous enough to live fully.

I have been as busy as a beaver working with clients, doing media events, finishing off my new “How To Be A Healthy Business Owner” ppt and manual, getting some exercise, doing tai-chi, saunas, watching “The Voice”, and doing art before bed.

My life is very full, but I’m certainly enjoying my process each day and feel very alert and alive. That is my wish for everyone.

In This Blog:

1. CHEK Practitioners sharing their wisdom

2. Paul’s vlog today on freedom.

CHEK Practitioners Sharing Wisdom!

Tatiana Cornelius Ling
Tatiana Cornelius Ling is a CHEK Level 4, HLC 3 Practitioner who has done most of her CHEK Institute training with me directly. She is highly intelligent and motivated to share her love and wisdom with people to help them live fully and freely.

Tatiana recently co-authored an article Published in the International Journal of Physiotherapy Research Volume 01, Issue 4, October 2013. The article it titled, Idiopathic Thoraco scoliosis Treatment using a combination of Documentation Based Care (DBC) Back active reconditioning programme and Schroth methods: A prospective case study.

This article documents objective evidence that corrective exercise can be beneficial to those with idiopathic thoracic scoliosis. This is an important research observation, because in general, the medical view of idiopathic scoliosis is that nothing can be done to correct it with natural means, and that surgery is the only effective intervention should complications arise.

You can access her article online by clicking this link:  https://www.ijmhr.org/ijpr_articles_vol1_4/341.pdf

If you would like to correspond with Tatiana about her article, her email address is [email protected] or [email protected]

Thank you for sharing your love and wisdom with the world Tatiana!

Patricia Garza-Pinto was recently featured in the Laguna Beach Independent newspaper.


She shared that the Chek Principles have helped her remain fit, vital and healthy at 54 years of age, and that she can still deadlift her own body weight!

Congratulations for sharing your love with the world Patty! You are truly an inspiration to women, showing them all that vitality and beauty are the providence of any woman at any age if they have a healthy living philosophy! If you would like to be coached to health and vitality by a beautiful, wise woman, feel free to contact Patty at the bottom of the article.

Freedom Pt. 1 of 2


Today, my vblog begins a short, but potentially deep exploration of freedom. My exploration of this topic was inspired by reading The Art Spirit, by Robert Henri, which was graced to me by my client and friend “Rick”; thanks Rick!

In this video blog, I encourage you not to get caught up in the intellectual aspects of my message, but to see the intellectual expression as a finger, pointing in the direction of your own inner-exploration of the principles I share.


Here is the overview of what I cover in the vlog today:

What is freedom?

  • The ability to act freely
  • Release from captivity or slavery
  • The right to act or speak freely
  • Exercising one’s free-will

“Freedom can only be obtained through an understanding of basic order. Basic order is underlying all life.” –The Art Spirit, by Robert Henri (p.175)

What is the basic order underlying all life?

1 L0Ve: Unconditional Love: The Dream and Your dream.

Unconditional Love (UCL) can’t be “known” as “this or that”; it is Pure or Absolute Potential; vertical time

2. Forces/SPIRIT: All life emerges from the two basic qualities of THE ABSOLUTE:

  • No-thing/yin/emptiness-space/desire/utility
  • Some-thing/yang/fullness/will/functionality

3. “Choices” – “Free-will” by way of “self-consciousness”.

In Summary:


2nd Principle = tai-chi (complementary opposites) = Universal Mind = Existence/Nature

3rd Principle = Trinity = “Conscious of” or “self-consciousness” = choosing to co-create.

Exercising your freedom as your free-will:
1. UCL can’t say “NO”. Become conscious of what you are creating by being aware of what is occurring in your life.

2. Be aware that “your mind” (ego) is an expression of, and one-with The Universal Mind. When we seek to access the Universal Mind, we are best served by harmonizing with it:

  • It breathes well – we breathe well
  • It moves naturally/effortlessly – we move naturally and effortlessly
  • It expresses itself in cycles – we express ourselves in cycles
  • It expresses itself without judgment – we express ourselves without judgment

These are the practices that will answer all your questions of intellect, while providing you the inner-experience of authentic “knowing”. I hope you enjoy the journey of life as you express your freedom as your free-will.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek