November 30, 2015

Finding Yourself In the Middle of Love Pt 3 (3)

Happy Monday!

I hope you have been enjoying my current blog series: Middle of Love.

It is my dream that you find yourself amazed at all the opportunity we all share for living our dreams and being more creative about ways we can do that while also honoring and supporting the needs of Mother Earth at this time.

I’m taking the day off of work to rest and get ready to start teaching HLC3 in Carlsbad, CA. tomorrow.

Angie is teaching HLC2 at the same time in the same location, which is right near the beach and a lovely place for students to mingle and enjoy the magic of California.

Angie and I are feeling great, ready to teach, and have lots to share.

In today’s Blog I’ll share:

Our Thanksgiving Gratitude

Video Blog: Part 3: Finding yourself in The Middle Love     

The Degeneration And Regeneration of Fitness  

CHEK Course Completions

Hormonal and Gut Health Webinar Replay

Thanksgiving Gratitude


Penny, Angie (Mana), Maggie (Angie’s dog) and I all had a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner together.


Angie cooked and prepared all day, and boy was it an amazing feast.


I ate just enough to get by through the day, and had a great kettlebell workout in my home gym to “get ready”.

I was proud of myself for stopping before I was overloading my body with “too much great food”, but believe me, I pushed it to the red line 🙂

I hope you all celebrated the many things we can all be thankful for in our lives today.

Finding Yourself In the Middle of Love Pt 3 (3)

Today in Pt. 3, I continue our discussion of Love and the three words it express itself in, looking at evolution as possibility for greater awareness of Love, life, freedom, and the future of life on earth.


It has always been my experience that exposure to metaphysical and spiritual concepts that naturally fuse with traditional mindsets and materialistic pursuits create an experience of inner alchemy.

One of the beautiful experiences we can all have by taking the time to look into some of the resources I’ve shared in this program is coming to the realization that science and the mystics and sages from all the great religious traditions are essentially describing the same things in different words.

For example, when we really look into what Unconditional Love would mean from a scientific perspective, one is likely to come to the notion that the only numerical way to capture it in a symbol would be ‘0’ (ZERO); some don’t consider zero a number, while others do.

I’ve spent a fair bit of time (years!) looking into books explaining the mathematical elements, issues and connotations of zero, as well as the metaphysical implications of zero and found repeatedly that they were describing “UNBOUND POTENTIAL.”

This is the stuff that dreams are made from. When you look into the scientific research on sleep and dreaming, and brain studies of advanced meditators, you also come across another paradoxical issue – what is reality?

Most of us have had dream experiences so real they couldn’t be distinguished from what we call reality as presented in our waking state; there’s nothing like a wet dream to give you evidence of what I’m referring to here.

Those that study or practice shamanism or energy healing are very likely to tell you that they enter into “dream world(s)” (astral and mental realms) regularly to access tangible information and guidance.

And that guidance acquired in altered stats (from the subtle or causal realms) both informs them of events in the reality of our waking state, as well as viable information that guides us toward healing and other forms of resolution and discovery we can apply practically.

I am one of those people.

Having explained my understanding of “what LOVe is”, given my working definitions of LOVe, and shared a view of the three worlds in a way that can be supported by current scientific and metaphysical knowledge, it is my dream that life feels less constrained, more magical, and more fun.

World Family
It is also my dream that we all realize that life as we know it depends on the foundation of life as expressed in, and as Mother Earth.

You could say that Mother Earth is a common denominator in the materialization of all our dreams as human beings. We are now at a time in the evolution of man that waking up is very necessary, for we’ve been sleep walking, ignoring the ramifications of the choices we’ve made to live the way we are living.

The planet can’t sustain the materialistic mindset and way of living much longer before there will be a long series of crisis events as ALL life depends on Life.

It’s that simple.

The Degeneration And Regeneration of Fitness

The video clip of a high school fitness program in 1962 beautifully shows just how far children and teenagers (and their parents and public at large) have degenerated in 53 years.

I was born in 1961, and my fitness training in school was very much like what you see here. The army was just much more of the same with some added twists to burden the mind nicely tossed in.

Then in Jump School (training for my station in the 8nd Airborne Division), they just added a couple more twists to the silliness factor and extended the duration enough to make about half the men vomit, go into seizures, pass out cold, and for many, “cry for Mommie”…. I came totally prepared for them all though.

My father made all the drill sergeants and “Black Hats in Jump School” look like pussies; dangerously, I told some of them exactly that….but I’m still here to talk about it 🙂

When I entered the US army, I could run one mile in 4:38, was skipping rope for 1:15 with 100 double-jumps every 5:00, could do 108 push-ups in 2:00 (later setting the 82nd Airborne Division record for most push-ups in 2:00 @ 140), and could run the 40 in 4.5 seconds as well as regularly banging out over 40 chins or pull-ups in a row.

I started boxing when I was 12, so this kind of conditioning wasn’t foreign to me at all.

In fact, most of the guys I grew up with were dangerously tough and fit. Six of my best friend were advanced Black Belts in various martial arts, three were motocross racing champions, several were elite skiers, and one was Canadian Champion in boxing and became the world champion in kickboxing in 1986.

This my friends, was life on Vancouver Island, BC in a farming and logging community.

It it quite interesting to see the resurgence of this form of exercise and intensity of exercise today in programs like PX 90, Cross-Fit, Grid, kettlebell training, and aggressive variations of circuit training in gyms around the world today.

When I started lecturing on, and teaching functional exercise in 1988, people (mostly rehab and exercise professionals and MD’s) thought I was nuts, and often argued endlessly with me as I dissected the machine based conditioning “industry”.

Not only did I show them the entire history of exercise since the 1800’s and how we devolved from skillful applications of tools like ropes, wall racks, peg boards, clubbells, medicine balls, functional cable systems and group dumbbell exercise training into machines and isokinetic exercise (in rehabilitation), I used scientific research from their own journals to clearly prove my points.

By 1997, I was already being “excluded” from the presenter list because major conference directors were being threatened by vendors that if they let me speak, they would remove their sponsorship funding – They complained, saying, “every time Paul Chek lectures we don’t sell anything…”

It is very interesting for me to note that I went from teaching people stop using isolation exercises and isokinetic training (in rehab) and start training functionally and scientifically to now having to teach people of the dangers of functional exercise for those inadequately prepared for it.

Generally have still got a population of people with serious dietary, lifestyle, and core structural deficits who can’t breath properly and don’t sleep well going to the gyms and programs.

Back when I started lecturing, they were not prepared for functional exercise and used dysfunctional exercise to condition for sports and body building.

Now they are not prepared and use extreme functional training, while the rest still play around on dysfunctional exercise machines while watching commercials on TV screens instead of engaging with nature.

My dream is that we all learn to integrate Dr. Happiness with Dr. Quiet, Dr. Movement and Dr. Diet so that we have the health to support “fitness”, and do a little something to make the world a better place each day.

CHEK Course Completions

Congratulations to our newest HLC1 Coaches in the UK and Australia!

HLC1 UK with Jennie Delbridge


Jennie Delbridge is one of our newest teachers, mother to year old Bella and partner to Duncan Reeves. They live in France and they touch the lives of many people around the planet.

Jennie lives and breathes the CHEK Lifestyle and is an excellent teacher bringing humor, happiness and expertise to her students.

HLC1 Sydney AU with Joanna Rushton


Jo Rushton is on fire! She has been teaching HLC1 now for awhile and is a very busy women about to launch her first online, HealthyMe Summit.

Jo also lives and breathes Holistic principles each and every day. I am very proud of her for all she does to make the world a better, more healthier place to live.

Well Done to you all! May your Dreams become manifest as the healthiest people on Earth!

Hormonal and Gut Health Webinar Replay

I recently did a comprehensive webinar to help people understand the connection between digestion and hormonal health.

Dave White and I put together a Hormone and Digestion Restore Bundle – It’s pretty much everything that you would need so you can start living the life in the body you want, feeling exactly as good as you deserve.

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The Female Hormone Solution
You’ll learn: The root cause of your hormonal problems, and simple lifestyle hacks to help you take control over how you look and feel.

You Are What You Eat MP3 Audio
You’ll learn: Why the quality of WHAT your food eats affects your overall health, and hormone and digestion-friendly foods so you can lose weight, improve your energy and feel younger.

The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need ebook
You’ll learn: How to listen to what your body ACTUALLY wants, and how to actually be happy along your journey of transformation.

We’re going to give you the WHOLE LOT for half price – but it’s only going to be available for a few hours as we have limited supplies of the DVDs.

If you’re wanting to grab your Hormone & Digestion Restore Bundle they’re available for just US$195 (slightly more with the conversion if you’re in Australia).

Simply click this link and choose “US and Canada” (even if you’re from somewhere else).

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I hope you feel inspired to live and love fully, and in so doing, dream and create in ways that are respectful of all life forms – of nature as a whole.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek