June 14, 2011


Hello and good day to All!

I hope you all had a productive, wholesome day yesterday.

Weren’t the art pieces I shared with you yesterday amazing? I sure loved sharing them, and I love looking at them. I can feel the love of an artist in their art when love is the motivation, and I can feel pain and emotion in the art when it is the motivation.

Because of that, I feel I can always learn something by being present with the artist through their art. In many ways, our life is our art. We paint and build wherever we go, in each and every act and interaction.

I’ll talk more about that today.

Yesterday, I had a lovely, productive day. I put the finishing touches on a golf conditioning article for UltraFit magazine in the UK, so I’m looking forward to sharing that information with their readership.

I’ve always enjoyed working with golfers because as a group, they are quite sure what they want. It makes it easy as a coach because when someone knows what they want, they have clear motive.

For example, most golfers will stop eating things that are eroding their game once they understand the nature of how such erosion is occurring.

Most others, even those in significant pain with issues such as Irritable Bowl Disease won’t make the necessary changes based on alleviating pain alone. Over and over again I end up having to work with them to find a legitimate motive to heal. Rarely ever will a person make the choice to become healthy until they have a reason to be healthy that out-weighs their love of being unhealthy.

I also met with Penny and Vidya yesterday to do some business planning for the rest of the year and 2012. We are developing plans to take the CHEK approach to healthy living to a whole new level with the intention of helping the public find our simple, effective approach to cultivating well-being.

I’m also working on a project to update my book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy! The next printing will express my current wisdom with regard to developing a clear plan of action based on the teachings in my book. I also intend to put more information in the book as to how to heal from fungal and parasite infection.

Today, I’ll spend every minute I can working on the new edition of the book.

That said, let’s get into our topic for today’s blog:


We’ve all watched as many people in our lives seem to ceaselessly flounder around, wondering if they will ever get it together. This is the nature of someone that has not found their life’s purpose – they flounder in actualizing themselves because they have not discovered their dream.

When someone doesn’t have wise council from family or from within their social circles, their mental-emotional development is generally thwarted. They tend to bounce from relationship to relationship, job to job, place to place, like a leaf blowing in the wind.

Because of the nature of social conditioning, such people tend to re-experience the same challenges over and over again. This can, and often does lead to anxiety, and eventually to depression.

To loved ones and on-lookers, this can appear sad, but in actual fact, pain is a tool of redirection.

Sadly, many such people, without realizing it, become very good at creating pain – what they don’t want – because they lack awareness of how to find and create what they do want. This is what psychologist Jerry Wesch meant when he said, “When you have a big enough dream, you don’t need a crisis!”

At the top of my diagram, you see “UCL” in the dotted circle. That word can be used interchangeably with SOUL, which means the same thing as CONSCIOUSNESS.

Because consciousness has nothing to explore but itself, all explorations in life are essentially Self-exploration.

Just as the sun shines in every direction at once (Unconditional Self-expression), yet we can clearly see rays of light, each human soul is as consciousness within a ray of light.

Just as one ray of the sun’s light may be interacting with leafs on a tree, and the other may be warming the ocean, each of us contain the whole (think sun), yet are unique expressions of the whole.

Just as the sun cannot come to know it’s treeness without interacting with it’s trees, or it’s wetness without interacting with it’s water, Consciousness can not know it’s humanness without interacting with it’s humans.

Because CONSCIOUSNESS is ALL, there is a LOT to come to know of ITSELF. We, Nature, Existence! are that! All that IS, is that.

Just as the thought of writing a letter can’t complete itself without a hand, pen and paper, CONSCIOUSNESS can’t express or come to be conscious of it’s own SELF-KNOWING without embodiment and experiences of.

So, here we all are, CONSCIOUSNESS exploring ITSELF as self-consciousness. That is the essential nature of, and gift of the ego; the ego is akin to one ray of sunlight having unique experiences, which appear separate to all the other rays of sunlight. That is the appearance.

Yet, we must not forget that when you are being touched by rays of sunlight, the sun isn’t over there, while you are over here. The rays of the sun are as extensions of Itself, just as your arms and senses are extensions of yourself. You are in the sun. Your experiences are the sun’s experiences. Your experiences are the Earth’s experiences; the Earth is “in the Sun sphere of Self”.

You are that.

Because Love is the inherent nature of the Universe, and we are both in and of the Universe, it is safe to say that love is our inherent nature.

My life experience has shown me that not only does love love to create, love loves to create beauty, novelty. Just as a child loves to go explore new places and have new experiences, and expresses it’s joy when so doing, when we are in-flow with our life purpose, there is a natural, child-like joy that emerges within us.

Just as a child that loves to ride bikes and jump things may fall and sprain an ankle or cut itself, but typically can’t wait to get back on the bike and play some more, one who is in-flow with their life’s purpose doesn’t focus on what they don’t want. They embrace the challenges of fulfilling their life’s purposes out of love, the way a mother embraces the natural pains of childbirth and child rearing; not as arduous, seemingly unending labor, but as a labor of love.

There’s a big difference in the disposition of someone acting in accord with their chosen labor of love and one who’s simply trying to survive the day, or the world, or life!

This image from PPS Lesson 1., How To Find and Live Your Legacy exemplifies the nature of thought-attraction as a natural function of ego-mind (your mind).

Just as your mind desires to communicate with a friend at a distance, but needs materials to create that connection by embodying the communication in a letter, our dominant thoughts create the attractive force that cultivates embodiment, which is necessary for experiencing.

At the bottom of the diagram in the dotted red circle, you see the word “Legacy”, which essentially means your over-arching dream or goal, or your Chief Love. Though PPS Lesson 1 is much more comprehensive than anything I could possibly share on a blog, I can share a few essentials for finding your Life Path or Legacy today.

The first essential in this regard it to remember that the word “Love” means to include.

Love’s chief antagonist is fear, which means “to exclude”. Therefore, the absolute most essential key to finding your Life’s Path is to tune yourself, open yourself to experience any and all the things you love.

If you tune yourself to your love, and trust your own inner-guidance system, you will be led to the people, places and things that offer essential developmental experiences as necessary to fulfill your Life Path.

When pain, or a sense of “completion” emerges, a sense of “that’s enough of that, I’ve got what I came to experience”, Love is guiding you to move on. Moving on means to feel what is a natural next step for you. That natural next step may simply being to explore more of the things you love.

When you are faced with choices as to what to explore next, inevitably, one of them offers a greater sense of satiation than the others.

If a person simply lives and chooses based on this inherent love-guidance system, what may look like follies to others is very likely to be the process of living your Life Path unfolding.

For example, when I was in the seventh grade in a Seventh Day Adventist private school, I wasn’t doing very good with math. Then, and in that school, the teacher could whip you with a switch, yard stick, hand, or otherwise. I remember getting whipped at various times for not paying attention. My teacher, Mr. Hirshcorn, was a very stern, yet loving man.

One day he looked me directly in the eye and said, “Paul, you are good at math, you just aren’t participating, you aren’t paying attention. There will come a day in your life when you do need math skills and you may regret not paying attention in class.” Somehow, he motivated me and I went from struggling in math to getting an ‘A’ in his class. That put wind in my math sails.

Later, when I joined the army, I qualified to be accepted into Aircraft Weapons Systems Repair school, where I was trained to repair the weapon systems on Cobra attack helicopters. Little did I know at the time, but I would be sent away to a military “math school”! Yes, you had to have a significant level of math skills to make essential calculations for circuit load, evaluations of, and modifications of electrical circuitry.

The army trained us with long form math at large so that if we got stuck in a battlefield without a calculator, we could still do our work. The instant I got in that class and saw how complex the math skills I now had to develop were, Mr. Hirshcorn was standing there looking me in the eye saying, “Paul, you will wish you’d paid attention one day when you DO need math skills!”

My first thought was, “SHIT! He was right!” Though I’d not become nearly as good at math as I needed to be then and there, he did use love with firmness to show me that I had the potential to learn anything I applied myself too.

So, instead of feeling overwhelmed and afraid, I let him stand there with me in my mind guiding me and keeping me disciplined. I ended up graduating from math school with a 93% grade average. That allowed me to have the inner-confidence that I could complete my advanced electronics training without becoming a drag on the rest of my crew.

Each step of my life, when I look backward, shows me when and where I was being guided, and how that guidance came about.

Each step of the way, when I deviated from my Life Path (inherently woven into our individual soul-nature), resistance emerged.

Yet, at each point in my life when I’d finished that specific installment of my Life Path training, I inherently knew it was time to move on.

Today, I have accumulated a vast collection of skills. Often, while I was collecting them, I had no idea what-so-ever how they would contribute to the rest of my life.

When it was time for me to move on, an undeniable sense of completion emerged inside of me. Even though I often got very enticing offers to stay, the offer was never enough to outweigh my inner-voices’ direction.

This process of inner-listening, inner-trust, is the process by which we learn to trust ourselves. When we keep recreating what we don’t want, we keep getting what we don’t want.


Our shadow is formed largely by two means:

1. Memory of painful evens, and

2. The inherent nature of our personality.

We naturally remember painful events because in general, we don’t want to experience them again!

Though this shadow function serves to protect, and is good for that function, the shadow also creates projections.

For example, if we are wounded in an abusive relationship, the shadow programs you to avoid being whipped, or otherwise abused; it acts like a guard-dog that growls and shows it’s teeth when a perceived threat emerges.

The challenge with the shadow is that while it may alert you to be careful with snakes because they “bite”, one often reacts violently toward snakes without realizing it isn’t the snake the shadow is alerting you to, it’s the potential bite.

How this looks in relationships when shadow projection emerges is that the ego tends to identify not only the bite, but the size, shape and color of the biters in its life experience. Now, regardless of whether the snake is a biting snake or not, the shadow’s urge is to get away, disable or even kill the snake.

So, you meet a new potential partner in a personal or professional relationship. They just happen to look like, sound like or express attributes of a past biter. Without realizing it, your shadow projects the bite onto this person. Without even realizing it, you are acting toward them as you would the original biter or biters, yet, you don’t even know them yet!

If we don’t become aware enough, mature enough to recognize this shadow tendency, we can, and often do abort many essential relationships that are essential to our Life Path.

In my diagram, you see a man working inside his shadow-nature to store up all the bites, and the biters.

These issues or hooks often become so dominant in our view of life, we find ourselves running from the snake before we even know what kind of snake it is.

On the right side, you see my rendition of a person who’s body is expressing the choices they’ve made largely by projecting their shadow onto reality.

Whenever our choices are repeating shadow tendencies that are other than the true function of the shadow, we naturally accumulate shadow. Each area of our body has a direct correlation with our mind and emotions. Where we are out of balance, experiencing protracted illness or pain, we are being offered a chance to become aware of the decisions we are making; we wear and live the products of such decisions.

The mirror, family, friends, bosses, teachers, and acquaintances are likely to make comments to us that highlight our shadow products.

The shadow’s immediate reaction is to bite back; that’s the watchdog that can’t tell friend from enemy. If we listen, (Mr. Hirshcorn) we can inherently feel the truth. Once we do allow the truth to rise up in our consciousness, it naturally directs us to finding and creating healing relationships. Often, those relationships become gifts of redirection.

The personality aspect of shadow is simply a reality of the ego. No matter, for instance, how much of a genius Einstein was, there will be areas where he wasn’t such a genius. He too had problems with math! His genius was seeing the “BIG PICTURE”, yet he had to rely on others who’s Life Path was genius in mathematics to complete his Life Path.

This is the essential nature of relationships.

If we were genius at everything, we’d have no desire to do or experience anything. People at large would seem ridiculously silly, even infantile. We’d be unlikely to have any impetus to enter into relationships.

It is through relationships that the personality grows, develops and enlightens it’s shadow. When you are finding or following your Life Path, your personality becomes a guidance, a filtering system, a means of making the choices that feel good to you. Einstein had to “choose” to get help from more elite mathematicians”, creating the necessary co-creative relationships that allowed both he, and they to fulfill their Life Paths.


Your so-called “body” is actually the amalgamation of several bodies. Your physical body is composed of seven essential sub-bodies:

1. The bone body (structure)

2. The muscle body (movement)

3. The nervous body (sensing and feeling)

4. The circulatory body (distribution)

5. The lymphatic body (lubricating and cleaning)

6. The facial body (interaction and adaptation)

7. The organ body (fulfillment)

Each of these bodies is both a mode of function, and each provides a unique form of feedback to be used by your mind, which can only function due to the consciousness of your soul.

Our body (including all it’s bodies) is the most immediate, tangible form of feedback we have. Each person begins life in a body and must first learn to use it’s body before it can effectively develop it’s ego-mind.

Learning to use, listen to, and understand your body is the first essential step to developing the base software that sub-serves the functions of your mind.

Where people don’t have adequate body-awareness, but do have high mental activity, such as when playing video games or working on a computer, their fullness of mind with absence of body naturally produces discomfort, pain and challenges in their body, which commandeer their ego-mind; I’ve got to stop playing this game because “my back hurts”, or, “because I’m starving!”

When someone overrides the messages of the body, but stays attached to ego-mind, the body begins to fail and drags the mind along with it.

This is the only way the soul can allow you an opportunity to learn to be more “aware”; awareness is the most essential tool for finding and living your Life Path!

Within your seven physical bodies, you have subtle, energetic bodies. They are:

1. The etheric body (it guides and informs all biological, cellular functions)

2. The emotional body (astral) (it gives you the capacity to feel both your body and your thoughts)

3. The mental body (it affords your own unique ego-mind perspective. Just as no two finger prints are the same, no two mental bodies are the same.)

4. The causal body (Your individual soul expressed as self-consciousness)

When finding your Life Path is of importance to you, remembering that:

  • Your physical body feeds and thrives on good food
  • Your emotional body feeds and thrives on good (authentic) emotions
  • Your mental body feeds and thrives on good (coherent) thoughts
  • Your causal body offers consciousness (to the degree that you love and care for all your other bodies, then and only then can you be fully conscious)

When we have physical, emotional or mental anguish or pain, we are being given feedback. Feedback is our only potential means of determining when we need to redirect our creative impulse.

If we repeatedly expose ourselves to the same people, places and things that create separation, clutter and confusion in us, then we can suspect that we are investing too much of our consciousness into our shadow.

If we don’t pay attention, and seek guidance when needed (Einstein had to find a math expert of greater skill than he to complete his Life Path), we will live a veritable groundhog day!

Therefore, we don’t direct our life-force into creating what we want, but what we don’t want.


My goal in today’s blog offering is:

1. To encourage each of us to embrace our beautiful amazing body-mind, our ego. It is the greatest gift in the Universe! Why waste creating what you don’t want. The Universe loves novelty and the fact that you are here is proof of that! I doubt the Universe has a deep need for more experiences of “poor me syndrome”!

2. Learn to feel Love by creating and cultivating acts of love. You know you are doing that when you feel satiation at every level of your being.

Loving the internet as you are stressing your back to the point of pain and avoiding meals to the point that you totally disrupt and stress your biochemistry isn’t an authentic act of love. It is an authentic act of avoidance.

Failing to accept responsibility for the fact that love is all inclusive; to truly love playing video games is exemplified by being aware of what it takes to be healthy enough to play them and enjoy them with “your whole being”, not just you shadow (avoidance).

By practicing little acts of authentic love, such as caring for a pet, your garden or house plants, or for yourself, you learn how to feel and know love when it is there. Then, and only then, can love guide you on your Life Path.

3. Life is about relationships. Though we are all geniuses in our very own unique way (you may be a genius at avoiding life!), any Life Path requires relationships. When we follow our love, our Life Path brings us into relationship with the persons, places and things that not only facilitate our living and experiencing our Life Path, but inevitably, facilities others in living theirs!

4. PPS Lesson 1. How To Find and Live Your Legacy is a much more comprehensive learning and exploration experience than what I can share here.

For any and all who are truly ready to help finding and living their Life Path, you now have that option before you!

Make your day a purposeful one!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek