September 17, 2012


Happy Monday to You!

I hope you are all enjoying life to the fullest! I am!

I’ve been coming to work early to get some exercise in and keep up with business issues during HLC3 training here in Vista. I’ve been doing shorter, but fun workouts so I have energy to teach and to conform to my time schedule, AND I’ve been feeling great!

We opened the gym each morning before class so that the students could also enjoy all the functional training equipment and space to move that my institute gym offers. They have been having fun getting some great workouts.

It’s lovely to feel the gym buzz with their love and life-force too! Here CHEK 4 Faculty TEAM CHEK Presenter Ashley Mazurek is deep into her workout. I

Ashley is one of my best friends and she came to review HLC3 and visit Penny, Vidya, and I.

We have had a great time together enjoying my garden, stacking rocks, exercising, and talking about life as we drive back and forth to class. I’m very proud of Ashley. She’s a true living example of all that I teach.

Ashley is also a mother and she’s done a great job of sharing the CHEK principles with her partner and their children too. Thank you for sharing all your love with us and the world Ashley!


I’ve got an absolutely AMAZING group of students for this HLC3 course. They are all truly CHEKPractitioners in the highest regard.

They all have beautiful bodies and minds and are well motivated to be living examples for the rest of the world to follow and safely emulate. That gives me great joy and each day I’m with them, I’m reminded of why I live my legacy. It feels great!

Here you can see me with my amazing students. We are learning and growing together. I’m getting them outside as much as I can.

The nature of HLC3 training is quite deep compared to HLC1 and 2, so there is less time with work-in exercises and more time refining our approach to coaching clients and understanding the etiology of their behaviors and how they create challenges themselves.

Here you can see me teaching my students how to stretch the flexor chain to balance energy flow through the primary meridian (called the microcosmic orbit).

This is an excellent method of balancing emotions for people that are challenged to control their inner-world.

Here you can see Troy Casey, The Certified Health Nut practicing the Four Point TVA breathing exercise.

Troy has been a real light in the class. His love and energy are infectious and we are all enjoying him. It was lovely to see Troy’s wife Uri and the children yesterday too.

Troy is also a great parent and he and his wife really live and teach the world the CHEK Principles so beautifully. I get great joy when I see how beautiful and healthy my Practitioner’s children are!

That really makes my legacy feel like a blessing that will out live me. Thanks for being so amazing Troy!

Here you can see my students performing a breathing assessment to determine if there are blockages to the natural pronation and supination movements that occur throughout the body with breathing.


Here you can see me teaching Nicole, a professional dancer, mother and HLC 3 student how to use a water bottle as a biofeedback device to aid diaphragmatic breathing.

It’s great to have Nicole in the class. She’s very beautiful and intelligent and asks some very good questions. Believe me, you’d never know she’s a professional dancer when she starts talking shop! This girl has a beautiful mind and can deal with complex concepts as good as anyone I’ve ever taught. Great to have you Nicole!

Standing directly behind her in the dark shorts with three white stripes is my twin brother, Paul. Paul is from the UK and we joke that we are twin brothers because we have the same hairstyle and about the same build. He’s willing to be my body double when I need one, so it’s great to have him here; I can relax in the sun while he teaches if I get tired ☺.

Well, that brings you up to date with what’s going in in my world. We have two more days to go with HLC3 training, finishing Tuesday evening. We have a lot to learn yet, so I hope their minds have more room, for there is much great teaching to come yet and I’m ready to share!

I hope you all spend a little time celebrating the creation of your dreams today and enjoying life.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek