December 21, 2015

Exploring Pornography Pt 2 (3)

Happy Monday!

I suspect most of you were out Holiday shopping this weekend, but I hope you had some time to play and rest too.

My vacation started last Friday, so I’ve been enjoying some down time and fun with exercise, tai-chi, rattling and chanting with Angie, sitting in my IR sauna to detox, and creating art to give as Holiday gifts.

Today, I share:
1. Part two of my now three-part series on the very controversial, emotionally-charged subject of pornography.
2.  A comment from famous strong man and CHEK HLC3 Practitioner, Elliott Hulse, about his experience with Zero Force Coaching with me
3. A little show-‘n’-tell from my life at present.

Exploring Pornography Pt 2 (3) (47:00 run time)

We began this series looking at the definition of pornography, and shared a discussion (via the many comments on my channel) on the issues encountered there.

I finished Pt. 1 by outlining that each of us (as adults) has the responsibility of deciding just how much, and what forms of pornography we use (if any) to enhance our ability to live our dream(s).

I also gave my definition of an addiction so that viewers could determine if they do have an addiction to porn.

Today, I take you on an exploration of pornography (in and as orgiastic behavior) throughout the history of the faiths man has practiced since the beginning of recorded or objectified history (through archaeology, anthropology and related scientific investigations).

In this journey, I show that up until the beginning of Zoroaster’s appearance on the scene in the Middle East, we did not practice agriculture but were largely hunter-gatherers.

The hunter-gatherer societies were largely matriarchal (women were in charge as opposed to men in a patriarchal society as we are in now), their sexual practices and beliefs were very different than what occurred as agricultural societies took root and patriarchy began to dominate.

I also share a summary of different sexual practices, ceremonies and beliefs in different cultures and eras, which reinforces my comments and observations as they relate to the growth and development and changes in the faiths men live by.

I quote world famous ethnobotanist, Terrence McKenna, sharing his comments on the relationship between the use of orgiastic practices and psychedelic medicines and healing the ego.

McKenna’s comments are very relevant to the issues of pornography, orgiastic behavior, drug abuse and addiction we face in our world today.

I hope you enjoy Pt. 2 of this series on pornography.

In Part 3, the final segment of this series on pornography, I will address the stages through which human consciousness develops, using the now scientifically validated model of how human consciousness evolves.

I will show how people at each stage of development are likely to, and DO respond to any issue made a taboo by Judeo-Christian and Islamic texts and practitioners, and some other religious sects.

I will share a concept with you all that I call “Earth School,” in hopes that we can all come to appreciate why there are so many radically opposed opinions on most any topic, but particularly those various religions use as a means of controlling people.

It is my dream that by looking at all the issues we will have covered by the end of this series, and being aware of the “conveyor belt” of conscious development (as Ken Wilber calls it), that we can set our sights on developing ourselves to the next level.

Whenever we grow into a higher dimension of conscious awareness, we naturally find that our previous viewpoints and judgments were both incorrect, and often childish and dangerous, particularly at the lower two levels I’ll share.

If you find this kind of open-minded exploration in how to understand humanity and human behavior, you would probably find my Holistic Lifestyle Coaching (HLC) program quite enlightening and enjoyable.

In HLC1, the focus is on getting yourself healthy and learning to live a holistic lifestyle.

HLC2 begins my professional training so you can effectively guide others into holistic health and healing.

HLC3 is advanced training for those that have mastered the concepts and practices taught in HLC1 and 2.

You can learn more about my HLC programs and see the many resources available to you for your own study, growth and development at

ZERO FORCE Coaching With Paul Chek 

Paul and Elliot Hulse in Heaven
I have been training, coaching, and performing duties of a therapist and Holistic Health Practitioner for 32 years now, and in that journey have met some amazing people.

My practice as a Holistic Health Practitioner focuses on the use of all the C.H.E.K Institute, and PPS Success Mastery program teachings, as well as other methods I don’t share in the public sphere, such as Native American healing methods.

When I have a chance to help others create the life they want to live, and fearlessly engage in that process, I am in Great Joy.

Elliott Hulse is a famous strong man, and leader to countless thousands of young people around the world, and has over a million subscribers on his youtube channel!

Elliott has completed my HLC training and beautifully integrates his knowledge of strength and performance training with the C.H.E.K Practitioner and HLC methods. This provides his students with a holistic basis for their life skills and body-mind development.

Elliott recently shared a little about his experience with my teachings and our Zero Force Coaching work together on his blog.

If you are wondering what a very successful athlete, husband, father and leader has to say about the C.H.E.K Institute teachings and his work with me personally, feel free to click the link here:

You may also be interested in subscribing to Elliott’s channel or attend any of his events, all of which you can access from his newsletter link above.

Thanks for all the love, being an amazing man and student, and a great leader Elliott!

You and your brother (Eric) are certainly doing your part to help make the world a better and healthier place!

SHOW-‘N’-TELL With Paul

This past week it got close to freezing here at home during the night, so I felt it was good time to start enjoying the fireplace again. I spent an afternoon over the weekend splitting and carrying firewood so we could enjoy two beautiful winter practices and celebrations together.

Christmas Tree 2015 Vista
Angie and Penny went out shopping for a Christmas tree the other night (the first in many years that I can remember). As you can see (click on the image above to see the full extent), the ladies did a great job of decorating the tree!

As “fire keeper”, I made sure there was a beautiful, warm fire for us to enjoy and enhance our festivities together.

Our approach to Christmas is less oriented around buying gifts, and more oriented toward celebrating the joys of life and being with each other.

By not buying things that are unnecessary (and often just end up in closets and eventually dumpsters anyhow), we are choosing to be more environmentally friendly. That makes us feel good each day, especially during this time of year.

I wish that you all have a great Holiday with your loved ones. For those of you that don’t participate in Christian holidays, my wish for you is to enjoy the cheer of being alive and sharing your love in ways that make you and others feel good.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek