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February 22, 2021

Experiencing Trust With Ari Honarvar

Experiencing Trust With Ari HonarvarHappy Monday! Hope your week is going well.

You’ve heard me talk A LOT!!! during my Living 4D With Paul Chek podcasts about my love for Rumi.

In my studies of the great poets who have ever lived, I’ve found no one deeper, more diverse or radical than Rumi. His words and teachings have truly had such a profound effect on my soul.

Recently, I discovered a woman who loves, lives, breathes and paints Rumi’s divine messages every bit as much as I do, AND she lives in San Diego too!

Rumi helped Ari Honarvar survive horrific times living in Iran. Rumi isn’t an abstract concept for Ari, but a way of living even as wars were being fought around her and missiles were being launched over her head.

The threat of sudden death for Ari, her family and her fellow Iranians was imminent and constant.

Rumi has had such a profound effect on Ari’s life that she created Rumi’s Gift Oracle Cards (Amazon link!), an amazing set of 66 cards illustrated with Farsi calligrams. (Read more about the collaborative process of creating this awesome card set with Carmen Costello.)

As you can imagine, I couldn’t wait to spend some time at the Rainbow House, painting and talking with Ari, then sharing her with you on my Living 4D podcast that debuted this week!

Experiencing Trust With Ari HonarvarAs beautiful as her art is, I experienced true joy from listening to Ari share some of our favorite Rumi poems, first in her native Farsi then translated into English, in person.

During our Living 4D conversation, Ari shared four poems, then we discussed what they means to both of us.

The first of these is Trust.

For those of you who have already listened to our Living 4D conversation and are overwhelmed with love for Ari or have never heard Rumi’s poems before shared in Farsi, you’re in for a treat…

Open your heart and experience Trust just as I did.


Love and chi,