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January 30, 2012


Happy Monday to All!

I had a great time delivering presentations over the weekend in Las Vegas. I even got to visit my sister Barbara and her husband Randy for dinner on Friday night.

Barbara is my oldest step-sister and over the years we haven’t got the chance to visit much. She cooked a lovely dinner for us and was really interested about how to apply my book, How To Eat Move and Be Healthy! so Penny and I spent a fair amount of time going over the book with her and Randy.

I know she and Randy will create abundant good health by following a rotation diet and staying away from those offending grains.

Penny and I drove home late on Saturday so I had a lovely day in my garden yesterday, caught up on some great reading and spent some time with Dr Quiet under my fichus tree.

Vidya, Penny and I watched a really intense movie last night: The Wistleblower. The movie was based on a true story as it was about human trafficking in Bosnia during reconstruction. It was shocking; what was mind-blowing (aside from the violence toward women) was that our own Government officials were behind it – who receive immunity! These same officials fund many of the reconstruction efforts today in Iraq and other places around the world through their coverup businesses.

Today, I’m off for a massage and another day in my garden. I’ll be back in the office full force tomorrow!






TAO-TE-zen Practice

TAO includes the created – visible – and the uncreated, the invisible or subtle. TE – THE CREATED is made of light. All creation (TE) emerges from the ABSOLUTE, which is Unconditional Love (UCL).

UCL is ABSOLUTE DESIRE – SHE has only Herself to fulfill, and HE is ABSOLUTE WILL – and can fulfill only HIMSELF.

The ceaseless giving of ABSOLUTE WILL fulfills the ceaseless DESIRES of UCL. Yet, because the ABSOLUTE IS ABSOLUTE, it cannot change; It is Unconditional.

The condition of ABSOLUTE DESIRE creates a positive drawing polarity, while the reciprocal gift of ABSOLUTE WILL creates a negative pushing or electromotive polarity.

The eternal constancy of exchange emergent from UCL as DESIRE and WILL creates a circuit; that circuit creates both light and life.

TAO describes the ABSOLUTE GIVING and RECEIVING of UCL—the Ultimate Relationship, which gives us Creation (TE). That you are aware of life occurs because you are a conscious being (te).

Zen practice includes awareness of that fact that light and life exist in a circuit. To be zen, practice awareness of UCL.

Practice being grounded, and use your will effectively, investing your light and your love into the essentials of life.

That is zen.

Wishing you all a zen day!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek