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March 29, 2010

Enroll today: Eating the CHEK Way: Primal Pattern® Diet Made Easy! Webinar

Thanks for all your comments about the vegetarian diet I’m currently consuming. For those of you interested in fine tuning your Metabolic Type® using my Primal Pattern® Diet system, I’m going to be teaching a 90 minute Webinar on Thursday, April 22, 6pm PDT.

P Enjoying Food

I promise you, you will learn how to fine-tune for your type through my Primal Pattern® Diet system. It’s a matter of learning:
* Simple guidelines about what to eat and when
* How to fine-tune your meals throughout the day
* Why rotating your food increases your likelihood of enjoying food more
* Where you can “cheat” without guilt
* To develop a plan that is right for you

My Primal  Pattern® Diet system will show you how to reach these goals, and ultimately greater health, vitality and happiness!

As I mentioned, I’ll be opening the lines the last half hour to answer your questions, so come prepared!

Love and Chi,