August 31, 2011


Hello and happiness to ALL!

I hope your life has been flowing without unnecessary turbulence. I’ve been busy most every waking moment of the day preparing for the CHEK Conference, which begins tomorrow here at the Institute with our open house.

Between making slide shows and handouts for my presentations, I’ve been busy coaching clients, teaching, and doing my best to stop to eat and get some exercise.

As I mentioned yesterday, I worked Sunday to get caught up, but then took Monday off. Rory Mullin is staying with us at the house and Rory and I have been enjoying each other’s company each day. Monday, Ashley Mazurek, a CHEK Institute instructor came to spend some time with me. I was excited to take her out into my rock garden and create something together.

We must have both been pretty tired because we walked around the garden, feeling the earth beneath our feet, looking at the stone sculptures and after some time, found that just being there was our creation for the day. We had a great visit and got caught up on a variety of life events and things we share in. Thanks for being so amazing and beautiful Ashley!

CHEK Level 3 just ended yesterday evening as well. Matthew Wallden did a great job teaching and the students seemed to really enjoy learning together.

It’s always lovely when the students bond and find harmony together. This group was one of the best prepared for Level 3 yet, so they seemed able to grasp complex concepts, such as how the bodies systems are all co-dependent and symptoms are frequently expressions of problems originating elsewhere.

I spent some time yesterday sharing my ideas and viewpoints with them when I could break away from meeting deadlines. We had a great time discussing the interrelationships between glands, organs, and the musculoskeletal system. They seemed to enjoy learning about how the body-mind works as a holistic system.

I also shared some of my views on why some people don’t heal. As the students were working on each other, I got to watch their bodies change and improve. Heads and necks became optimally aligned. Rib cages began to move. Gait improved. Some chose to eat better while in class. Coffee found it’s way into some lives, others let it go as desired.

I drew this picture of a day in the life of the sun a couple years ago. I did it by allowing the images of the sun carried in the sunlight to rise up into my inner-vision.

I saw the fire of the sun unfolding all that is in-folded in the matter of its core. I had the vision of the sun’s material core as being akin to a filmstrip that releases its story in the light. The levity created by the light of the sun draws the ideas from the earth that resonate with the story told in the light; like attracts like and opposites attract.

At each given moment, the movie projector shines its story onto the screen of all the matter in space. Each atom dances to the tune of its natural resonance. Just as the sun creates by transforming itself, we too do the same.

Just as the light deflects, bends, warms and transforms, the light of our conscious mind does the same to all we interact with. We are each as minni-suns, warming and transforming all around us.

Because we each have a soul-path, there are times when we experience significant increases in heat, or cold. We react to these basic energetic inputs by moving toward or away. Some relationships get too hot, others get cold.

When we get addicted to our ideas of “sameness”, we often feel pain and emotion if that sameness is a distraction from the flow of our innate creative impulse or soul path. We may find ourselves having a love affair with coffee, sugar, tea, food, sex, drugs, money, people, places or things only to have the experience of pain and challenges where we once found joy.

To resist the natural flow of change would be like the sun resisting its natural tendency to transform itself; that would result in a reduction of the light and warmth it shares.

Just as the sun forever changes, but it’s nature never changes from that of a star, our souls are forever conscious and consciousness, yet our minds dance like the fire of the sun, forever transforming that which we know of as our bodies.

We are often unconscious of the ideas and motives that hide within both the matter of our bodies, our genetics, and the thoughts and fears of our ancestors. We may be acting out their desires, including their addictions. Only when we get still inside can we follow our thoughts and urges to their core. They are never in the soul, but super-imposed upon the soul as a lampshade is superimposed upon a light.

If the soul had ideas, we would have no free will. Our free will exists between the past and the future. When we feel the impulse to do that which our inner-wisdom suggests otherwise, we are often acting out the impulses left in our mind from past experiences of our own, or those of our family tree.

Some came to believe that they must fight to survive, and even when there is no need to fight, they continue to create a battle wherever they go; they have forgotten the beauty of a relationship with silence.

Some are afraid of silence, of peace, for to them, it means trouble must be on the way. They can’t relax and “be”, their urge is to always be ready for what they perceive is coming!

Yet, we must remember that our perceptions are a marriage of our past conditioning, our internal environment and our external environment combined.

If we care for our bodies and keep healthy, we free ourselves from the confusion and urges of biological fear.

If we have a willingness to create something more beautiful each day than we did yesterday, we keep our mind focused on possibility, not on our fears, which are emanations and projections from the past.

When the body and mind are relaxed, our gut sense or intuition is tuned to the path of our soul. In that state, we become like the sun, burning, shining, transforming, and giving ourselves away.

When we do that, we are alive!

I will be shining like the sun at the CHEK Conference because that is my soul path.

I hope I can share my light with your light so we can dance the dance of light, love and life together.

For those of you who can’t expressed their dismay because they could not make it to the CHEK Conference, you can now join us by live streaming via web cast of select presentations by myself and Jade Johnson (2012 Olympic Hopeful and Warren Williams CHEK Trainer).

I don’t know how many blogs I can post between now and the end of the conference, but I’ll do my best to share with you when I can.

See you all soon!

Seize the day!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek