March 20, 2014

Embracing the Change Process Pt. 2/3 Taking ACTION

Happy Thursday!

I hope you are all well.

My life has been full lately, as it often is.

I’ve taken time for tai-chi, or inner-work each day, have been getting into the gym or lifting stones, or doing kettlebell training in the sun, so amidst the business, I feel great!

Embracing the Change Process Pt. 2/3 STEP 4: Taking ACTION

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In my previous blog, I shared my ideas and experiences with the first three stages of the change process (pre-contemplation, contemplation, and preparation).

Today, in my vLog, I explore the fourth step of the change process: Taking ACTION!

I will cover ten key steps/concepts that should be considered if a smooth change transition from preparation to action is to be successful.

These ten steps are also essential to effectively implementing the action stage of change.

The Ten key points I cover today are:

1. Make peace with where you are now! I share Arnold Patent’s Universal Principle #9 here (From A. Patent & Beasely (1984) Universal Principles); great stuff!

2. I reiterate the importance of the A,B,Cs of effective dream building. I share that:

Clarity = Vision & Desire
Belief = Heart-Mind Connection = Conviction = Commitment
Action = Willpower

3. I explore the standard industrialized notion of project/goal assessment, which is the “Input/output” model.

I contrast that with a much more realistic model, which is the “Input – Process – Output” model. I give several tips for smoothing the action phase experience.

I also explain the creative cycle, and show that it is VERY common for people of our culture to skip the rest cycle, only to become burned out and not enjoy their work, and often their life.

4. I explain that your core values determine when you should say “yes”, and when you should say “no”.

Most people have no objective means, no living philosophy to guide their choices. So, naturally, they likely to get what they don’t want more often than not; when we don’t choose “consciously” – we choose unconsciously.

The pain we experience in our life and relationships is quite often the manifestation of the choices we’ve made unconsciously, yet, not knowing that, we often blame our situation on others.

Our pain, as I share in my video today, is a wonderful “awareness maker”, leading us to learn how to use our creative thought-energy more effectively.

5. Countering/Pain Teacher. I go further into how the PainTeacher aids our healing and transformation so our action phase is productive.

6. I cover the importance of Process and Outcome rewards.

I suggest exploring PPS Success Mastery Lesson 3: Goal Setting for a more comprehensive approach to effective goal setting than I can share here.

7. I share the importance of taking responsibility for controlling your environment so you can more effectively complete the action stage of change.

I explain how to identify the people, places and things that need to be recognized as facilitators, or inhibitors of your change process.

8. I share the importance of cultivating helping relationships, and how to be loving and respectful of your Dream-Team.

9. Here I share a Chinese Medicine concept called “Surrounding The Dragon” that I’ve been teaching and using for more years than I can remember.

Surrounding the dragon simply means to identify everything you need to do in your action phase of change, and get started immediately on any and all action items that you can do now.

I explain that while most people are busy waiting for everything to be “perfect”, those surrounding the dragon usually find that by the time they’ve done all they can do, they have found solutions for what they thought they “couldn’t do”!

10. I end my presentation today (it’s about 30:00 by the way) by explaining the importance of the CHEK Principle: “Work Hard – Rest Hard”.

I share how many people burn themselves out in the creative process, or by being in “perpetual action”, only to end up with unwanted problems…usually in key relationships…

I hope you enjoy the video blog today.

My goal is to have the final part up Monday since this is a long video and I’d like you to be present with it and so you all have time to work through Part 1 & 2 of the series on the weekend if you feel so inclined.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek

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