July 25, 2013

Dr. Quiet and Peace Points ~*~

Happy Thursday to You!

Today, I’m taking a much-needed day off. My plan is simply to have no plan. I’m looking forward to spending time with my fruit trees, watering our plants, doing some art, reading, and having a sauna or two.

My life has been intensely busy for the past couple months, so the thought of doing nothing but the things that feel nourishing to me is lovely.

Peace Points: A Tip from Dr. Quiet


I had a great webinar Introducing Dr. Quiet yesterday and I appreciate the many who joined me and for your questions during the time we shared together.

We humans have a real tendency to make ourselves busy, even when we are not busy. This often results from the wind-up created by being authentically busy, and feeling like you must get a lot done.

Whenever we feel we have things that we must do, we often maintain a coiled snake within us. We will hope it will get us through the process, and that it will remind us about what we should be doing when we are doing something else…

Unconsciously, many who don’t have the energy to do what they think they should be doing, will busy themselves doing menial tasks during times they could actually STOP, and rest effectively.

This is often the result of an inner-dialogue full of woulda, shoulda, can’t, don’t have time commentary. Sometimes, there is a tendency to try and validate the lack of effective productivity by doing little, often unimportant things to justify our own judgment that we are wasting time.

The problem with this common scenario, is that all the while this is going on, not only are the essentials being avoided, effective rest is being avoided. The result is a progressive decline in one’s capacity to accomplish anything, even drinking water or getting to bed at a reasonable time.

“Peace Points” is a name I created for short, self-loving mini-rest periods. I found in my own life that I often deal with a sense of dread when facing massive numbers of email communications, phone calls, text messages, deadlines, obligations, etc.

I realized from my studies of Arnold Patent’s Universal Principles, that anything done out of a sense of duty or obligation is inappropriate, and every activity grounded in peacefulness and joyfulness is appropriate.

I found that when that sense of dread emerges, that if I just go sit in my reading chair and read a page or two from a favorite book, I feel better.

If I lay on the floor and let go of my sense of duty or obligation, and just let the floor and the earth hold me while I rest, in as little as five minutes, I feel much better and can get up willingly and share my love with others.

A peace point then, is any period of time you give yourself where you agree to be fully present with the opportunity to rest and let go of your story. The more stress you are experiencing, the more important a peace point becomes.

Without creating and utilizing peace points during our day, we tend to become more and more stressed, elevating stress hormones to the point that our entire physiology begins convincing us that we have reason to be afraid of this or that. Our mental function diminishes and our work capacity goes along with it.

If the best thing you can do to create a peace point is to take a favorite magazine or book to the toilet and have an extended “dump” while doing something just for you, then you are effectively participating in your own growth and healing.

When we learn the value of 4 extra minutes on the pot, we naturally see the value of ten extra minutes outside in the break area, or in our own yard.

I hope that you get to experience some of your own special peace points today as needed and that your day truly is lovely!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek