October 21, 2013

Don’t You Know It’s In the Water!!

Happy Monday!

I hope you all found time to rest and play this weekend.

I had a very much needed, restful weekend.

Friday and Saturday were very lazy days for me. All the constant outputting over the past several months caught up to me and pretty much all I wanted to do was lay in my yard, read, spend time in my HealthMate IR sauna, eat my favorite homemade popcorn, and watch a couple movies. Very relaxing overall.

Saturday, I spent a lot of my day working on my own herbal remedies. Making such things by hand can be a lot of work, but I really love connecting to the plant spirits and learning from them. I was doing a lot of reducing, so it’s a slow process that requires constant attention so things don’t get burned, damaging the nutrients.

Sunday, I spent some time with a friend of mine, and we did some acrylic painting together. That was great fun (unbound play), and we hope you enjoy it and feel inspired to do some color play yourself!

Flower Spirit

After finishing some art, my friend headed home and I spent a few hours working on my new one-day workshop titled, “How To Be A Healthy Business Owner”, which we will be offering in partnership with Sean Greeley and NPE.

I’m very excited to offer this new workshop, which will be very helpful to any business owner, but is very important to all who are in the health and exercise industry.

Being in a healthcare business can take a lot out of you, and learning how to take care of yourself first is essential if you want to have “healing, stabilizing, nurturing energy in your business”. I hope to see many of you there! I’ll share more soon.

I did some tai-chi, and took a couple walks as well. Penny was at a conference all weekend, so I enjoyed watching a movie with her Sunday night and giving her a foot rub. She loves having her feet massaged, and with her background in dance, those little feet took quite a beating. I love helping her feel better in her body, so I do my best to give her my hands when she needs them.

Don’t You Know It’s In the Water!!

Water Filter System
Water is essential to our survival, and our general daily health.

There are many companies selling bottled water that try to encourage you to buy their water with comments like, “seven times filtered”… What most people don’t realize is that excessive filtration of water typically removes most, if not all the minerals, leaving you with relatively dead water that tends to be acidic.

If we take the minerals out, the water becomes what is often referred to as “soft water”. Though many tout the benefits of soft water, few are aware that soft water is often water that leaches our minerals from our bodies, and can actually leave us dehydrated, even though we are drinking lots of water!

In my water research, I found Martin Fox’s book, “Healthy Water for a Longer Life”. In his book, he correlated the incidence of cancer in major cities with their use of “soft water”. He showed that the incidence of cancer was significantly higher in cities producing soft water.

This book is an easy, informative read and I recommend you consider reading it. I’ve shared many key points worth knowing about water in my book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy! as well!

Angie Lustrick, Chek HLC Instructor, and owner of Angie’s World in Riverside, CA (visit: www.angiesworld.com to learn more about Angie and her offerings) recently produced a great little video blog titled, “Is Your Water Making You Sick?”.

In this video, she shares how to use readily available pH drops to determine the pH of your water, and highlights the fact that many of the “heavily filtered waters such as reverse osmosis” actually produce acid water. Acid water has a leaching effect on your minerals, and can lead to a variety of health challenges.

She talks about how you can test your water easily to see if it has an ideal pH range (acidity and alkalinity) for drinking.

Angie does a fantastic job in this short video sharing about water and how to test it.

I hope you enjoy the video and learning more about what Angie offers through Angie’s World.

Have a great day and I’ll look forward to sharing some more video blogs with you this week.

Love and chi,

Paul Chek