April 6, 2022

Distance Healing

Happy Thursday!

I want to share a very simple approach for distance healing this week on my blog/vlog. It’s one you can use to help your friends, your family, your pets or anyone you want to work with on healing, even yourself!

I do A LOT of distance healing because I’m in contact with people all over the world, many of them thousands of miles away.

As you’ve probably guessed, if you want to use distance healing effectively, you have to get rid of the notion that distance limits what you can accomplish. Consciousness is non-local, and there’s massive amounts of science backing that up.

Let’s say, I know someone who has been in a car accident and want to give them some love and support. While holding them in my conscious awareness, I visualize filling myself up with love with every pore in my body, breathing it inward through my heart chakra.

Once I’m charged up and full of the resonance of unconditional love and feel the abundance of love that I have to give, I breathe the intention of love into that person as I visualize him/her.

distance healing

I visualize that everything inside of them is perfect. There’s no need for me to focus on the specific ailment or injury. In fact, I don’t recommend thinking or saying things such as, “You are free of _____ illness.” Doing this just re-enforces the problem.

I will envision that person being bathed in white light. Common colors you may see that work with this process: White, green, violet and gold. White is the most common because it contains all the other frequencies in it.

Then, the body of the person you’re sending healing to can draw whatever vibration they need out of white. However, should something intuitively guide you to a vibrant green, gold or purple, that’s good too.

Plus, if I know the person I’m visualizing loves hiking, biking, playing with their kids or anything they love to do, I visualize them in that space.

In my blog/vlog, I’ll share how I approach distance healing with a friend who owns a vineyard and very recently suffered a stroke.

Generally, the healers I’ve studied say that doing this for three minutes can have a positive effect on those who need healing energies. If you’d like to learn more about distance healing and the power of prayer, I wholeheartedly recommend studying the work of Dr. Larry Dossey.


Love and chi,