May 31, 2017

The Black Madonna – and more

New C.H.E.K Institute-Trained Professionals

Firstly, congratulations to our new CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach (HLC) Level 1 students in Sydney, Australia!

I hope you all had a fantastic time learning from Jo Rushton. She’s got a LOT of experience in health, exercise and spiritual development, as well as being a chef and much more, so I can only imagine the fun you all had getting your questions answered.

Thanks for teaching a great class Jo!

I look forward to welcoming each of you in HLC 2 when you feel ready to learn more and help others find wholeness in their lives.

Show-N-Tell with Paul

While we were away on vacation to visit my mother in Ashland, Oregon recently, I decided to sit in the quiet of our motor home and draw while the family played board games. It was a stormy day with thunder and lightning, but occasionally the sun said, “Hello.” I got out my watercolor pens and just let a vision of my day arise, and this is what came out of me. If you relax with a soft gaze while looking at the image, you will be there with me.

Sun and Rain in Ashland, OR

I’ve also been working for some months on painting a vision of the Black Madonna that kept coming to me. I’m not very good at drawing female faces — I find it easier to draw a male body — so the going was a little tricky there for a while! My Black Madonna kept looking like Mike Tyson… So I reached out to Angie for help. She helped me get the Black Madonna’s face looking more feminine and gave her a boob job and a dress which really helped.

The image kept coming to me of a mature, strong, black Amazonian-like woman who is the Black Madonna. She is the feminine expression of the consciousness of Mother Earth (or Gaia). She showed me that she is doing everything she can to protect the Earth from the excess heat coming from the sun (which is getting hotter) and the greenhouse effect. She expressed empathy for the fact that so many human beings (her children) are ignorant of the implications of the choices they are making, the effects on the ability for the Earth to sustain life (nature), and our life.

The symbols of the zodiac represent the need for each of us as individuals — with our unique viewpoints — to come together as a family and share our insights. Only through a dialogue motivated by open communication and the sincere interest to look at the facts and respond wisely to what they predict will we avoid unnecessary death and destruction.

The universe is a place of constant change, if it is anything.

Each creature’s ability to survive throughout the span of life itself has been a product of its ability to adapt to changes in the environment. Those that adapt survive. Those that don’t are part of the fossil record.

When real challenges emerge, there are usually warning signs. When wise people share the warning signs, but are stifled by corporate agendas, then there is no early alert, no time for affirmative action. The chance of death goes up significantly…

When animals feel or experience the early indicators of a big earthquake, they don’t just drink another beer and watch another show. They start heading to where they are more likely to be safe. In our case, we need to start doing much more of what will keep us safe by not upsetting the natural balance of our ecosystem.

The Black Madonna is a symbol for the collective consciousness of both man and nature on Earth. She is open to connection, intuition and inspiration to all of her children who will listen. Our job is to listen with a discerning ear to those who have relevant information and observations to share, and to look deeply at the motives of those offering information on either side of the issues. Only when we look carefully to find the conscious contributors who are inspired by life more than they are money will we ever gain the knowledge to make each day one of creating balance on Earth.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog and I look forward to sharing more with you soon.

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Love and chi,

Paul Chek