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May 25, 2012


Happy Friday to You!

I hope you enjoyed the Tao-Te-zen sutra for the day yesterday.

I was very busy coaching my client Paul Bourne and his girlfriend Megan from Barbados yesterday.

Rory worked with me to perform energy balancing with them as part of our therapy for the day.

We also worked on art as a healing therapy with them and they did amazingly well with their self-expression.

This is our group mandala we all created together.

I use group mandala creation with many of my advanced training classes and private consultations, particularly when there are challenges in relationships.

I’ve found over the years that when couples loose their ability to be creative together, their life gets stale and the trapped creative energy (that is innate in all human beings) comes out sideways, creating more challenges in relationships.

Once people learn how to harmonize with each other for a common objective, amazing things happen in relationships.

It is common for me to create a healing oracle for people or couples that I’m doing deep inner, and inter-personal work with.

I get very empty inside and connect to the soul or souls of those I’m coaching.

Then I ask their soul(s) what colors and shapes or forms would be most nourishing for their body-mind as a means of bringing balance into their energy fields.


The drawing you see above is the oracle I created for Paul and his girlfriend, Megan. She is represented as the pink, and he the yellow.

The oracle is designed to stabilize them as individuals, while at the same time helping them integrate and become One together in harmony.

The water smudge at the bottom isn’t part of the drawing.

When we work outside, we put the oracles and/or mandalas up to project their healing energy and messages to the subconscious into the environment and sometimes, the plants drip water on them creating this kind of water smudge.

Though it can be a bit irritating from an artists perspective, it is an opportunity to allow beauty to occur in and of it’s own right; life is never without a smudge or two!

We had an excellent day of fasting, chanting, drawing, breathing and tai-chi exercises, and coaching. Paul and Megan did very well both individually and as a couple.

It’s been fantastic to see Paul heal and grow so rapidly over the past year. He came to me at CanFit Pro last year and I identified several orthopedic and mental-emotional blockages that were contributing to his overall sense of self-limitation.

Unlike most, he acted on my advice immediately.

After getting his upper cervical spine adjusted, making several diet changes, taking on a tai-chi program and practicing daily, and getting connected to how he manages his mental-emotional energy, and he was able to dramatically reduce back pain, start surfing pain-free again.

Paul has really done a great job of applying the coin technique I teach for mental-emotional self-management and he’s really been blossoming as a result.

It’s so lovely to see what happens when your clients actually follow the plan ☺! Great Job Paul!


Even after years of training, I’ve had many acupuncturists and practitioners of Oriental Medicine approach me after my classes and say, “I now finally understand what Qi/chi is and how it actually works!”

Typically, when students enter into advanced training programs, they are bombarded with so many potentially deep concepts at once, they are forced to cram their heads full to pass tests and are rarely ever given adequate practical training to experience the teachings and develop a functional relationship with the essential concepts.

This is true of most every academic field of endeavor I’ve had students from or interacted with.

It is the result of the Western-mind’s love of ideas, which are often valued as equal to experience or mastery, unfortunately.

There are now massive amounts of information on Qi and/or chi, which are essentially interchangeable terms depending on your individual philosophical disposition. Some books break chi down to as many as 30 types. Some books are adamant as to what chi is and isn’t, while other experts of equal stature give opposing views!which is typical of any topic and is exactly why you can’t “know anything” without experiencing it adequately to have a functional relationship with it.

Today, I’d like to share a simple overview of what Qi/chi is and how to use that understanding very functionally and easily in your own life.

WHAT IS Qi/chi?

If we work backwards through creation from people, places and things, we get to basic elements, which are earth, water, fire, air and (relational) space.

If we take yet another step back, we get to the periodic table of elements.

If we go further yet, we come to atoms, the basic functional unit of embodiment. That said, atoms are 99.999999999% empty!

So, essentially what you have is something that is largely no-thing.

That takes us back even further to the two basic states or realities of all creation. All that is known as “existence” is a composition of some-thing and no-thing.

When you look at the photo of the Milky Way galaxy above, you are looking at a massive collection of stars that are apparently “something” floating in a see of no-thing.

Every-thing in existence is in a perpetual transition from either becoming something more to something less, or something less becoming something more.

Literally everything from the longest lasting stars, to planets and moons all the way down to atoms have a shelf-life so-to-speak.

All atoms and things made of them are in a perpetual state of radiation. Radiation can be seen as transformation.

The energy created by transformation of no-thing to some-thing can safely be defined as Spirit.

In Hindu metaphysics, such transitional states are the domain of Shiva, the Great Transformer.

In the human body-mind construct, we are both infinitely involved in the grand actions of Spirit, and, within ourselves, we are perpetually converting one thing into another thing or one form of energy/information into yet another form of energy/information.

While in Tulum, Mexico a couple months ago, I purchased this necklace from a local artist. It is a beautiful depiction of both Spirit and chi.

The image here shows a spiral (yang expression) and a conglomeration of material objects or forms that are a marriage of the yang-chi (light; + polarity) and yin chi (darkness, matter, atomic emptiness and a relatively negative polarity).

All things in nature are made in this essential, basic way.

We breath the air and convert that into oxidization to produce metabolism. The energy liberated by this transformative interaction is Qi or chi.

When we drink water and increase our conductance, we enhance our chi.

When we eat food (a form of chi as potential energy), we digest, metabolize, assimilate and eliminate the remains.

Naturally, the way we feel after eating or drinking depends a lot on the kind of chi we are consuming and how that form of chi interacts with our body~mind chi relative to our needs at the moment.

Here you can see one of my healing wands.

I use this type of wand to specifically choose which frequency of light to induce into a person’s energy field or body based on their unique needs.

The wand is powered by my own chi and is guided by my intentions.

Each of the colored stones you see are “in circuit” with the green stone that the body of the wand is made of.

This kind of energy work acts primarily on the etheric (earth) energy body.

Changes made there influence all layers of a person’s energy field because all creative forces converge in the etheric body, which is the guiding influence for cell division, differentiation, and formation.

Once person become healthy enough to feel subtle energies, they have the essential ability to differentiate which stones, colors, or forms (circles, squares, stars, spirals, etc!) create balance, or imbalance in themselves.

With practice balancing themselves, they learn the necessary skills to help others do the same. They learn the way of chi.

Here you can see a photo from a few years ago when I was doing some energy work on my buddy Rory Mullin and teaching him some of the methods I use.

I applied children’s skin paints to use the right colors to energize, calm, or transfer chi-energy in his body to balance him.

As I was applying the colors in the specific locations to adjust the flow of chi from and between his stomach, kidney, gallbladder and large intestine, he noticed energetic shifts within himself and felt much better when I was done; he had just finished a long season traveling with the Raptors as their therapist and his core chi levels were low.

The key driver behind our cultivation and use of chi is intention.

Once we understand that everything in the created universe moves in cycles, we learn to understand the energies and energy transitions inherent to each given cycle.

The seasons represent our annual transitional cycle, each bringing a shift in the type of chi dominant in the environment; winter-chi, spring-chi, summer-chi, and fall-chi.

Naturally, each of the seasonal chi energies comes with different qualities and have different effects on us.

You can learn more from this great resource, pages 145-148:



In PPS Lessons 1 and 2, I show people how to get clear on your dream or direction in life and how to use natural cycles to manage your creative/destructive energies.

In my diagram above, you can see a cycle I created to describe how to manage your own chi-flow.

First, you have to have a dream or direction, which expresses you intention.

Next, we must assess to see if we have the right balance of energies and resources to transform ourselves sufficiently to experience the dream/goal process effectively.

Then, based on our assessment, we must make corrections.

Just as you see Rory’s corrections I made in his chi flow after performing an assessment, I had to make suggestions based on my assessment that he could use to prevent himself from reverting to the state of imbalance he presented with.

Next, we go to Awareness Logging; we write down everything we eat, do and feel so that a skilled therapist can guide us to balance, allowing us maximum opportunity to feel and express our love and receive the love of other persons, places and things in relationships.

Based on our adjustments, we fine-tune the flow of our creative energies such that we create and experience most efficiently.

This is a chart I created so I can assess and guide my clients to well-being.

This chart expresses the essential forms of chi that we all need to be healthy in body and mind.

You see a positive and a negative sign next to each of the six foundation principles I teach.

These are my indicators as to whether or not someone needs more (positive) or less (negative) of the type of chi cultivated through the practice of that specific foundation principle.

It can also indicate the need for more yin/cooling/negative chi or yang/warming/positive chi.

Then you see the different food groups, also representing different chi-forms that may be out of balance and in need of fine tuning.

There is also a rainbow of colors, which I use to determine what color energies are needed to balance their energy field.

The colors can be implemented by using different colored foods, clothing, stones, lights, liquids and a variety of different means.

Here you can see me taking a little nap in my front yard after practicing my Native American rattling to bring me into a meditative state.


By wearing all-natural fibers, I’m able to put myself in-circuit with the terrestrial and extraterrestrial energies or chi forms.

These are the chi-forms referred to earlier as earth, water, fire, air and space, all of which you can see expressing themselves in the nature around me.

By being connected to the earth out in the fresh air, we naturally draw the needed chi-forms into ourselves to bring balance.

If we don’t do this, we often get confused, thinking that our fatigue represents a coffee, sugar, or food deficiency.

If we get confused (which is very common today!), we make poor choices and our health deteriorates progressively.

When fatigue, illness or injury comes, it is A GIFT of self-awareness that allows us to be aware that we are not making optimal choices relative to our needs.

Once you understand how the Universe works, you understand that everything here is perfect.

You understand that we are all getting exactly what we asked for (consciously or subconsciously), and what we need to achieve Self-Realization – The realization that we are indeed, ALL ONE.

And, if you are or know any military people past or present, let’s celebrate our heroes this weekend!

Be safe, be healthy, be happy as you enjoy the holiday weekend!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek