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February 13, 2013

Clarity Facilitates Belief in Your Change Process

Happy Wednesday to You!

I had a beautiful, productive day coaching clients, blogging, and completing tasks yesterday. I hope your day was as fulfilling as mine.

After I finished with my morning client, I got into the gym for a deadlifting – high cable pulling, and reptilian crawling session.

I’ve taken some time away from heavy lifting because I needed to do some volume work and stabilizer training. I also lost a couple wrestling matches with rocks (I won in the end though!) and strained the ligaments in my lumbo-sacral region, so it was time to revert back to stability and work tolerance training.

I went back into some heavier lifts yesterday, but unfortunately, my training irritated my ligament strain. I was fine with it all though.

It gave me even more motivation to get outside in my rock garden at home and do some inner-work to speed my healing.

I’m grateful I’ve matured enough to not be too rigid in my training, or feel like an identity crisis is emerging just because I can’t lift heavy now and then.

Zen In The Garden

My upcoming workshop is filling nicely! I’m excited to share with all of you!

If you want to enjoy a beautiful, invigorating, yet relaxing day of learning new ways of experiencing and expressing yourself in nature, feel free to check out my upcoming zen In The Garden workshop offer through PPS here


Dragons are magical, mystical creatures, capable of great changes at will. They have been talked about for thousands of years, and many people seem to have a mysterious attraction to dragons.

Could it be because our minds are very much like dragons?

Here are some correlations between your mind and dragons:

– Minds are not “things”, they are energy forms and flows.

– Thoughts are things, and when you believe in dragons, they become real things to you!

– Dragons can come in any size, color, or shape you can imagine, and your mind can generate any size, color, or shape of thought you can imagine.

– Dragons often have fangs and talons to defend themselves, and ego-minds typically have fangs, talons and other tools to defend themselves.

– Dragons live off of dragon food, and minds live off of mind food – thoughts and ideas.

– Dragons can appear and disappear, and minds do this all day long!

– Dragons can breath fire, and so too do many ego-minds!

– Dragons can manifest almost anything they want to by thinking about it, and so can you!

– Tamed dragons do what you want them to do, and so do well-managed minds!


In PPS Success Mastery Lesson 2. Self-Management, I explain many things about how your mind works so you can harness the creative energies within to create the life you want.

In the picture above, you can see a boy at bat in a baseball game. He is allowing himself to become distracted by hecklers in the bleachers. The jumbled tai-chi symbols represent each different thought. Notice there is no order, no flow.

Each thought is a seed of creation. Like seeds, or eggs, they need to be nurtured through the process of conception, gestation, growth, and maturity, reaching a culmination in celebration (fruiting/harvesting) and completion.

If you simply imagine your thoughts as children that each need to be nurtured in order to unfold their creative potential, it becomes easy to see how having a myriad of children, all with different wants and needs, all spread over the country side, could make for some very challenging parenting!

Having this kind of family would be something like herding cats. Imagine how draining that could be, and is for most people!

When our minds are committed to making change in our life, and focused, we are not easily distracted.

Commitment to seeing a thought or project through results in organized mental energy being emitted within, and around you; your thoughts reach the ends of the universe in an instant, but are most palpable in your immediate environment.

This kind of mental-emotional self-management is like having a well run home, where all the children have a natural rhythm to their day, know what chores they need to do, and harmony is a common theme.

When our minds are focused, we find that we can create change and sustain it much more effectively.

When we are focused, creative, and consistent with our stated, dream affirmative core values, we see the results of our creations manifest much more quickly. This gives us reason to believe in ourselves and our abilities.

The more we believe in ourselves, the more unobstructed our creative energies are and the more efficiently and effectively we weave our dreams.

Today may be a good time to get clear on what you need and want in your life and relationships. Once you get your dragon tamed, it will do magical things for you and all in your life.

Have a lovely day!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek