July 10, 2012



I hope you all had an enjoyable day creating and expressing yourself in harmony with the world, nature and your fellow travelers on our journey of life.

My day was packed with action yesterday. It started with an early dentist appointment for a teeth cleaning.

I really don’t enjoy dentist offices or procedures much, but I must admit, I found joy in the feeling of my tongue crossing beautifully clean teeth!

The dental hygienist whose been evaluating my teeth and gums for many years now always notices that my gums never recede. This is very unusual for them to see (they have my dental records for the past 15 years or more).

Whenever they see me they always wonder how this could be? My answer is always the same, “I know how to eat and take care of myself.”

That was the good news!I seem to have an uncanny ability to crack teeth and crowns. Dr. Adelson, an excellent dentist with about 45 years experience informed me that he’s only seen that happen in people that lift heavy weights!

This will be relevant to our discussion of the CHEK Totem Pole below! I’m going to get a mouth guard now.

Vidya and I got into the gym for a lovely pushing workout. I coupled Swiss ball dumbbell bench pressing with Single Arm Cable Pushes from a high angle (pushing to low), with Reverse Swiss ball crunches. I did four circuits at bodybuilding intensity (8-12 rep loads). That was medicine for my soul.

After work, I went home to dress-down to nothing but a silk scarf so I could feel the connection with the sun and my garden while I relaxed a little before being on Sean Croxton’s Food Summit Q&A with Sean and Joel Salatin from Polyface farms (Go to: https://www.polyfacefarms.com/ ).

To be honest, this was the best radio show I’ve ever participated in in my career! The quality of information presented was excellent. Joel’s approach to farming is literally a mirror of my approach to holistic health for human beings. His logic and wisdom were undeniable!

Sean did a fantastic job of moderating the call and keeping the flow, as he always does. The call was composed of a beautiful mix of questions about farming to Joel and questions about farming the body to myself. I think it was clear to all listeners that the underlying principles of healthy farming are identical to the underlying principles of healthy eating and living! Bravo!

I could really feel that there is now a worldwide movement taking place and that sooner rather than later, we as human beings will take responsibility for our creative powers and choose to create what we want and need instead of perpetually funding instant gratification and long-term destruction and the pain that naturally goes with creating unconsciously.


The first symbol atop my totem pole seen here represents the 1-2-3-4 approach I started the series with. I shared that we breathe because the universe breathes. We are that.

The two fish represent:(Ref: https://www.shambhalahealingtools.com/Buddha-Maitreya-Shambhala-Star-Metatron-Mats-s/7.htm)

A. The fish = Life; in geometry the fish represents the vesica piscis. It is created by two circles overlapping 50/50 and is considered to be the vagina of the Divine Mother in some metaphysical belief systems.

B. I my diagram, one fish is inhaling, the other exhaling. This represents the flow of time and the offer of experience in life. It is only through experience that the universe can come to know itself.

C. Giving and Receiving.

The third symbol of the CHEK Totem Pole represents:

A. Mastication; the necessity for life to eat life to sustain itself, consistent with the oroborous.

The image above comes from the CHEK Mandala, which is part of my article titled, “The Essential Chek Philosophy“. The oroborous is the serpent that represents life and has nothing to eat but itself.

Without effective mastication, you can’t effectively nourish yourself and health and vitality begin to deteriorate. In the CHEK education system, the Level 3 and 4 Practitioners are taught how to assess occlusion (bite).

Because occlusion is essential to survival (once your adult teeth can’t function to masticate food effectively, you will die!). They are also taught to look for disease indicators and/or disease in the mouth because disease in the teeth and gums will inoculate the gut and infect the entire body!

Most people think the first phase of digestion is mastication. That is not correct. The first phase of digestion is choosing foods that are appropriate for your body to digest, metabolize, assimilate and eliminate.

My book How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!, The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need, my audio/workbook program You Are What You Eat! and the entire body of my teachings are oriented toward learning how to think, choose and eat to live optimally.

The most important first step anyone can take to normalizing the flow of their creative life-force energy at this level of the CHEK Totem is to choose to eat as much certified organic food as possible.

The next step is to drink adequate amounts of high quality water.

The third step is to begin the process of learning to listen to your inner or instinctual wisdom and individualize your dietary intake based on your bodies needs, not on what some book or expert with fixed opinions tells you!

Until a person takes responsibility for creating their own health and vitality, they only externalize their personal power; they give it away to experts. This is no different than giving your money away to a government and/or the medical system and hoping they act responsibly with it!

Is that working?

Ref: Space, Time and Self by Norman Pearson

B. Ingestion Of Thoughts and Emotions: This diagram is one I use to teach CHEK Level 4 students how the human energy field works.

Our energy field is indivisible with both the earth, and the universe at large. Just as a drop of water in a cloud a mile above the ocean may think it is an individual (ego), the truth is that it is a drop of the ocean and that there is no break in connection between ocean, atmosphere, cloud, and drop.

Mind is a universal gift because it allows us to perceive separateness. Without the perception of separateness, L0Ve would have no function, or utility.

Unconditional Love (UCL) (or “Pure (Absolute) Potential” if you’d prefer a more scientific term) is the source of all time-space experiences.

If we didn’t have an ego-mind that consciously or unconsciously created limitations on the flow of UCL, we could never be conscious of any given experience.

To be “conscious of any-thing requires a subject-object relationship.” We experience and create pain because pain is an essential part of learning to know what love is, value it, and learn to create more of it in our lives and the world.

How we choose to eat is an act of free-will. We are invested with equal power to create health (unity) or disease (separation).

When people see a Chek Practitioner of any type, it is common to find that they are not using their free-will effectively relative to their stated dream, goal or objective.

It is our life-calling to use our knowledge and wisdom to help guide people to making informed decisions. Only in this way can we develop a holistic core-value system or living philosophy that is congruent with our dream.

When pain brings us into awareness, we naturally gravitate toward the people, places and experiences that will convert it into love and wisdom for self, that is instantly shared with the rest of humanity, the world, and the universe through the Unified Field (called the Zero-Point Field in quantum physics).

As a Holistic Health Practitioner with clairvoyance, I’m given the gift of in-sight. This allows me to see and feel the field of those I’m working with (when necessary). I can assure you from my own experiences as therapist, it is very common for people with health and vitality challenges to have energy fields that look very similar to those represented as either A., B., or C. above.

I can also assure you that when looking at the field of someone like Laird Hamilton, or someone who’s congruent within themselves relative to the story they project to the world outside them, you see beautiful energy fields with a high degree of order and harmony, as depicted in images D. and E. above.

Such people heal from most any injury very quickly and rarely ever have diseases.

C. Stabilization. Being able to engage the teeth with optimal occlusion (fitting together) is essential to stabilization. As I eluded to above, my teeth are cracking from years of heavy lifting, which porcelain crowns can’t handle; they are inferior to our natural teeth.

The teeth are part of an essential stabilizer chain that includes the head, neck, jaw and shoulder mechanism; called the “stomatognathic system” in medical terminology.

In my correspondence course titled, “Scientific Core Conditioning“, I explain the importance of proper tongue position in detail as it relates to optimal musculoskeletal function.

Tongue position is also highly influential in regard to:

A. Maintenance of optimal bite.

B. The activities of the mind; thought becomes word first and foremost, at the tongue.

C. The flow of chi or “life-force energy” through our body-mind construct. The tongue regulates the flow of life-force energy through our meridian system and if tongue position is faulty, there will be a depletion of life-force energy energy.

Without optimal resting tongue position (shown in my diagram above), you cannot recirculate life-force energy (chi) in your body and you will progressively drain your bodily reserves.

The negative effect of such faulty tongue position is that you become like a cell phone that gets weaker and weaker the longer it is off the charger.

You can quickly find yourself feeling depleted and seeking to stimulate (medicate) yourself through the use of quick energy sources such as sugar, caffeine and drugs. Since such substances tend to deplete our biological reserves, we go further and further into self-destruction, inviting The PainTeacher!

Drugging the PainTeacher is akin to a blind man getting his/her seeing-eye dog drunk or stoned and then being upset at the dog when they arrive somewhere they don’t desire to be, such as in a hospital!or an unhealthy relationship!or stuck in a job they don’t like!

C.H.E.K Exercise Coaches, C.H.E.K Practitioners (Level 1-4), and CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaches are all people that have chosen to practice living with awareness and sharing that awareness with others.

If you would like to begin your own holistic healing journey, I suggest looking into the healing resources I’ve shared and will share in this CHEK Totem blog series.

You are always welcome to go to www.chekconnect.com and use the locator system to find a Chek trained professional near you.

In Part 4 of the CHEK Totem series, we will discuss “Vision”.

Today, I’ll be delivering my Last Four Doctor’s Webinar to the South Pacific Market.

Before saying goodbye for today, I’d like to inform you of Eileen Troberman’s workshop below. Eileen is a very skilled Alexander Practitioner that I’ve been referring clients to for many years. She’s excellent and any chance to learn from her is a good one.

Even if you don’t desire to attend her workshop, I’d recommend keeping her contact details in case you ever need the help of a world-class Alexander Practitioner.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek

Hello Friends:

After a series of very successful Alexander Technique workshops and classes in Japan last month I am offering three in my Encinitas, CA studio.

Group Class on Thursday, July 19th from 7-9pm

This class is:
• A great opportunity to introduce beginners, friends and family to the experience of the Alexander Technique.
• Refresher in addition to your regular lesson, a chance to observe others and learn in a group setting.
• Limited to 8 students.

Pianist Workshops Saturday, July 14th from 9:30am – 11:30am or Sunday, July 22nd from 2pm – 4pm

Learn how:
• Your body and arms work together for better and faster finger/hand coordination.
• Sit easily and comfortably at the piano in a way that enhances your playing and prevents pain.
• To improve tone by changing how you use your body.
• Decrease performance anxiety and how to rekindle joy in practice and performance.
Each Pianist Workshop is limited to 6 students
Advanced registration is required, click or go to alexandertechniquesandiego.com/purchase.html to register now or alexandertechniquesandiego.com to learn more about the Alexander Technique, Eileen Troberman and the studio.

Please forward this message to those who might be interested in these sessions.


Eileen Troberman, ATI, M.AmSAT Senior Instructor
Alexander Technique San Diego Studio
1354 N Coast Highway 101
Encinitas, CA 92024
760 – 943 – 9521
[email protected]