April 29, 2015

CHEK Academy – Elite Global Training

Happy Morning to All,

I am delighted to introduce you to the CHEK Academy, my Elite Global Training for Holistic Health and Practitioner programs featuring focused learning organized by Gavin Jennings, CHEK Academy Director in the UK.


Above you can see First Year Students with Gavin (front row) and CHEK Faculty and Mentor Leigh Brandon.

We now have Mentors helping students through one-on-one focused support to deepen their learning and master the material within each course before advancing to the next level.


Above you see CHEK Mentors: Andy Edom, Duncan Reeve (CHEK Faculty), Phil Loizides; (CHEK Academy Mentor Director), Claud Serjeant, and Warren Williams below.

Warren and couple

The CHEK Academy has now opened applications for the 2015-2016 Year 2 intake commencing on August 1st 2015.

In order to apply for year 2 you need to be already qualified as both CHEK Exercise Coach and HLC level 1.

Year 2 includes C.H.E.K Practitioner Level 1 and Holistic Lifestyle Coach level 2 and all Pre-req materials needed for these 2 advanced training programs.


Each course positions our practitioners with a wealth of knowledge that you won’t get anywhere else. Here you can see CHEK Faculty Angie Lustrick teaching HLC2 to our Year 2 students.

It also includes 4 weekend workshops, at the brand new CHEK Europe HQ in Lancashire UK, covering:

1 CP1 Pre-Req Practical Application review 24 to 25 October 2015.

2 Presenter & Video Media training for the CHEK Professional 16 to 17 January 2016

3 CP1 review and how to apply into your business 23 to 24 April 2016

4 HLC 2 Review & application & Business Development No.2 2 to 3 July 2016

Also included, completely free of charge, is a years worth of mentorship with a hand picked high-level C.H.E.K Practitioner and P.P.S Lesson 1; this in itself is worth joining!

The CHEK Academy is by far the most comprehensive and thorough way to complete the C.H.E.K Institutes advanced training, and the quality of students coming through the Academy are exceptional!


Above you can see CHEK Faculty Dan Hellman teaching CP2 to our year 3 students.

I’m excited to be back in UK next May 2016. Below you can see where Angie Lustrick and I taught Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections: The Absolute Essentials LIVE – as a special Academy only workshop last year!


All students must apply to join, we only allow a certain number on each year, and so we are looking for those individuals who want to be the best in their chosen profession and want to complete the ENTIRE training offered with C.H.E.K Institute!

Read what CHEK Academy Benjamin Cooper had to say about his learning experience:

“I joined the CHEK Academy in the second year of its existence, back in 2013.

The reason the academy appealed to me was the sense of structure it gave to my education, it was like going to the best University on earth, where you never felt stupid for asking a question. You are given a mentor straight away and that meant I always had someone I could email if I wasn’t sure about anything on the courses. Not only that but (CHEK mentors being the people they are) you can go to them with any problems and they will listen and advise with an open heart and mind.

The education side of the Academy is a no brainer, you pay less for the courses, which are exceptional and life changing. I have to say that every time I have been to CHEK Europe I have left feeling like I can do anything and achieve anything. It’s that powerful. I think its stands alone as an institute where the faculty members are walking their walk and speaking from personal experience. You enter each academy course knowing you are going to go home with so many practical skills you can apply straight away with your clients.

One of the unique bonuses with the Academy are the workshops. These are just weekend courses that really add the finishing touches to your skills. With these you can go back after your larger course and ask questions you could not think to ask earlier.

I have to say my experience of the Academy has been a real community spirit and meeting some great people who became really close friends throughout the time we were there. These friends are also contacts which open all sorted of doors and will always help your business and you as a practitioner.

If you are thinking of getting into the Health and fitness industry and not sure what course to choose, I would say the CHEK Academy every time. The guidance, structure and network, alone with the most experienced practitioners in the world as tutors, will give you the platform to grow. Sky’s the limit.”

Says it all, wouldn’t you agree!

For more information click the link below:


Good luck with your application and I look forward to meeting you personally!

Recent CHEK Course Completions!

Please help me congratulate our newest HLC1 Coaches taught by Ashley Mazurek in Dallas, TX.

HLC1_Dallas_042415And, in Ft Lauderdale FL, CP2 with Dan Hellman.

CP2_Fort Lauderdale_042215

I am most grateful for your excellent teaching and for your amazing students willing to create a world of healthy, vibrant people!

Together we can do this!!

Love and chi,