September 20, 2012


Happy Thursday To You!

I hope all is well in your world.

I had a lovely day off after teaching HLC3 for six days.

I’ve been wanting to finish this art piece for a week, but didn’t have the energy in the evenings after teaching all day.

I finally got the time to finish it yesterday as my gift to self. I love art and feel so joyful when doing it.

The day before HLC3, Ashley Mazurek spent the day with me enjoying the garden and talking about life. This drawing symbolizes our day together. Ashley and I are represented in the two birds resting on the green grass (each eye of the being of Us is a bird; they are resting on the grass with their beaks resting on their bodies).

It was a beautiful sunny day and we had a great time catching up. It’s been a year since I got to visit her in person and we enjoyed our time together.

All our students are represented as the many beings in the forehead area. The OM symbols represent the energy of our day!perfectly peaceful. Great to see you Ashley!

Thanks for all the Love you share with your students and the world! Thanks for revisiting HLC3 with the students and me too. We loved having you with us in class.

After Ashley arrived home, she sent me this beautiful video of her and her daughter Jade talking about important issues for children to remember. Jade shares her wisdom.


Pretty amazing for a six-year-old girl! Great job teaching Jade Ashley!

Here you can see me coaching Paul, my body double ☺. I’m teaching the students how to fully utilize their diaphragm.

Here you can see me and the students practicing the full breath method as an unwinding technique. Very effective!

The following photo shows us in class after being out in the sun. I’m reviewing the essential 10 Principles of HLC3 and CHEK Level 4 coaching.

My students were amazed with their infant development assessments on each other. Below you can see me demonstrating the inch worm.

Many of them, even the most athletic of them, were surprised to find that they had some definite infant development breeches to be corrected.

Infant development exercises are much harder to do and more technical to teach than most realize, but very rewarding!

I also taught my students how to read the feet when performing a reflexology assessment.

A very powerful tool I teach to determine how stressed a client’s glands and organs are. They seemed to really enjoy gaining this knowledge.

Each day we did some type of work-in exercise. Here you can see me teaching the students a tai-chi exercise I learned from my soul called “The Stork Walk”.


They were pretty surprised at how deeply relaxed and connected they became after an hour and a half of instruction and practice.

The class was a beautiful experience for all. Here is the class photo with my beautiful, loving students.

Linda left class early on the last day so we are missing one amazing woman, but I know she is there in spirit. Troy Casey was in the bathroom and he was great to have in class.

It was a beautiful teaching experience for me. I’m grateful to have such beautiful, intelligent students in my life.

One of the student’s mentioned that everyone was beautiful the first day, but now everyone was “glowing!” I couldn’t agree more.

May your HLC3 training bring you to new and better strategies to sincerely help your clients. Thank you all for such a beautiful teaching experience!

Seize the Day!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek