December 10, 2013

Celebrating A Great HLC2 In Carlsbad CA!

Happy Tuesday to You!

I hope your weekend and Monday were peaceful.

Sorry I’ve not been too active with blogging lately. I was very busy preparing for, and teaching my CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 2 training program, which ran in Carlsbad, CA last Wednesday through Sunday.

I’ve been out of my normal routine the past week or more with all the preparations and teaching I had going on. I also had several guests at the house visiting in the evenings most days, so my normal mode of relating with life shifted with the events in play.


Seeing Self

While resting the day before I started teaching, I was enjoying my garden and all the little creatures that come visit while I’m stacking rocks, gardening, and doing tai-chi.

This drawing is an expression of my bliss and the joy of my inner knowing that when my ego is merged with my surroundings, I am one with all that lives – the rest of me.

We have a lot of humming birds that live in the trees at my home in Vista, so I get to experience them and watch them go through their seasonal cycles. They are amazingly beautiful little beings. Sometimes, they come right up to me and hover right in front of my face.

These are very special moments and I cherish them.

I had a full class in Carlsbad with 43 students attending. My students were excellent!


I continue to be amazed at the quality of students that have been coming through my programs in the past year in particular.

It seems the word is getting out with regard to who I am and what I actually teach, resulting in people coming to learn holistic health instead of coming to argue with the teacher and defend the ideas that got them unhealthy in the first place…

tai-chi Ruler Basics

In the photo above, you can see me covering the basics of how to perform the tai-chi ruler exercise before going outside. The wind was blowing, there were  rain-showers, and colder weather than we usually have close to the ocean, so I covered the basics inside.

We then took our shoes off and headed out to the grass behind the hotel, where we all had a lovely view of the ocean and the sun going down as we practiced together.

tai-chi bliss HLC2 Carlsbad
Here you can see me and some of my students outside practicing the tai-chi ruler method of chi cultivation. Fortunately, the rain stopped while I was giving the basic instructions in class and we got intermittent sunshine to warm us as the cool winds blew out way as they came off the ocean.

Thanks to my Mother, I had the joy of wearing one of the beautiful, hand spun, hand knitted sweaters with cap she made for me. She was even able to place beautiful, balanced tai-chi symbols in my cap. The sweater is made of black and white wool because those colors are my favorite when used in combination. To me, they represent the cycle of creation expressed as life, and death; death to me means rebirth, not the end.

To my right, you can see Angie Lustrick, CP 2, HLC Instructor (, who is also wearing a nice warm cap given to her by her mother; what would we do without mothers?

Angie is in training to teach HLC 2 and it was fun to have her there to help me answer questions and support the students. She got to experience the joy of seeing several of her HLC 1 students in class, as well as supporting them on the next step of their healing journey. Thanks for all your love and support Angie!

Vidya was in class with me helping the students out most of the time as well. Vidya has worked with me for seven years now, so she’s got a very good grasp of my HLC teachings and is also very helpful when students need assistance or clarifications.

Vidya fed me very well during the week, which is very helpful for keeping my energy levels up. We had some long teaching days during this course, with some of our days going ten or eleven hours long, but very fun just the same.

Just in front of me with his shirt off is Zac. Zac is a tender 19 years of age, but very committed to his personal, professional and spiritual growth. When I first met Zac, he was in CP1 with Janet Alexander, she was excited to introduce me to Zac and show me the tattoo on his back, which is the CHEK Totem Pole!

Zac Chek Totem
Here you can see Zac and I doing tai-chi next to each other, and you can see the CHEK Totem Pole on his back. Since he put the tattoo on, I’ve added a new symbol to the top of the CHEK Totem to represent the psyche, so I told Zac I’d get him an image of the new symbol so he can put it on his if he’d like. Keep up the great work Zac.

This course was unique in that we had a lot of people ranging in ages from 19 – 25 in the class. I love seeing teenagers and young people come through my programs because I know that having effective life skills can go a long way if learned early enough.

The sooner we develop bad living habits, the less likely we are to become free of them later in life and the sooner we learn good lifestyle habits, the less likely we are to develop bad habits later in life.

“A Ho Great Spirit” to the young people learning to live a holistic lifestyle!
tai-chi ruler HLC2 Carlsbad
My students seemed to really enjoy the breathing and tai-chi sessions we had during days 1-4, as well as singing my 4 Doctor songs and chanting AUM_.

Elliott Hulse tai-chi ruler

Here you can see strong man, strength athlete, and coach Elliott Hulse deep into his tai-chi ruler practice.

It was great to have Elliott and his brother Eric in class with me.


Eric is a schoolteacher, and he does an amazing job of sharing holistic living principles with his students. It’s great to know that there are still teachers out there interested in teaching children the essentials of how to live well instead of just regurgitating stuff from books that often makes little or no difference in how they actually live. Thanks for sharing your love with the children Eric!

Today in my vlog, I give a brief recap of what I shared with my students over the past week of training in HLC 2. I hope you enjoy it.

If my Holistic Lifestyle Coaching program sounds interesting to you, feel free to visit the CHEK Institute web site and review what is available to you in my HLC 1 training program.

HLC 1 is designed for everyone, and focuses on teaching you how to master applying the key principles taught in my ebook, The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need, and my book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!

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Love and chi,
Paul Chek