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August 12, 2021

Celebrate The Mother of Your Child With Dr. Nathan Riley

Happy Thursday everyone. Hope your part of the world is going great!

As you know, I have a love-hate relationship with conventional medicine…

I say this knowing that I’ve benefited greatly in emergency situations from doctors who have fixed my broken bones and treated me for internal bleeding and a major concussion (that time I was unconscious for several days).

On the other hand, I’ve seen how a lot of patients have been harmed after surgeries that weren’t necessary or conditions that were diagnosed incorrectly, along with endless cases of working with people addicted to pain drugs.

Last week on Living 4D, Angie joined me on the podcast to welcome Dr. Nathan Riley, the doctor who helped us bring Zoe into the world two years ago.

Celebrate The Mother of Your Child With Dr. Nathan Riley

Originally, Angie planned to have Zoe at home and had worked with her midwife for a while to make this happen, but in the end, her body just couldn’t do it.

Nathan wasn’t our first choice to bring Zoe in the world either. He was a backup while Angie’s doctor was on vacation.

Three of us spend most of the first hour of our conversation talking about the how’s and whys of Zoe’s birth, and it’s illuminating, especially if you’ve never stepped a foot in a maternity wing of any hospital.

A little over halfway through the podcast, Nathan describes a short chat he had with an older woman at a very recent wedding he attended in San Diego about having children and this person’s offhand comment about using precautions

This brief exchange prompted an explosion of emotions from Nathan about the supportive role of a father-to-be during his partner’s pregnancy.

Many males don’t understand what it takes to be a father or even a man. This excerpt from my Living 4D podcast with Nathan goes as deep as I’ve gone in a long while about adulthood, manhood and being that rock of support to the woman who is having your child.

Nathan describes his rite of passage to manhood during this excerpt and it will break your heart wide open just like it did for Angie and me.

If you love this brief excerpt, I hope you’ll hit this link and spend some extra time enjoying my full conversation with Angie and Dr. Nathan Riley, my favorite doctor in the whole wide world.

Love and chi,