August 19, 2013

CanFit Pro Success and Heading Home!

Happy Monday!

Yes, I had a fantastic time at CanFit Pro this year. My workshops and lectures were well attended and on my last day, I co-presented with Misty Tripoli to help our participants with 7 Levels of Integration through Mind-Body Harmony Through Breathing, Thinking and Movement.

What great FUN we had! We showed participants how to balance thmselves through movement, stretches and chakra meditation.

Thank you Misty for all your skill and ability to move us! I also want to thank all my students and other people who joined me to learn throughout the weekend.

I also want to thank Rory Mullin and his parents Margo and Bob for their support and delicious food. Penny and I am so grateful for your love! Below is a little thank you gift I created for them.


I’m on my way home for a week of rest! To keep me fit before sitting long hours on an airplane I will often do some tai chi. If more people just took a few minutes to do some slow movement before they got onto a plane to sit for long hours they would experience much more ease in their bodies and they would arrive at their destination more refreshed.


I hope your day is filled with mind-body harmony doing what you love!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek