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February 12, 2011



Today I’d like to continue our discussion from my blog post Thursday, in which I gave some essential tips for brain~mind balance as they pertain to management of diet. Let’s chat a little about the emotional~mental component today.

A Body Of Cells
As you can see in my diagram, if you remove the arms and legs of a human, you have an expanded model of the single cell organism which was created when your father’s sperm met your mothers egg; what you are now is created out of approximately 54-cell divisions of that original cell (1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 4, 4 become 8!).

The brain of the human being is the collective nucleus and represents the Chief nucleus, integrating all the information from the nuclei of every single cell of your being. For each organ in your body, there is a correlating organelle in each of your cells. Therefore, to begin understanding how your emotions and mind work, I find it easier to begin at the beginning since the essential survival drives are all alive and working in every cell of our living bodies.

The nervous system did not appear in the evolutionary scheme until about the time the class of creatures that you know of as jellyfish and the like emerged. Prior to that time, all cellular communication was hormonal. The nervous system is a neuro-hormonal system, in which neurotransmitters (hormones) act to convey bio-electrical impulses faster than they could in less evolved organisms because prior to the evolution of the nervous system, hormonal communications was conveyed through osmosis and diffusion – a very slow process.

As you can imagine, having a slow communication system is potentially challenging in an environment where everything around you also wants to eat you.

Bruce Lipton’s research on the cell has shown that even when the nucleus is removed, cells will live on and function. He shows that in fact, it is the cell membrane that is largely responsible for making survival decisions and that the nucleus is an integrator of the large amounts of information received by the membrane.

So, let’s start right there; the word “membrane” broken down is mem-brane. One may interpret this as (mem) memory + brain. The membrane serves to read the environment via vibration. The membrane is composed of connective tissue, fat and bio-chemicals. Vibrations in the immediate environment give adequate information to make survival decisions. Simple examples of this are:

  1. Temperature changes: all temperature boils down to a change in the speed of vibration. If it is cold, things vibrate more slowly and as warmth increases, things vibrate faster and faster as temperature rises. Each living organism has a very tight range of temperature vibrations in which it can live, therefore, surveying the environment for temperature changes is essential to survival.
  2. Movement: all movement equates to vibration; nothing can move if it isn’t vibrating. Therefore, we can safely say that vibration is movement and movement is life; no movement, no life.
  3. Light: With very few exceptions, all life depends on light, or light-vibrations. Light is not only an essential source of warmth, light carries light-nutrition (vitamin D is but one example). Living cells are light-vibration sensitive.
  4. Chemicals: All chemicals in water vibrate, producing what is called tone. When we are exposed to pheromones released by another human being (typically of the opposite sex), we become sexually excited; when we are fearful, we produce other hormones that signal fear to any and all in our environment. For any single celled organism, or even multi-cellular organism to survive, it had to have the capacity to read chemical vibrations. If an organism were to eat one of our neighboring cellular friends, we would be able to experience their fear and take note of the chemicals released in the environment and the changes in “environmental tone”. If we were “reading them”, then they had affected and entered into our “being”. Our cells can take a picture of any vibration-signature and store it in water, which has an almost infinite capacity for memory.

With these concepts in mind, we are ready to look deeper into the challenges of emotional-mental self-management.

First and foremost, the word emotion can be broken down to e-motion, which simply means energy moving; remember, that is the elemental nature of life – no movement – no life!

Second, we can come to realize that the membrane, a very delicate combination of connective tissue, fat and chemicals is highly sensitive to vibration. Think of the cell membrane as you would a drum skin and then think of times when you’ve heard someone play a drum skillfully – we call that music. When someone beats a drum in an arrhythmic or unskilled manner, we naturally cringe; the chaos of discordant vibration creates both energy and information that is not supportive of coherent cell functions and therefore, threatens us at one or more levels of our being.

It is because you have emotions – the capacity to read vibration at a very elemental, subconscious level that you don’t need to know the meaning of the drummer’s message (intellectually) so-to-speak that you can interpret the message as worth, or not worth being in relationship to it. It is our innate capacity to sense and interpret vibrations as emotions that has led to such sayings as, “you need to change your tone (or tune)”, or, “I really don’t like your tone”.

Third, we can easily, logically come to the conclusion that each single celled organism in nature, and in our bodies has essential vibrational and nutritional needs (which actually boil down to meaning the same thing!). Because all hormones are manufactured by cells from proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and or obtained directly from plant and animal foodstuffs (whatever hormones are in the milk from commercial farming end up in your bloodstream, for example) any deficiency of, or degradation of the quality of such foodstuffs naturally leads to hormonal imbalances, deficiencies, and!an inability to accurately and effectively “read the environment”, both “internally and externally”.

Can you see how dangerous such a situation becomes to your own survival as an organism with some 100 trillion of these beautiful little cells constantly trying to maintain an environment suitable to life when you consider how most people eat, and how threatening the outer environment is today? Think of all the chaos imparted to your cells through the media and electromagnetic pollution, noise pollution alone!

Fourth, and last for today, we must all realize if we are truly motivated to manage our emotions and mind so that it is conducive to living optimally, that our first education as to what we needed to protect ourselves against in the Inner and outer environments came by way of our mothers. If she was malnourished, our cells began in fear of survival from the get-go! If she was feeling threatened by her family, was having painful experiences with your father, or others, she was passing that information onto you through her resonant vibrations. Her resonant vibrations were conveyed to you exactly as they would have been if you were a single-celled organism in the ocean!via hormones, light, sound vibrations (from her heartbeat and voice) temperature changes, changes in movement frequency (via the water of the womb) and many other subtle ques.

In PPS Lesson 1, How To Find and Live Your Legacy, I begin your lesson with a review of the origin of your ideas as they relate to the seven foundational themes that all human beings grow through in their psycho-physical development.

During that process almost everyone is shocked to see that their ideas, fears and desires largely reflect the ideas, fears and desires of their parents! Until we realize where our survival programming or “survival strategy” emerged from, we are relatively defenseless when it comes to understanding the nature of our emotions, thoughts and behaviors. When we feel and act in ways that don’t produce our dreams, or create harmony in personal, professional and spiritual relationships, it is very easy to subscribe to a false conclusion! “it’s your fault, or, their fault that my life is this way or that way!”

This IS exactly what our shadow is largely composed of and until we become brave and wise enough to investigate our developmental programming, we are likely to bang into ourselves (and our parents!) over and over again.

A simple method of determining whether you’ve healed from your parental shadow is to ask yourself, “how long can I stand being or living with my parents?” What you’ve healed from no longer bothers you to the point of reacting negatively in relationships; we have empathy and compassion for those that still suffer hurts we recognize, and have healed from, for we can see ourselves and our journey in them.

It is largely our shadow that stops us from actually learning and growing when repeatedly experiencing conflict with key people in our lives. Taking self-help (self-healing) courses generally only helps to a degree inversely proportional to how much of a shadow-body you have; how many people do you know that have a wall of certificates, yet, you can’t see any noticeable change in the way they create their dreams in relationships to persons, places or things (addiction!)?

In the next edition, Part 3 of Brain~Mind Balance, I will share some essential understandings as to how the mind is programmed, which is largely the focus of PPS Lesson 2, How To Manage Your “self”.

In the mean time, I both invite and encourage you to meditate on what we’ve discussed here today.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek