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February 10, 2011



I hope you enjoyed the story of how I came into relationship with my soul yesterday. I’m still enjoying the fruits of that relationship each moment, and it grows stronger every day through conscious nurturing. Once we begin to see and understand how our shadow works, we begin to see that what once helped us, not becomes a tool of self-awareness; the progressive awareness of the power of love to heal and create is the path to enlightenment.

Today, I’d like to share a few tips on how to achieve brain~mind balance, for without such balance, we are likely to fall pray to negative thinking and the actions that naturally emerge from such a mental-emotional disposition.

Brain and Biology

First and foremost, we must always pay respect for the fact that our brains are living tissue. Brain cells are each like mini-suns; they have a very high metabolism and produce light, both to enliven the cells and communicate with surrounding cells and cells throughout the body. Like any cell of the body, the more active it is, the more awareness of the nutritional needs is required if optimal performance is to be maintained. If you exercise your muscles with any intensity, there is significant micro-trauma, which requires adequate nutrition and energy to repair; if that doesn’t arrive, muscle soreness gets progressively worse as motor function decreases. If you keep training this way and not being wise enough to nourish the muscle cells, accidents are likely and chronic pain begins to cloud your thinking and capacity to create. The brain is no different in that regard, yet it is much different with regard to the rate of consumption of nutrition and energy resources.

Current research suggests that the brain uses 80% of the blood sugar available in your blood stream “any time you are cognitively engaged!” Quite amazing when you consider that the brain only weights something like 1/25th of your body weight; it consumes more energy than the rest of you combined! Brain cells are unique because of their tremendous sensitivity to vibration; all communications in the body-mind construct come by way of impulses, which constitute movement or vibration; sunlight is high-vibration.

You may have noticed that when it’s cold outside or if it’s winter, you crave sunlight and when you get some, your brain becomes more active and your thinking ability improves along with your mood. This expresses what happens if we are excess yin; we crave yang to create balance. Surely you’ve experienced how being too hot while working, exercising or playing in the sun, or upon waking in the morning (yang), your brain also gets sluggish. Yet, this time, you need shade and cool liquids (yin) (preferably water or an unprocessed juice) and once you cool yourself and feed the brain, again, energy and mental clarity return.

By simply paying attention to which foods and drinks tend to have a cooling effect on your body, and which have a warming effect, you can begin experimenting with the right mixes of these yin-cooling and yang-warming foods and drinks. Soon, you will find just the right combination for your body in different circumstances. Inevitably, you will find that what works for you doesn’t always work for someone else; thus the danger of following diets and eating like others eat just because that’s what everyone else is doing! Surprisingly, most people are too lazy to pay attention to such simple, yet highly effective things and are happy to spend all their energy fighting off illnesses, fatigue, visiting doctors, taking drugs, having useless surgical procedures and trying to learn health from sick people!

The way I share here is not only easy, more efficient and knowledge producing, it works!

In my next blog, I will share tips on how to manage your mind from the perspective of how we create and manage our thoughts, for ultimately, life is an ongoing series of circumstances which largely result from our choices. You will find that ignorance is not bliss when one is ignorant of how the body~mind construct actually works.

Enjoy experimenting with food and drink. Keep a log of your intake and your responses. If you want to see just how powerful a simple method of balancing your energy flow and it’s effects on your mind, instead of starting your day with coffee and sugar tomorrow, start with an ice cold shower and stay in it for at least three minutes – do not use warm or hot water at all! Notice how invigorated your body~mind becomes, how clear your head gets. Notice as well that you won’t need as much coffee, tea, sugar or stimulants; don’t consume as much as you’ve done in the past out of habit, only consume enough to stave off withdrawal symptoms. After a week, you will find yourself much more calm and alert.

Or, you can keep doing what everyone else is doing and spend all the money you could use for a vacation on drugs and doctors?

Love and chi,
Paul Chek