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August 11, 2017

Ben Greenfield Visits

Ben Greenfield has one of the most successful health and fitness podcasts in the U.S., if not the world. I was really excited when he reached out to me to see if we could get together for a visit, hang out and do a podcast together.

Ben is “the real deal” as a professional athlete, educator and leader in mixing primal and modern technologies for optimal health and performance. He’s also a father of twin boys (age 9). I LOVED hearing about all of the amazing things Ben does with his boys to educate them, keep them fit and grow their business sense so they can be as successful as he is!

Ben and I had a great time together, and as the Mind Pump Media team shared in a text, he’s definitely as “weird as I am!” Love it! It’s sad that being healthy, open minded and totally into exploring the body, mind and spirit is “weird” these days, but all of the great minds of history have been thought of as weird by the average citizen…


While Ben was here, I took him to my stone circle, and introduced him to the fine art of rock stacking. We had a great workout and as synchronicity would have it, we both finished placing our final stone just when my workout timer rang to signal that it was time to shower and do our recording together.


After we recorded the podcast, Penny made Ben some food to take with him for his journey home to Washington. Like a pro endurance athlete, he was eating on the run. We had to feed him fast because his car was waiting outside to take him to the airport.

I really love this guy, and if you haven’t heard any of his podcasts, you are in for a real treat. Ben Greenfield is where genius, nerd and pro athlete all jump into one body and comes to share love and wisdom with you!

You can check out Ben’s podcasts here and I will let you know in a future blog post when my podcast with him will be available to download.

I look forward to sharing more with you on breathing next week.

Love and chi,