December 26, 2016

Being True To Yourself

Happy Monday!

I trust your Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa celebrations are full of Good Cheer, Love and Abundance!

In my blog today, I will share:

1. Being True To Yourself

2. Lotions and Potions for the Adventurer

3. Reflections on George Michael

4. Show-N-Tell With Paul

Being True To Yourself

My vlog today looks at the importance of being true to yourself. As Shakespeare said in his play Hamlet (paraphrasing), “Be true to thyself, or thou canst be true to any other man.

I offer three ways of being true to yourself:
1. In mind
2. In heart (soul)
3. In body (gut instincts)

In the video, I share ways to recognize self-limiting beliefs, behaviors, and mind-body symptoms that serve as “guidance” or feedback.

Sadly, the medical model has conditioned people to think they should drug or “medicate” anything and everything that is a distraction from their unsustainable artificial highs and the numbness of an instant gratification lifestyle.

To do so is to “kill the messenger.” In fact, it is our hearts and bodies that give us the greatest clues (feedback) as to how well we are using the incredible, creative powers of our mind.

I share some of the essential concepts I offer in my books and audio programs that can help you to be true to yourself.

How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy! – Book

The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need – How To Get Healthy Now! Multimedia ebook

You Are What You Eat – Audio CD

Holistic Lifestyle Coach (HLC) training program (Levels 1-3)

PPS Lessons 1, 2 & 3

If you are ready to create health and well-being (sustainable happiness) in your life right now, you can get started with our new HLC 1 eLearning training in the comfort of your own home.

It is broken up into digestible lessons, and taught by me and Angie Chek, our HLC Master Instructor, Nutritionist and shaman.

I hope you enjoy my vlog today.

Lotions and Potions for Adventurers“Your best medicine is in your own backyard.”


Lya Wodraska, C.H.E.K HLC 3, CP2, has been a great student of mine for several years now.

Lya, who is in Utah, has developed a line of incredibly effective, totally natural products that she makes by hand herself.

She uses a lot of authentic Native American recipes: 100% plant power, no artificial chemicals, fragrances, or artificial preservatives, which can stress the body’s immune system.

I have tested and used some of Lya’s products and they are excellent! I’m very excited to share her and her products with you.

Lya has agreed to give all C.H.E.K Institute Professionals a generous 20% discount, which when you use the following code: CHEK20

To visit Lya’s web site, and do some healthy shopping, go to:

Then click on her Etsy Shop link.

Reflections On George Michael

George Michael passed away on Christmas Day.

It was with mixed feelings that I heard the announcement of his passing. I was sad that he was gone, and that he was treated so poorly by so many of “God’s people,” yet happy that his soul was free to fly with his Kosmic Family.

He was a very unique, special man in my opinion.

He lived fully, and expressed his soul nature fully, yet often drew the negative attention so common when one’s soul purpose is to expand consciousness.

In my opinion, he was a musical missionary, showing us what it looks like to care about people and the world, and to love fully.

He lived under the scrutiny of the public eye, which is never easy. Imagine people hanging from trees (everywhere you go) trying to get a photo of you wiping your backside, or ANYTHING they can get (and the more private the better!) to elevate their paparazzi status.

How would Christians and other orthodox religious folks have handled Jesus if he were under the scrutiny of modern electronic invasion of his privacy?

Maybe, we’d know a lot more about Mary! Maybe, we’d have found that he did a lot more with water than walk on it.

What I can say from my heart is this:

George, THANK YOU!

Your love and your voice will forever live within me,

and all whom you touched so deeply with your music,

and your life.

You are a brave and mighty soul.

Enjoy being with your Kosmic Family,

where you can sing with,

and be sung to by all those who will meet you in that special field that exists beyond judgment.

Myself, and many others look forward to seeing you there when our sharing,

and our work is done here.

We who love and understand you will carry the torch in you’re absence,

though we know you will always be here in spirit,

for you are in the hearts of millions.

I Love you George.

I am proud of you for being the Perfect George Michael, and you inspire me each day to express myself fully.

Please give Rumi a hug and a kiss for me!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek

C.H.E.K Institute Instructor Matthew Wallden wrote this lovely commentary on George Michael titled “Reflections On George.”

I enjoyed it and I hope you do to:

Holiday Celebration CHEK Style

Last Thursday, the C.H.E.K. Institute team got together to celebrate our year together, enjoy some fun and games and have great fun bowling too!


Jennifer Baker (our Chief Operations Officer) organized all sorts of fun and challenging games, including memorization competitions, musical chairs, hula hoop dance challenges (Vidya was champion on this one!) and bowling.

I may have gone bowling once or twice in my youth, but boy did I have fun bowling with our staff! In fact, Penny, Angie, Mana, Maggie and I are planning to go back again before the holiday seasons ends.


Here you can see the people behind the scenes who support our C.H.E.K Institute mission: (from left to right) Nick (Client Service & Sales), Galyn (PA to Penny and Jennifer), Vidya (PA to Paul), Paul (Founder/Educator), Penny (CEO), Angie (HLC Faculty & Presenter), Ruth (Education), James (Marketing & Social Media), Erin (Education Assistant). Missing from the pic, Bianca (Client Services), Christine (Controller) and Jennifer (COO), who took the photo.

Thanks(!) to ALL of you for an amazing year of supporting each other and the world!

At the CHEK Homestead

Angie and Mana went to her Mom’s house to celebrate Christmas a little early last week.

When Mana realized Santa would arrive soon, Angie said he started going to the door to look out the window for him. He was also the official greeter for everyone as they arrived at the party too.

Mana loves to grab, feel and taste anything and everything he can get his hands on, particularly anything that others don’t want him touching.

Angie sent me this photo of her Mom’s Christmas altar after Mana had “Cheked” it out.

She sent me this photo and said, “Look what Mana did to Grandma’s altar!”

My response: Well, where there is an altar, there needs to be some sacrifice.

A family friend on Angie’s side gave Mana a beautiful little giraffe. He loves it.

After a very busy day with Santa at Angie’s Mom’s house, he was pooped so he took a nap with his doggie, Maggie.


You should see these two together. It would make a hell of a great comedy show on TV, I can tell you that.

Christmas Eve, Angie and I took Mana to see a house famous for its amazing Christmas light display in San Marcos.

It was quite a spectacle indeed. I felt like we were at Disneyland.

Mana loved riding on Daddy’s shoulders all around the display and was totally captivated by all the lights, moving figures, animals, Santa displays, reindeer and much more!

The people who own the house have been doing this for 29 years running, and it is definitely an amazing gift to all who get to see it.

Santa was Very Good to Mana and Maggie this year!


It was Mana’s first Christmas, and we wanted it to be special for him.


It was great fun watching Maggie and Mana open presents. Mana was so in love with the wrapping paper, he often had to be directed to look at what he was unwrapping.

We may just wrap a bunch of empty boxes next year because the paper seemed to be amazingly fun for him (just kidding!).

Santa must have thought I was a good boy this year, because he certainly delivered a lot of love and joy to me.


Here, you can see me with some cool new functional exercise toys to play with in the gym!

My buddy Jason sent me a beautiful Taoist scroll (it means “The Tao that can be seen and The Tao that can’t be seen”), and a hand-crafted and hand-printed silk scarf with Jason’s power animals on it.


Thanks for the amazing gifts Jason! I’m looking for the perfect spot to hang the scroll at the Heaven House.

Santa brought the girls (and I) a lovely new espresso machine and matching grinder with related toys.


Our espresso makers have all successfully suffered the fate of time in a material universe, so I’m glad Santa was listening and watching, and the Chief Ladies of the house are very impressed with the amazing espressos they can make now!

Santa did his research to find the best model for excellent espresso without having to get a bank loan to cover Santa’s costs and I’m glad he did!

We’ve worn out a few La Pavoni machines over the years, and a couple little Italian espresso makers, so it was time to “step up our game.”

I love the La Pavoni manual machines because they allow me full expression of the art form of making espresso, but the seals wear out fast and it seems like they are forever leaking and/or being repaired.

If you want a very high quality home machine, the Rancilio home espresso machine and grinder set (above) is well worth the expense. It makes as good an espresso as a professional machine.

The ladies were very impressed with Santa indeed!

Penny cooked an EXCELLENT Christmas dinner of goose, Brussels sprouts, turnips, roast potatoes, dressing, special prunes (loaded with alcohol!), special sauces and more!!

Mana got “his two front teeth” (just in time) for Christmas, and a few more on the way in the back too.


Mana absolutely LOVED the bones from the goose legs.

He was massaging his gums and testing his teeth on the bones for quite some time. He seemed like he was in total bliss with the bones we gave him. I think Maggie was getting quite jealous watching him too!

For dessert, Penny made English pudding. Above, you can see her just after she poured some brandy over the pudding and lit it on fire.

We are not alcohol drinkers in general, so it was no surprise when we all realized we were getting buzzed from the desserts!

Thank you Penny! It was one of the most amazing dinners of my life, and Angie’s, Mana’s and Maggie’s too!

After Christmas dinner, we all went for a car ride to see another house famous for its amazing Christmas lights display.

This one even had its own radio station you could tune to and the whole light display (which was HUGE!) danced to the music as you listened. Very cool. Mana loved it.

CHEK HLC Instructor, Jo Rushton (Sydney, Australia) emailed me a lovely Christmas and New Year’s greeting and this beautiful piece of her art.


I love Jo’s art and thought I’d share this with all of you too. Thank you Jo!

Also, I received two lovely gift baskets from Selina of Selina Naturally (go to: with an amazing assortment of Celtic sea salt products and other great products they sell.

I love their products and encourage you to check them out. Thank you Selina!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog today.

Happy Holidays everyone!

I look forward to sharing how to make a New Year’s mandala with you next Monday!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek