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September 7, 2022

Be My Teacher With Jason Pickard

Be My Teacher With Jason PickardHappy Thursday!

When you want to learn something new and potentially life-changing, where do you turn?

As much as I love my big and growing-by-the-day library, I truly value talking to real experts who do the work it takes to keep learning and refining what they know.

When I was developing what became my book, How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy, I had this concept of taking the principles of tai chi and using them to help athletes I was seeing who were burning themselves out on coffee, energy drinks and gym bags full of pills.

I worked with lots of so-called tai chi experts who I felt were constantly stuck in their heads and couldn’t help me. One day roaming through a bookstore, I stumbled onto a three-volume set of books on the history of tai chi masters that led me to the most modern one of them all, the late Master Fong Ha.

I worked with Master Fong Ha for about a year and gathered the evidence that I needed, then practiced what I had learned until all of it became second nature. Soon afterward, How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy became one of the pinnacles of my career.

In this latest blog/vlog excerpt from my Living 4D series, I talk to Jason Pickard, my best student and one of my closest friends in the world, about the importance of finding the right teachers whenever you need guidance.


A tip: Look for a teacher who’s always learning from everyone and everywhere.

Love and chi,