November 1, 2011


Good Tuesday To You!

I hope this day finds you well, motivated and “aware”.

I had a productive day at work yesterday. I hit the gym full of youthful fire, excited to do deadlifts.

My youthful fire rides with me today, as I enjoy a sore back from pushing myself in the gym.

I’m always amazed how the young man in me that feels invincible keeps showing up, even at fifty years of age.

Though my back is reminding me that I don’t need to push myself so hard, I’ve had several giggles about how willing I still am to tackle heavy weights.

I’d rather have a sore back from training, than have one from depletion and self-neglect.

Every time we bump, bruise, scrape or break, we are given a chance to be more aware of our choices.

I’m excited I’m still gaining my awareness through being active; the kind of awareness that comes from non-participation is less exciting to me!


Rumi says,

“The ground’s generosity takes in our compost
and grows beauty. Try to be more
like the ground.

Give back better, as rough clods return
an ear of corn, a tassel, a barley
awn, this sleek handful of oats.”

(Ref: Rumi THE BOOK OF LOVE, By Coleman Barks p. 52)



PC Commentary

In my studies of Rumi over the years, I’ve always been truly amazed at the depth and breadth of his wisdom.

He leaves something for everyone, regardless of their age, or the time period in which they live.

Human biology (body) emerges in a chain of succession beginning with the soil, continuing through the plants, and finally the animals.


As you can see by my diagrams above, human biology (body) emerges in a chain of succession beginning with the soil, continuing through the plants, and finally the animals.

Though modern man has become so disconnected from the soil, the plants, and the animals, and has fallen in love with industry and technology, the reality of our co-dependence on prior origination is non-the-less ever-present.

Children today know how to run computers (and even ipads and iphones), and can identify almost every major corporate symbol, but most can’t identify common farm animals or produce when shown pictures.

People, in general, have no concept what-so-ever as to the processes involved in bringing their food to the supermarkets.

They buy and eat the products of a very toxic, dangerous, commercial farming system, invented largely by industrialists with only one concept in mind!making money.

Processed, cheap forms of sugar are added to almost every meat you can buy today.

Processed cheap sugar is added to cigarettes, and a myriad of drinks being consumed by people without any understanding of why such an additive is there.

It may be helpful to know that sugar is often added to give flavor. But why do we need to add sugar to the very foods that taste so amazing in their natural state?

It is because as the soils become progressively more depleted from corporate farming schemes, soil minerals and nutrients are depleted and chemicals are added to compensate and stimulate rapid plant growth.

Steroids and other drugs are added to animal feed to speed their growth; a cow goes from birth to slaughter in one year as opposed to the four years it naturally takes.

Drugged chicks are raised from hatching to being ready for the store in only 32 days!

Additionally, commercially used sugars are well known to be highly addictive. People do get addicted to their bacon, their sausage, their cereals, their sodas, their sports drinks!

To give drugs away is a well-known tactic used by drug dealers; once the gift takes hold of you, chances are very good you’ll become a paying customer.

And now they – Doctors and patient advocates say shortages of certain drugs, such as some chemotherapy treatments and antibiotics, have forced providers to postpone care or use second-best or costly alternatives.

Perception rallies the masses and continues to feed the drug companies!

Though the drug cartels have swarmed the earth, they seem to be wise enough to keep their customers alive so they can keep getting money from them.

Times are strange when the corporations that are supposed to be feeding us are killing us at a rate that would make any drug pusher mock their business model!

Today is a great day to celebrate the fact that there are still a small number of local farmers growing organically.

Farmers that are wise enough to care for the soils and humanity. Many of them live on a tight budget and sacrifice in many ways out of love and respect for the earth, and man.

We can all do ourselves, and the whole of nature a big favor by not purchasing anything not organically grown and/or produced.

When we switch to eating organic foods, using “green” hygiene products, home products, and clothing, we participate in a process of reciprocity.

When we compost and recycle, we are again, participating in reciprocity.

Most anything that is organic can be put back into the earth and become a source of nutrition for future crops of plants and animals, which again, feed, clothe, and support humans and the cycle returns back to the earth.

Everything else ends up in massive landfill garbage dumps.

These landfills are both toxic, and dangerous to the earth. To plant atop any of them even 50 years later would certainly be a slow death sentence for all who consumed anything grown from the soil that covers them.



Here is a photo taken Sunday of CHEK Institute Instructor, Janet Alexander and her newly graduated CHEK Level 2 students.

Her class was conducted in San Francisco and she reported that “they are all true CHEK Practitioners!”

As a testament to their living the CHEK Principles, she invited the guys to take it off and show it off so the world can see what it looks like to live in tune with Mother Nature and the six foundation principles taught in the CHEK system.

I’m very grateful for my Faculty. They cover the globe teaching the truth they live and practice as well as empowering men and women to do the same.

We now have practitioners spanning the globe, many of which are creating healthy awareness movements in their own towns, states, provinces and countries.

Thanks for showing us the results of your CHEK training Team!

PS: These are really Janet’s private dancers, and the ladies are her assistants!J

Organic Body Care Products

I wanted to share with you Greg Muller who is a CHEK Level 4, HLC 3 and PPS Graduate. Greg has studied my teachings for many years.

Greg has achieved the highest level of success as a strength and conditioning coach in the sport of rugby that can be achieved.

I have worked with him as a consultant to professional rugby teams and individual athletes of the highest caliber over the years.

Greg is a living example of how any of us can choose to succeed in a way that is respectful of Mother Nature.

Here is an overview of Greg’s new business – Pure Athlete – and his offering of organic body care products designed for athletes, and for you!


Pure Athlete produces performance and recovery products for athletes and active people. Developed by the founder Greg Muller Chek Level IV, HLC 3 and PPS Success Mastery Student Greg has worked for over a decade in professional sport. Knowing the importance that good recovery plays in athletes performance Greg developed a new range of bodycare products specifically designed to meet the needs of active people.

In developing the products Greg used only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients. At present, Pure Athlete has four products with more being developed. These products are Soap, which contains Arnica, Seaweed, Cucumber, Oatmeal and other essential oils to not only cleanse the body but also aid in muscle and joint soreness, bath salts with a combination of different salts and 15 essential oils, Muscle Relief Oil and a Sports Balm for chaffed, dry and grazed skin.

All the products have been trialed by a range of athletes from a large variety of sports with very positive results and feedback.

Pure Athlete products have been designed to not only be good for your body, but also to aid in healing and ultimately get you ready to perform again, because as we all know absolutely everything we do counts.

For more information or to order any of the Pure Athlete products please visit

As a special offer to all CHEK Practitioners he’s inviting you to use the code MET to receive 20% off any purchase.

Well, that’s my blog for the day.

Enjoy living organic, recycling, composting, and caring for the soil, plants and animals that give us love unconditionally!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek