May 22, 2012


Happy Tuesday to You!

Well, I had a jam-packed day yesterday! Lots of work in the morning and last minute preparations for my lecture on holistic health to the Avia and ryka shoe company’s sales team.

Avia is the first shoe company to truly express interest in delivering authentic holistic health information to their customers and I’m excited they’ve asked myself, the C.H.E.K Institute, and the C.H.E.K Practitioners of the world to help them do that.

I’ll share some great opportunities in the near future in this regard.

I did squeeze in a nice deadlift, reptilian crawl circuit workout in under 30 minutes, which my body was craving.

I knew I’d be sitting in the car traveling and would be too busy to train later so I got my session in with Dr. Movement in so that if anything stopped me from getting exercise later, I’d be fine with it.

After the rush of getting ready, we hit the road for the two-hour drive through the mountains to Indian Wells, which is part of the Palm Springs Township.

Once we arrived and I gave the production team the files they needed for my presentation, and Rory and I headed outside to do some tai-chi.

I looked over the property at the resort hotel and choose the most far-away piece of grass I could find at the very end of the property hoping that people would stay away.

Sure enough, not but ten minutes into our session, some lady walked all the way down the edge of the field of about 50 yards square and stood right next to us to have a drainer conversation with someone while smoking a nasty commercial cigarette!

I did my best to ignore it all, but finally, Rory and I had to move to the middle of the field to get a few minutes of quiet without air pollution!

I guess she could feel our chi and wanted some!

I think I’ll start putting signs up when I do tai-chi in public areas that says something like, “Anyone talking or smoking near me will turn into a toad with warts all over it!

I could write a book on how people have reacted to me doing tai-chi in public places!

I almost got arrested once at the Carlsbad airport because the security guard said, “You are acting strange and we can’t have you scaring people with all these weird movements you are doing—you are a security risk; you could be a terrorist!”

I won’t bother sharing my reaction to him!

I recognized immediately that he was once a soldier so my reaction to him tapped into his military roots.

What has our world come to when people exercising out in the wide open, with nothing but their body, are a “security threat that makes others nervous?” Shit Howdy!

We are in trouble as a society when tai-chi becomes a security threat.

Ah!my life on the road!never a dull moment.

That’s nothing compared to the most entertaining arguments I’ve had with security people in airports trying to take away my organic foods, essential oils, flower essences and the likes, even when they meet the airports published requirements for size, amount and container type!

Anyway, my lecture for the Avia/Ryka sales meeting when well overall.

I shared the essentials of my approach to holistic living and got them all involved actively.

The sales group had a range of people with regard to being healthy and with regard to their understanding of what holistic living is.

They seemed to be enjoying my message and I didn’t feel anyone drifting off out of disinterest or boredom, so that was good.

Each person in attendance got a signed copy of my book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy! and I saw many of them reading their books at dinner, which was cool.

Hopefully, they will all follow the plan!

We got up early this morning and were on the road by 6:15 AM.

There was very little traffic coming over the mountains from Palm Springs into Temecula where we pick up Highway 15 to head south toward Vista.

What that really means is, I had a hell of a good time flying through the mountains and I gave my little Audi some great exercise ☺.

Poor Vidya was holding onto what Angie Lustrick calls the “Oh Shit!” handle and Rory just laid down in the back seat as I mobilized his fascia with G-forces.

We made the two-hour drive home in just under 90 minutes, and I was tickled with that.

What a great way to start your day if you’ve got lots of testosterone like I still seem to have.

I’d love to borrow Danny Way’s Audi R8 and do that drive at 3:00 AM; I bet I could get all the way there in an hour or less.

Yum Yum! God bless German engineering!

My Audi A3 is by far the best-engineered car I’ve ever driven and I’m grateful that it gets great gas mileage; believe it or not, it is as good on gas as my Harley Davidson Road King was, but it’s a lot faster.


Here you can see my Zero-Force coaching client and friend, Jason Pickard in the yard at his beach home in New York after spending a couple days with me last week.

Jason really loves rock work and organic gardening, eating, and the organic lifestyle.

I recall a recent visit while stacking rocks together when Jason told me he enjoyed the rockwork so much he wanted to order a load of rocks to be delivered to his place when he got there; I had to remind him it was Sunday and most places would be closed.

In his usual, “get it done now!” fashion, he got the rocks and started creating beauty in his yard, as you can see here.

Like me, Jason loves moving the big rocks.

It’s such a great sense of physical and creative expression that comes through you and I’ve found that men really do love moving big, heavy things and building things in general.

Our social, sedentary way of living has suppressed that in most of us and it’s lovely to see how happy people get when they get their hands and feet in the dirt and start playing naturally. Great job Jason!

Jason sent me this video of his newly planted organic garden.

In the video, you can see and hear his organic gardener giving him a tour of his newly planted garden. I hope you enjoy watching it.


During both WWI and II, researchers found that approximately 50% of all produce eaten was grown in people’s back yards.

They also found that the rates of chronic disease fell considerably.

This was thought to be due to the fact that:

1. People were eating less food, which benefited their physiology.

2. People couldn’t afford to eat junk foods, and therefore, at less displacing foods; displacing foods are foods that cost more in calories (energy) and nutrition to run from mouth to anus than they deliver.

The result of eating displacing foods (which make up the bulk of most Westerner’s diets today!) is progressive malnutrition and loss of mental function!

Consider that when you reach for your next “sports bar, Monster, or Red Bull drink”!

Enjoy the video and your day!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek