August 14, 2005

August 2005
Chicago, New York, Toronto, Dallas…
and of the UK…

Chicago, Fitness Resources Seminar – 7/31/05

Afternoon Practical

We has a great turnout in Chicago. I taught the participants how to use the basic exercise principles in my book How To Eat, Move & Be Healthy! Above you can see me teaching Breathing Squats as a means of cultivating Chi.

New York, Fitness Resources Seminar – 8/7/05

New York was its busy self, yet we all had a great seminar. You can see me here reminding practitioners to “think” before doing an exercise to be sure the exercise will give you the results you want for your client!

Tampa Bay, Florida – 8/8/05

Morning at Ashley Mazurek’s Gym

One thing that makes me feel great as I travel the world is meeting the clients of C.H.E.K Practitioners that rave about the results they get now, and have never had before. Here we meet one of Ashley’s clients who was quick to tell me how great Ashley is…but, I already knew that! Good Job Ashley!

Paul’s Angels!

Here I am with two of my favorite people in the whole world, Ximena Gonzales and Ashley. Ximena is a very successful C.H.E.K Practitioner/NLC from Miami and she came to Tampa to help me teach my seminars. Penny, Ximena and I went to Ashley’s the day after the course to workout in peace and quiet, which I rarely get in a gym these days. Next stop, home for a short while.

A short trip home…

Mike Modano and I – 8/13/05

Mike Modano of the Dallas Stars is one of my clients. Mike is very interested in spiritual development and is an excellent overall human being. It’s very refreshing to meet and work with a professional athlete that has gotten past the purely material aspects of life. Here you see Mike and I working on one of his homework assignments I’d given him.

First the Brain, Then The Body!

Mike is well into his conditioning now as hockey approaches. Although considered an old man in hockey terms, Mike can still kick some ass in the gym! (below) Kurt Pitman, Mike’s conditioning coach and I working Mike.

CanFit Pro Conference, Toronto -8/19/05

Big Turnouts!

Some of my lectures at Can Fit Pro in Toronto had over 550 people (approaching 600!). The Canadians are serious about their education and I love teaching them because they don’t give me the typical gruff that fussy, spoiled American students often do… “it’s too cold in here”, “he went over time”, “I can’t believe he said ‘vagina'”, “wa, wa, wa”… NO!, the-CANADIANS want it like it really is. They are rough and ready. Great Job Canada!

When I wasn’t lecturing, I was out with two of my best buddies, Matt Nichol (left) and Rory Mullen (right). Matt is the Toronto Maple Leaf’s Strength Coach and a C.H.E.K Level II and an NLC II. Rory is a very skilled Manual Therapist and an NLC III. When we are together, we are never short on words or ideas…not to mention ways to torture each other in the gym.

She said “I can’t squat” and I said “I bet you can!'”

Practicing With The Preacher:

In my Practicing With The Preacher lecture, I teach people some of the simple and effective methods for assessing and teaching movement that I’ve both learned and developed over my 22 year career. This girl told me that (even though she’s a trainer), she couldn’t squat without falling over backwards. In just a few minutes, I had her squatting with great form.

The Granite Club, Toronto

Afternoon Espresso With Penny

Here I am in one of Toronto’s nice Second Cup coffee shops with Penny for an afternoon espresso. Penny and I go pretty much everywhere around the world together and while she manages the C.H.E.K Institute, she is my best friend; how many men can say that about their wife after over eight years working together!

Spiritual Development Lectures

C.H.E.K Level III Phil DeLaire manages the personal training crew at the prestigious Granite Club in Toronto. Phil asked me to give two lectures, one to the training staff on personal development and one to the management of the club on professional development.

The trainers asked some very good questions and we were able to discuss the three phases of spiritual development (I~We~All). I shared my feelings about the fact that our first obligation is to ourselves!, and only then can we really effectively help others (We). When we do that, we are helping humanity as a whole (All).

Business Development

I spoke to the Granite Club management team about how to effectively sell. We discussed how I applied the laws of salesmanship to myself and my business and how these laws could be applied to any business situation, from being a chef, to trainer, to club manager. The staff at the Granite club truly are first rate people. Thanks Guys!

Dallas Mania – 8/28/05

More planes, people, balls and sticks…

I celebrated my birthday in Toronto and had a couple days off to train, eat, study, work on my web site and then we were off to Dallas.

Swiss Ball Training

Here I’m showing trainers and therapists in Dallas how to use the Swiss ball to activate what are called “survival reflexes.” Survival reflexes are activated when the body thinks it’s going to fall and their activation overrides muscle inhibition, turning on lazy muscles. This technique is very powerful for helping trainers and therapists activate muscles that stopped working because of pain or injury. This happens frequently after surgical intervention. Top: Once the survival technique is used, we immediately use an exercise to strengthen the previously lazy or weak muscle(s).

Penny does it all…!

Here you can see what it’s like to have a very large class of people learning very technical corrective exercise techniques. Fortunately, Penny is with me most of the time. Penny is not only a technical wizard with computers and the like, she is a very skilled teacher and can teach my methods very well. It’s fun to go to the gym with Penny because even though she’s just a little woman, many of the men get their ego crushed when they see her tossing big dumbbells around with one arm; bigger dumbbells than some of them can bench press!