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December 30, 2011


Friday Blessings To You!

Vidya arrived home and now we can get back into our normal flow of productivity together, which will be fun!

We plan on creating our 2012 Yearly mandala’s over the weekend. We will post them on the PPS website next week.

I took the day off of exercise yesterday and went to see Wes Boyce for a deep massage and steam in the morning. Always helpful and enjoyable.

I’m still drawing away creating New Years gift cards for my instructors and distributors. I’ll be posting a public “Thank You” to them soon so I’ll get to share my art with you all then.

I hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend and here are some thoughts I’ll leave you with while I’m enjoying mine.


Since we are at the close of 2011 and on the eve of 2012, I thought that this post might be timely for you.

Healing, for most, is a life-long process. Individual healing boils down to two key elements of reality:

1. Choosing to heal (having clear intention), and

2. Taking action!

The inherent structure of the human ego is that:

1. It operates on the principle of “exclusion”; black is only black because you agree that black is not white. So and so “made you mad”!because “they didn’t make you happy”!

2. It is really an “idea-plex”; without ideas, you have no “intellectual ego” no mind beyond your autonomic instincts. Without ideas programmed into your ego-mind, you could not possibly create the judgments that result from the exclusion principle expressed in #1 above.

3. It creates the illusion of separation between self and other; it does this largely by “labeling” and believing in its own labels. The ego is a “self-diagnosis” producer that projects its diagnosis first onto itself, and then onto others.

If the ego “believes” it does or doesn’t have something, like someone else’s love, approval, or appreciation, that belief and all associated emotions, thoughts, and the physical expressions of them become that person’s reality.

If we truly want to heal, we must first be true with ourselves as to “what needs healing”.

In general, the disease of body mind and spirit we create can be boiled down to either an “excess of something”, or a “deficit of something”.


If a person believes they aren’t getting enough love (deficiency), any variety of ailments can arise from that belief.

That belief and the pain that we create with such a belief can lead to digestive disorder, skin conditions, headaches, back pain, emotional turmoil, anxiety, depression, and about anything you can imagine.

Such a person goes to see a doctor, and the doctor isn’t likely to be interested in the actual “cause of the symptoms”; to do so would leave the doctor vulnerable to questions about their own life and how they do, or don’t handle such situations and physicians would be held to the standard that is ascribed to them by their title.

So what happens then!Usually the person takes the prescribed drug. Maybe the symptoms (appear to) disappear.

But have they actually addressed the real issue?

A person with such a perceived “love deficit” can take every pill on the shelf, and have each and every organ removed until there is nothing there but a head on life support and as soon as the pills wear off, there will be a head (ego) with a love deficit costing piles of money to maintain.

When our “sense of self” depends on the opinions of others, we put ourselves in very dangerous situations and circumstances, and one that essentially negates the possibility of real healing.


If the same person is raised by parents or accompanied or others that love them excessively, there is a great risk of super-saturation.

When we are over-loved, we are usually over-served. Once over-served, the ego learns to over-expect – and become “entitled”.

As we begin to journey down the road of being over-loved, we are actually cheated out of the necessary experiences we must all go through to learn how to manage ourselves in the world.

Imagine what would happen if someone loved you so much that they didn’t want you to have to experience the stress of exercise and left you at home with a big bowl of ice cream and your favorite movies to watch while they went to the gym and did your exercise for you!

Would the doctor be likely to identify the problem when such a person suffers obesity and doesn’t have the skills necessary to exercise and care for their body-mind?


Walter Russell teaches that the universe and all life within it depends on a balance of giving and re-giving.

If someone has a beautiful body and we ask them how they keep themselves so beautifully, they have given us an example by their very “beingness.”

If we follow their example, which may well include regular exercise, sound diet, and other related factors, then we become a living example for many others that our example may never have influenced – thus, we are “re-giving”.

If the cycle of giving and re-giving ceases for any reason, the current of love’s energy is also stopped. It gets stuck and become stagnant, which leads to rot in the body-mind construct.

It also leads to a life of false expectation.

If we look at how the world works, we can see that Mother Earth is constantly “giving” to us, but are we “re-giving” to Her? Or are we avoiding our responsibility to maintain the flow of authentic love and suffering for it?

In PPS Success Mastery Lesson 2. Self-Mastery, I ask students to do an exercise based on Buddha’s idea of the cage of the five senses.

When it comes to healing, we can often find a correlation to the illness or disease at hand and one or more indulgences or avoidance’s of our five senses.

For example, many with sex addictions are actually addicted to “seeing the opposite sex” naked. This is a common result of being born in an overly religious culture that has made being naked together a taboo.

This creates a deficit that tends to over-excite our curiosity; when you don’t know what’s in a Christmas present, doesn’t it make you excited or even anxious to unwrap it?

OSHO describes how when he first came to the US, he was amazed at how addicted American males were to looking at pictures of naked women and all that goes with it.

He stated that in his culture, people run around naked all the time and by the time you are going through puberty you’ve seen enough pussies and penises to last you a lifetime.

How many mental-emotional and/or physical diseases have resulted from a relentless pursuit of attempting to explore what is natural, unnaturally, only because such a person was raised in an unnatural environment?

Though I could write volumes on these issues, there’s no sense doing so because I already have!

Healing is not about “avoiding”.

Healing is a natural process of exploring what you authentic “needs” are, relative to wants (See PPS Lesson 1: First Step Program).

Healing is also about identifying where you ignorance isn’t producing bliss in your life.

How many diet books do overweight people have to read before they finally realize that dieting doesn’t work?

This is an example of ignorance that stops healing. But it is up to each of us to both learn to ask better questions and take action when answers arrive.

For anyone that is truly interested in healing, I’ve created the PPS Success mastery program specifically to address the most common roadblocks that people run into when attempting (or not attempting) to create their dreams – a life worth living for.

For those that don’t have the drive or interest in that form of study, I’ve created the audio/work book program titled, The 1-2-3-4 For Overcoming Addiction, Obesity and Disease.

For those that want to prevent the need of having to heal unnecessarily, I’ve created both the eBook titled, The Last 4 Doctor’s You’ll Ever Need – How To Get Healthy Now!, and my book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!

These products are specifically designed to give you the foundational essentials you need to have a healthy body-mind and create your dreams so that ignorance isn’t a source of pain in your life.

As we heal and grow in life, we come to realize something astonishing and amazing: the ego is the greatest gift in the universe.

Once you learn how to use and enjoy it, and how to care for the body that expresses the ego, it is as though you are in the most amazing world of wonder, mystery and surprise.

I’ve done my best to share with all of you how I got there and what I do each day to heal from my own misgivings and misunderstandings.

I’ve made the offer, now it’s up to you to remove your ignorance and begin taking action where you may have been avoiding your own authentic healing.

Otherwise, it’s the red pill, or the blue pill ☺.

It is my hope and deepest desire that all of you take to heart your own healing and experience a life of vitality, purpose and contribution that uplifts and empowers ALL!

Happy New Year!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek